Feb 26th, 2013

TuneIn Radio, one of the finest apps for live internet radio, has gotten a very interesting upgrade in the Google Play Store. The developers at TuneIn Inc moved quite quickly to add Google+ sign-in integration to its application, so those with Google+ accounts can get up and running with the service by using their Google+ credentials. It’s likely TuneIn was a launch partner for the feature as Google was revealed to have approached several developers before the Google Play Services update went public, but speedy is speedy.

The latest version of TuneIn also allows you to add events, like concerts, sports events, and more, to a calendar with the click of a button. You’ll receive a notification whenever those events are set to begin so you won’t forget to, well, tune in. Finally, those with Chevrolet vehicles with MyLink can access TuneIn radio directly from their dashboards. It all sounds too juicy, so be sure to head to the Google Play Store with haste and try out all the new features for yourself.

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