A year later, almost half of all Instagram users on Android


Can you believe there was a time when iPhone users viewed the opening of their exclusive Instagram access to Android users as something akin to the Mayan Apocalypse? Actually, Mayan Apocalypse is more appropriate a comparison than it first sounds, because just like the foretold doomsday didn’t spell the end of life as we know it, an influx of Android users didn’t degrade the quality of Instagram’s photo sharing network.

OK, so there will always be folks just using Instagram wrong. Not everyone is a photographer, and when the launch of the Android app saw more than a million downloads less than a day after its launch, there was bound to be all the more #foodstagrams and #selfies, but the social network is chugging along just fine. Now, nearly half of all Instagram users snap their hip photos with an Android device.

And today, Instagram for Android could reach a whole new level if it is unveiled as a core part of the Facebook Home experience (Facebook owns Instagram) at a press event in San Francisco. Rumors point to a new HTC-made “Facebook Phone” with a Facebook-centric experience, and it’s possible the photo-sharing app could be tied directly into the system’s default camera.

[via Instagram Blog]

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  1. When all the hipsters are dumping iOS for Android you know Apple is in trouble

    Anyways, I was using Android before it was cool.

    1. def using android since before it was cool. I remember iPhone 3Gs owners hating on my HTC Hero.

      1. I had them hating on my G1. :)

        1. I remember getting the G1 on release. Such an awesome phone at the time. Especially when it had GPS built in. I look on it now and realize how terrible the original OS was, but I still loved it none the less. I still have my wonderful G1 sitting in a drawer as a back-up. Has come in handy a few times.

      2. I too began with an HTC Hero :’) still have it actually

  2. Never got the whole fad of intragram. I enjoy taking photos just like every other person, but I dont generally consider my cellphone a proper shooter. Its simply ease of having it in my pocket

    Any photo I need to edit will be shot with my Nikon

    1. I thought the same thing, until I got my Nexus 4. The camera on it is amazing. Outside the zoom lens, there isn’t much use to use or carry anything else.

      1. Yeah, not sure why so many reviewers crapped on the N4 camera because it’s actually very nice.

        As for Instagram, I don’t really use it much and I don’t feel the urge to see pictures of what my friends had for lunch and supper. It’s also rather redundant when default Android cameras have filters and other options. I just post those to G+ or Facebook.

  3. Meh, Streamzoo is soooo much better

  4. I downloaded instagram just to get back at the “eww android” tards. But I never really used it and it is off my phone.

  5. No need for Instagram. I have Google+ fully integrated with my device. The best place to share photos, and a huge, quality photo community.

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