HTC One sees ‘several hundred thousand’ pre-orders in the US


According to HTC, demand in the US for their latest flagship is higher than any phone the manufacturer has released to date. The company has confirmed that pre-orders/pre-registers in the States have reached “several hundred thousand” as we near the HTC One’s late April release for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.

As for that release, HTC has been apologetic about the delay, confirming that they have addressed supply issues and are now on track to deliver the One as promised. The phone will launch this week in the UK, Germany, and Taiwan. Though figures were not released, HTC hopes to fulfill pre-orders in those markets by the end of April.

The company reassured eager smartphone buyers that the “HTC One will be well worth the wait.”

If you’d like, you can pre-register for the HTC One here:




[via FocusTaiwan]

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  1. Hopefully the One will be enough to keep HTC in the game. I have no interest in it (a lot of small things), but HTC makes beautiful phones so I’d hate to see them out of the race.

    Edit: Btw to put things in perspective a little, the SGS3 had 9 million worldwide preorders. Obviously this was a wider launch and includes all countries though.

    1. I’m in a similar boat. I;m solely going for Nexus devices currently, but I’d hate to see HTC go. Not really liking the design of the HTC One, but glad to see them doing something different with it and making an honest effort!

  2. wait, you cannot preorder it yet. I’m confused.

    1. It’s just poor wording. The original FocusTaiwan article (and this one) use the term “pre-order” and “pre-register” somewhat carelessly. So far we’ve only been able to pre-register for more information. Like someone else said in a different comment, any intentional references to pre-orders are likely referring to U.S. carriers placing large orders for the device.

      1. Exactly, just because someone has asked to be notified when the phone is available doesn’t mean he will actually be purchasing it. I’m one of the “several hundred thousand” but I’m still not certain it will be my next device.

        1. LOL. “several hundred thousand” pre-reg for info.

          Bull-crap marketing-speak. Peter Chou isn’t going down without a fight.

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    2. you can on canadian carriers – Rogers have a reservation list

      1. the article says the States.

        1. true, but Canada (well, Toronto anyway) is slowly becoming part of the US ;-)

  3. How can you preorder it?

    1. I’m wondering the same thing

    2. you can’t at least not yet and not us customers, probably carriers, HTC is just putting a PR move here.

    3. Can’t pre-order it per se, but you can pre-register it on HTC.com and AT&T.com. It’s weird, but HTC is apparently using that to track demand.



  4. I understand why the aren’t having on Verizon but I strongly disagree with it. They’re missing out on a ton of sales by not having Verizon carry the phone. Maybe it’s not even HTC’s fault and Verizon was the one who didn’t want to carry the phone but not having the phone available for Verizon customers is a problem.

    1. Blame VZW…I doubt any OEM would ever voluntarily exclude a major carrier from buying their device.

    2. I think you have your inf. backwards, blame Verizon on this one.

      1. I hate Verizon as much as the next person but I don’t see how this isn’t HTC’s fault. If someone can post a link or something saying Verizon refused to carry the phone, I don’t see how it could be Verizon’s fault. I’ve actually read that HTC is planning on releasing one with Verizon, it just won’t happen for another couple months.

        1. why don’t you post a link where HTC says it refuses to sell the htc one to Verizon? and yes i hate Verizon.

        2. there is logic behind verizon deciding not to carry the htc one but there is no logic behind htc not selling on verizon. Verizon could pass on the HTC one since they ordered and paid for exclusivity of the DNA. They don’t want to trump sales since the devices arent drastically different. That’s why they are delaying the launch of the HTC one.

          1. Thank you for providing an answer that is helpful. Makes much more sense now. I started to wonder if the DNA had something to do with this the more I read about it.

  5. It’s not on Verizon because of Verizon, not HTC.

  6. Preorders from who? From consumers or from the carriers? That number seems really high considering no one can preorder it yet.

    1. I’m guessing it’s from the carriers…

    2. probably carriers since costumers don’t have a way to pre-order yet.

  7. Give me the hardware of the One with an unlocked bootloader, stock Android, and open source drivers, and I’ll jump back to Camp HTC. I’ve been a proud owner of every single HTC Android phone ever manufactured with OUT Sense UI on it, and would gladly continue that trend. A little rubbing alcohol to get rid of that awful Beats Audio logo, and it’d be great… But since HTC will never do this, I’m sticking with Camp Nexus. Sorry, guys, you had it, and blew it. I’ll take my money elsewhere.

    1. hey, I heard there is already a boot unlocker out. XDA Devs has it linked

  8. where can you pre-order in the US?? I’ve been watching all 3 announced carriers and all they have is a landing page with an e-mail sign-up.

      1. And if you’re with Robbers in Canada, you can put it on the device reservation list from your Robbers account. I’m currently 349th in line..

        1. I know you pre-ordered but are you going to get it?

          1. yep. I will get it :)

            Havent been excited for a phone since the iPhone 4 launch ;-) lol!

            This is what the iPhone 5 should have looked like..

        2. Wait for Mobilcity to get it. With the delay the wait will be shorter.

          1. what do you mean the wait will be shorter??

  9. Very misleading article. There are no preorders available anywhere in the US. HTC is merely talking about the number of people who have signed up by email for the $100 rebate promotion.

    1. Dude seriously this is Phandroid we are talking about!

    2. This.

  10. LOL the funniest part about Phandroid is they RARELY EVER fix the mistakes they make. Chavez is the only exception. I know I know some will say that this isn’t a, “journalistic” type site and to that I would say, “well they certainly like to bill themselves as, “editors” and “authors”. Funny…

    1. If they wanted to read and respond to comments, they wouldn’t use Disqus.

  11. At this point they defeated the purpose of announcing this phone a month sooner then the S4,whitch will probably reach customers hands sooner ….

    1. I agree. If they could not grantee it being out before the S4 they should not have announced it so soon, and I don’t mean being out a few days b4. This phone should have been out a month ago. You can’t tell me HTC didn’t know about the lack of supply. If you are placing a large order with a company you speak with them about time frames in advance if that company doesn’t produce, then the price is lowered or HTC takes their business elsewhere.

      If HTC was smart they would be busting their arse to have it released with 4.2.2 in the US and possibly adding wirelss charging.

  12. no wonder it’s the nicest looking phone out there.

  13. What’s the difference between “order” and “preorder”? First I have to preorder… and then later I can order it?

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