Nip slip: Nexus 4 gets subtle design tweaks

If you have ordered a Nexus 4 recently, chances are you will receive a phone slightly different than the one early adopters hold. No, Google and LG didn’t upgrade the processor, add LTE, or tweak anything immediately noticeable. Instead they added nipples — or that’s what some are calling them.

Located near the edges of the back of the devices, LG has molded on these nips/nubs/bumps presumably to raise the back of the device from flat surfaces. This may have been done to prevent the glass back of the device from scratching or to prevent the phone’s rear speaker from getting muffled.

A secondary tweak is even more perplexing in its purpose. The opening in the casing around the camera has been reduced in size. The only functional purpose of this might have something to do with controlling the light intake of the sensor, but that’s a stretch.

All-in-all, the updates to the design of the phone seem to be minor. They provide no reason to chuck your older Nexus 4 in favor of purchasing a new one, and it’s easy to see why Google didn’t make a fuss in announcing the newer case mold. Ultimately the changes will go noticed by few.

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  • Justin W

    Love the title.. Well played.

  • Toilet Seat Wipe


  • Caleb Loop

    4 sale OLD nexus 4. 2 dollars obo. worthless now that new one is out. THANKS ALOT OBAMA.

    • DavidVarghese

      What did I just read?

    • nick olaguez


  • Steven Skwarkowski

    This is why we cant have nice things!

  • Thaddeus Omygarsh Lee

    glad i purchased the man version

    • simpleas



    Reports of “NIPPLEMANIA” have been rolling in,some referring to it as “PHONE HERPES”,causing many to shave off said nipples & placing their phones in a rice/VALTREX mixture to prevent further outbreaks………….

  • Kevin Krause


  • Kozmod

    Man, it just like The Sneetches all over again.

  • Mclain1

    I love my nexus 4

  • bob

    I bet opening the lens up the way they did improves the picture quality dramatically. I get the weirdest most washed out or ghosted and blurry pictures I’ve ever seen on my nexus 4. Pictures a so inconsistent and unreliable.

    • scoter man1

      I agree. I really hope they do that thing with Nikon that was rumored a while back.

    • fourthletter

      RTFA – They more open lens was the old design. I would guess they are using a slightly different camera module – slightly smaller/newer 8Mpx sensor.

  • TalkingMoose

    glass isn’t 100% transparent, especially when it gets dirty. The larger the window, the more light it scatters. Make a window closer in size to the lens and you reduce the amount of light scatter and get less wash-out.

  • aaron cooper

    Acutally, I ordered min on launch day, got it…and my camera does not look like the one pictured above. Mine’s has a black circle or square depending on how I look at it, surrounding the camera. The finish does not come near the lens itself, imagine a little bigger circle/square around the lens itself and you have it….

  • ATBvsBFZ

    I wonder if I’ll find myself fondling my new n4 too often.

  • David Gray

    Gotta say I’d rather have the NEW version Nexus 4…I think the “smaller camera hole” looks cleaner and the back cover nips are a good idea to protect that nice, glass back

  • REVS

    owning this phone i can tell u its to stop the phone from sliding around a table while trying to use it lying flat

    • Jeffrey Evans

      I was thinking that too, it’s one slippery handset.