HTC One to be OEM’s only true flagship for 2013


HTC seems to be taking its new strategy quite seriously. After HTC halfway broke its 2012 promise of not diluting its smartphone line-up with as many devices as it could, it seems the Taiwanese OEM is much more serious about cutting down the fat. Speaking with Omio, HTC’s Phil Roberson confirmed that HTC would not be going the route of yesteryear’s One line, where there were tons of different variants to get consumers confused (no one was worse than Sony in that regard, but I digress).

Nope, instead the HTC One — the one that was unveiled in New York City last week — is going to be the only One of the year: no HTC One XTLMFAO OMGPOP Edition or anything of the sort. That’s not to say this will be the only high-end HTC smartphone of the year — HTC still has the mid-range sectors to target, as well as a Windows line to promote — but the HTC One will remain at the top of HTC’s totem pole.

The Samsung-esque strategy allows HTC to focus on branding and marketing one phone across many different carriers. No longer does it have to run a campaign for X-phone because it’s on Y-carrier. HTC won’t have to delegate manufacturing resources and time to tons of different smartphones. Accessories can remain carrier-agnostic.

We enjoyed everything about that strategy on Samsung’s end, so we’re happy HTC is following suit. It’s a win-win for everybody involved, and we couldn’t be happier to see HTC finally realizing that over-saturation isn’t always the right answer.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yet it will not be headed to Verizon? How does that make it a flagship?

    1. Verizon’s choice there. DNA owners should be happy!

      1. I dunno, Verizon has been making some bad decisions lately, if this truly was their decision.

        1. Lately? O.o

          1. o.O

        2. Verizon is a pita about accepting phones, they just don’t want to carry the same phones as everyone else. I think the only reason they caved to Samsung was because the GS3 / Note2 popularity and even at that they still made Samsung muck up the phone with a lot of ugly logos.

          People always get mad at OEM’s for not releasing the same phone on Verizon, but it’s definately not their decision. I think all manufacturer’s would rather release one phone to call carrier’s. My decision, take away Verizon’s control over what smartphone I use and go GSM :)

    2. DLXPLS rumored to release on Verizon, which is probably the ONE.

  2. This is ONE interesting article….hahaha

  3. why the htc logo replacing multitask button……why…….. o_0

    1. Because they want you to be confused on getting the menu or multitasking or google now to pop up.

  4. I hope they come out with a note type of device

  5. This is rather disappointing. I was hoping for a new EVO.

    1. This should have already told you there wouldn’t be another EVO…. http://www.sprint.com/landings/htcone/index.html?ECID=vanity:htcone

  6. 3rd times a charm right?

  7. They aren’t going to release a htc one+ with the snapdragon 800 processor? About damn time the stuck to one main phone per year.

    1. I’d personally prefer two phones a year. One in the spring and one in the fall. Almost like gs3/gnote combo.

      1. They need to find another niche like Samsung did with Note, and then they can do that twice a year, because they would basically address 2 different markets.

        If I were HTC I’d release a Pureview 808-like phone with much, much better camera than the One, and give it a different brand.

        1. Yea they could roll with a DNA sized line. But honestly I’d still wouldn’t be opposed to a spring fall line as long as it was consistent. Like one X every April and one X+ every October. This year it would fall in line with a snap dragon 600 and 800 and last year it could have been a s4 n s4 pro and I assume that will be about how things will go.

        2. I think you are on to something there. They continue to put great quality cameras in their phones. To go that extra mile and give it a different brand with a even better camera than the One claims to have would be great

  8. Let’s revisit this promise in December.

    1. I thought the same thing, they said this about the OneX this time last year….no?

      then the one X+ came out, and the droid DNA, and the one x on sprint was an EVO….

      1. The Sensation, Sensation XE anyone?

      2. They said the same thing the year before as well.

    2. Its easy, they will release a NEW phone and call it “HTC One” again, and again and again… That way they will not lie about the name, but confuse their customers with several revisions of phones with the same name…

  9. This ONE will be the best selling smartphone off 2013 …according to HTC sales! Lol

  10. can some one tell that to LG and SONNY please.

    1. LG had two flagships last year, relax.

      1. People just get bitchy about this because they don’t like to feel their phone is outdated in 6 months, regardless of the fact that if HTC doesn’t release a new phone someone else will. You can never count on an Android phone to be the highest spec device for any length of time. People need to get over their spec envy a minor update to a processor isn’t going to make that big of a deal in real world performance. I have a nexus 4 that uses a Snapdragon S4 Pro god forbid it’s so outdated now according to these people, but it’s still the fastest phone I’ve ever had. Truth is phones with any recent cpu are now faster enough and generally lag free unless the manufacturer mucks up the device with a bad skin, we don’t have to obsess over these specs anymore.

  11. Kind of sad to be honest, I was going HTC would build a 5.5″ 1080p device for att.

  12. When is the One expected to be released? Will it have the same name over multiple carriers?

  13. Yeah i dont see them sticking to this and there is no reason for them not to, well other then the fact that just now said they wouldn’t.

    not that this is a lackluster phone but we already know the snapdragon 800 is lurking, so your going to have a high end device that’s going to get beat by someone in a couple of months. Releasing another phone in the fall is perfectly fine, you have to stay on top of the food chain.

    1. No, although people like us love to have top of the line specs. The SOC are not going to have a visible difference in usability like in the years past and that’s what the majority of customers care about. So long as it doesn’t lag, has enough storage and last through the day. Why would they care about what chip is in their phone?

  14. Please. I’ve given up on trying to understand LG’s phone’s. So apparently the LG Optimus G is coming out, right? But didn’t that already come out? If you’re going to use letters you have to go up an Alpha with every new release.

    How dare they make this utter confusion? >=.[

  15. I glad htc is finally realizing how to successfully market smartphones in today’s market. Now if only Motorola would follow suit and make a razr for all carriers

    1. How will they market the next one? HTC ONE 2, or HTC TWO? They can’t even name a phone, much less market it.

  16. I think one flagship each in the beginning and end of the year would be nice.

  17. I guess he forgot about the DNA refresh aka DLX+. So, what will the name of next year’s be? HTC ONE 2, or HTC TWO? They really screwed up with the name

  18. what kind of free virus would i get? i only accept trojans /sarcasm

  19. Right out of Henry Ford’s playbook…and he is on everyone’s genius list. Of course, if you want an endless stream of ugly black cars, don’t complain when the other guys start to make yours look like…well…like at Model T.

  20. That’s because she’s a whore

  21. too bad HTC, you screwed me with the one x… releasing the + months later, you had your chance and while it was good, you made me feel subpar within six months, I love my Note and will keep on the samsung wagon until I am truely wowed again.

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