Skype update lets tablet users revert to phone interface

The last major Skype for Android update brought support for Android tablets, but users were disappointed to find out the app got rid of the all-important portrait mode. This probably didn’t matter much to those with 10-inch tablets, devices that are rather unwieldy and impractical to use in that orientation, but those on 7-inch devices such as the Nexus 7 might feel a bit differently.

Well, Skype has released an upgrade today to address all that for the time being. Today’s upgrade adds an option that will allow users to switch between tablet and phone user interfaces at a moment’s notice. The tablet user interface is still locked to portrait orientation, but the phone interface will let you use Skype in the more comfortable portrait configuration. It’s worthy to note that the phone interface has much of the same features as the tablet version, so you aren’t really missing out on any features.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a necessary bridge as Skype continues to tweak the tablet user interface to make it easy for all users to enjoy. Grab it from the Google Play Store and see if you can’t win a bit of your comfort back.

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  • EasyEEE


    MLB At Bat app is one app for tablet and phone… But when on tablet mode, it lacks many key features that the phone mode has.. Rather frustrating.

    Good to see the option available in other apps.

  • Jay

    Wish they’d finally let you start conference calls from the Skype app. IMO that’s a feature that’s been missing from the app, for way too long. It would just be more convenient to be able to pick up my S3 or even iPad and simply start a conference call, instead of the only option being…doing it from the computer

    • umataro42

      There’s really no excuse for them either since Google Hangout supports group video on phones and tablets, its clearly not a hardware issue. Considering Skype makes us pay for premium to get group video they should make it available for every platform.

  • Jason Farrell

    Hard to believe that major apps such as skype get simple things like multiple layouts wrong.