Samsung Wallet announced, brings important passes, cards and coupons to one convenient location [VIDEO]


Samsung has been on a small roll this week as it has announced yet another development for the future of its smartphones and tablets. The Korean manufacturer has announced a new feature for its future phones and tablets.

Dubbed “Samsung Wallet,” it’s an app that will allow you to store things such as your retail discount and membership cards, boarding passes, coupons and more, and access them in one central location. Some will liken the app to Apple’s PassBook, and that doesn’t look good in the middle of a heated battle between the two companies where Samsung has often been accused of biting Apple’s style.

Samsung’s app uses NFC, but early word is that it won’t primarily be for facilitating wireless payments — that’s what the payWave partnership with Visa is supposed to bring. The app will also utilize location-based features that will notify you when you’re near a store, business or venue where you can use one of your passes.

The app is in beta right now, but Samsung is allowing developers to get an early start on things with the API ahead of the March 7th launch. Big names like Walgreens,, Expedia, Major League Baseball and more will be on-board to start, and we’re sure that list will grow quite nicely with time. Samsung didn’t specify whether the company would be offering the app in the Play Store but we’ll be reaching out to verify. Get a quick demo of the app in the video above.

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sheesh, they have no shame do they?
    (and I own a Galaxy S3)

    1. They have tasted success and now believe they can get away with everything.

      1. Apple is the BIGGEST tech thief:

        LG Prada (design, look, feel) 2006 stolen from LG
        Braun iconic industrial designs
        Cowon’s iAudio 2000 design adn name stolen for ipod 2001
        iphone TM stolen from Cisco/Infogear using international TMs and cybersquatting
        SONY’s minimalistic “Meet the new…”advertisings from 1970’s
        XEROX GUI
        Casio memory-8 “O” button, their iconic “Home button”
        LG’s displays in iphone that Apples presents and describes as theirs
        SAMSUNG’s memory/microprocessors/Retina TOUCH displays in iphones, ipods and ipads
        SONY’s cameras in iphones?
        Braun store design from 60s-70s that is now even TMd by Apple
        iMessenger stolen from Blackberry
        Notification bar stolen from Android
        Google Apps that patch ios pathetic apps
        Panorama in ios 6
        Black bezels stolen from LG Prada

        tech giant SAMSUNG (LG and SONY also) does INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF INNOVATIONS for the whole tech industry and deserves NOT seeing your pathetic Apple-taught comments about round corners, resemblance of Passbook and green “phone” icon.

        Look at other industries to see how CLOSELY products look and NOBODY sues them everyday for using square windows, wheels, round buttons and white wires.;)

        Do you know that SAMSUNG has more than 70,000 TECH patents, receives more than 5,000 TECH patents a year and is the world’s #2 patent recipient. IBM is #1.

        Apple has 7,000 patents, receives 500 patents a year and is not even in TOP 10 of TECH innovators.

        The real thing here is WHY has SAMSUNG called it WALLET. Wallet is Google’s payment service!

        1. No one is saying Apple is the white angel here..

        2. Can you write my school paper?

  2. Android doesn’t have an app exactly like this, so even if they copied Apple, Android users can’t use the Apple app…so….who cares?

  3. who cares about apple? This is about samsung. Apple shouldn’t have been mentioned.

    1. When Apple (aka the competition to Samsung and Android) has a similar app that performs the same essential functions, you can’t help but to compare.

      1. apple also has a calculator app, so your point is?

        1. I would LOVE to see a comparison test between Apple’s calculator app vs Samsung’s calculator app… Cause you know, I’m into that stuff…

  4. O … I suppose Apple created the electronic vouchers now, did they? :P

    1. Listen I love Android and despise Apple but this is pretty embarrassing. The icon, layout, and colors of the app are almost the exact same. I love the idea but make it unique! Make it look like Google Now at least!

      1. It has Wallet, that makes it unique. I don’t think the IOS app has Wallet on theirs, does it?? Who really cares it’s only a freaken application. The innovation on any new Samsung device just blows the complete iphone OS away. Samsung is innovation. They have taken innovation to a much higher level. I find new features every day on my Note 2 and my SGS3. That’s right I am a Samsung nut, the dev support is the best and Samsung is the only company that listens to their customers, killer specs, sd card support, large removable battery and great innovation. Just my Opinion.

        1. The problem is it LOOKS the exact same as Apples. No need for that.

  5. great artists steal ;)

  6. …Like I said in a previous thread… I’m getting tired of Samsung copying Apple on every front that Apple plays on… Although an app like this would be nice for Android, I feel like it could and should be integrated with Google Now… I can place bets that we can see these features in KLP

    1. So don’t buy Samsung, get a hobby, and don’t read about it. Problem solved.

      1. Done, done, and I already read about it… so it’s too late for that…

  7. It is often to me, if I’m flying once a year… surely I don’t need an app for that.. besides what happens when my phone is out of battery? Then I cannot pay or travel?

    1. They said it themselves that they do not start new markets and lead the way. They enter a market and throw their Samsung twist to it. Google Wallet is being crippled here in the States. Maybe this will work. Samsung is giving their customers more choice and satisfy any envy that they may have towards their iPhone counterparts. I like their confidence not afraid of the Big Apple.

  8. Google, sue Samsung! Google wallet changed to Samsung Wallet. Android Beam changed to S Beam. Sphere changed to Orb???? What is happening with Sammy?

    1. What!? Those are part of Stock Android. You’d get that regardless.

      1. Stock Android? Stock Android changes to Stock Touchwize

  9. The most shameless, “me too” company I’ve ever witnessed….

    1. In their mobile division, hell yeah…

  10. Samsung DGAF. Kudos to Samsung. They do it and they do it right. If it makes my phone that much better i’m all for it. It’s not like Samsung is some chinese kirf company. Samsung not only innovates they also get ideas from other just like every other company out there.

  11. Look at it this way, every time Android gets a feature, it somehow end up on iOS, like browser syncing/bookmarks. the notification system, camera at unlock, 4g LTE which btw they got away with, without even having to pay for the patented tech and prob soon NFC. So why should they be able to take everyone else’s innovations and not give anything in return? well ill just think of this as something in return, plus this wallet also includes NFC so its not exactly alike. If apple does add NFC in the future to their passbook I guess we can say they copied Samsung? I prob wont use the Samsung wallet when I get my galaxy note 3 in the fall but i just think they are playing fire with fire. This is just a App but how about when Apple blatantly made a smaller tablet with actual documented evidence that it was inspired by the Galaxy tab 7 and 8.9. At this point we should know that neither side is playing fair, but we as consumers are getting a lot more cool features an gadgets in the process.

    1. GS4 comes out this year. I suggest you hold back the urge for that. =.P

      1. well its the snapdragon s600 on the GS4 vs the Exynos 5 on the Note, after looking at the tegra 4 cpu benchmarks the Note 3 is the obvious choice for me. Although its still be hard to resist it especially if it comes with any cool features, im already having a hard time resisting the HTC One.

        1. I’m in that same boat. My upgrade is in June. But the GS4 is being announced in March. I just want to upgrade my GS2 so badly. LoL!!

  12. Select All Android Stock Apps with Ctrl + C and Paste it to Bada. Then in 5 years ditch Google!

  13. is it just me or…did they show us the galaxy s4 in that demonstration? (definitely not the s3 )

  14. whats passbook?

  15. Wow Samsung!!! Where do you come up with this stuff???!! Pure innovation! PSYCHE!!!

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