What’s in the box? Samsung drops another Galaxy S4 teaser video


With a March 14th Unpacked event rapidly approaching, Samsung has release the second installment of their “Be Ready 4 the Next Galaxy” campaign. This time around we see little Jeremy bring his box home only to be pestered by neighbors and his mom. Everyone wants to get a look at what’s inside.

And what’s inside is the Samsung Galaxy S4, obviously, though we still don’t get a look at what has this kid so hyped up. The big reveal will be saved for Thursday, but we might have gotten a sneak peak already.

[via SammyHub]

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  1. im guessing its blue?

  2. I hope it’s acting lessons.

  3. What’s disgusting is your comment…been a racist pedophile long?

  4. That might have been the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

  5. ah!

  6. A condom? That’s a little kid nasty fucker

    1. It’s bad to know there are too many people in this world like Sinned66…Let me catch him or any like him around my child!

      1. Struck a nerve just as I wanted.

      2. I hope they’re just little teenage f.cks, whose only way to get noticed in the world is to make negative impressions.

        1. A person’s comment says a lot about the person who makes them.
          … Brian Parkerson

  7. Standard black and white colors (like the oreos)?

    1. Maybe also blue and red (the curtains).. Hopefully Samsung will release ALL the colors at the same time…

  8. I think it’s getting overplayed now. I’m afraid a lot of people who liked the original ad will be very underwhelmed by the final unboxing.

    1. Yes. I hate it when that happens. My hype get’s so high then when the product get’s unveiled, it sux. Well it doesn’t sux, but my expectations became to high. *sigh*

      I hope that doesn’t happen. =./

  9. I was hoping for another funny iPhone commercial

  10. this Jeremy kid is annoying , just shows us what’s in da dam box

  11. the hint is in the Oreo

    1. black top and bottom and white or so in the middle.

  12. I hope its Gwyneth Paltrow’s head. “Whats in the booooooooooooooox!?!?!” Tell em Morgan!! “John Doe has the upper hand!!”

    1. Ya know?

  13. I bet he’ll walk on stage at the official event, holding this exact box and open it for the audience to see… : D

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  15. the kid does say its his favorite color, and if you notice, everything in his room is some kind of blue…

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