#ifihadglass results are in — check to see if you made the bill for a pair of Google Glass

A few weeks ago, Google revealed that it would be opening its Glass Explorers program up to everyday individuals. While anyone could apply for a chance to own a pair, not everyone would get first dibs on it. Two different barriers prevented anyone and everyone from participating:

  1. You had to apply for the chance by showing Google what you would do if you had a pair using the #ifihadglass hashtag.
  2. You had to be wealthy enough to drop $1,500 on the units ahead of the retail launch.

A lot of people didn’t have an issue with those two bits, so a lot of people applied and the results are finally in. Google will be sending out invitations to the individuals who made it over the next few days.

Note that they will be sending the invitation to you through Tweets and Google+ depending on how/where you signed up, so keep an eye out on your accounts through both channels to make sure you don’t miss out. If you don’t happen to get one before the weekend is over, well, perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. Did any of you sign up?

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  • Tomáš Petrík

    I would have signed up, if it was not restricted only to US citizens… :/



  • Chris Brown

    I did..and fingers crossed!!

    • http://twitter.com/UsherJohn2 UsherJohn

      what Clara said I’m shocked that anyone able to make $6753 in a few weeks on the inetwork.

    • http://twitter.com/UsherJohn2 UsherJohn

      …—goo.gl/hViF1 (Home more information)

  • Chris H

    Oh yeah! But now I’m thinking about the $1500…

  • AndroidProfit

    So by making EVERYONE you are talking to wonder if you are paying attention to them this is supposed to make us less distracted? FAIL.

    • Chris H

      Someone would know pretty quickly whether or not you are paying attention to them – you wouldn’t be looking at them. Or maybe they would have one wonky eye and the other one is still looking at you. That would be interesting…


    Question, if I get a chance to buy a pair at $1,500, will other people want to buy it from me for $2,000 or more? Cause that’ what I will do, make some money on it :P

    • Raveesh Bhalla

      I think there are some rules due to their NDA that could affect you selling it forward.


        I’m sure people will do it anyway.

        • Raveesh Bhalla

          Undoubtedly, but I wonder how many would be ready to spend $1500+ for a device knowing that Google might remotely shut it down. There will be some, but I don’t expect it to be too widely available.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            The only thing I’m curious about, will this initial device have more features than the consumer version?

          • Raveesh Bhalla

            I doubt it. I wondered for a while if it would be more easy to root and play around with as is typical of Google devices aimed at developers, but even with that I have a feeling that they might not want to make it easy for competitors to figure out how they’ve built it.

  • Spence from KC

    I would have love to have tried, but I just didn’t (and don’t) have $1,500 laying around to drop on one of them.

  • Toilet Seat Wipe

    Anyone else worried that this thing, stuck to your head will give you brain cancer?

  • Dia Mortensen

    I missed that part about $1500! Sorry, rent comes first. Either that or I can record me getting evicted on the Google Glass.