HP brings Android-powered Slate 7 tablet

Instead of taking webOS and doing something special with it, HP decided to ditch it (word is LG will pick it up for its TV business) and go with Android, it seems. The Palo Alto computer manufacturer has announced the HP Slate 7, an Android 4.1 tablet which is set to launch as an affordable option for those who don’t need a ton of bells and whistles. It’s a 7-inch device that has 1024×600 resolution, a 1.6GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor, 8GB of internal storage, a 3 megapixel camera o the rear with a VGA front camera, and more.

Jelly Bean will be a near-stock experience, too, as HP apparently didn’t want to muck things up too much. Some might conclude HP doesn’t have the know-how to do much with Android yet, but we obviously don’t know that to be true. Whatever the case may be, we certainly won’t be complaining.

The Slate 7 will come to the United States for just $170, making it a attractive option for those who aren’t interested in spending an arm and a leg. It may be inexpensive, but HP promises it isn’t cheap. The company exclaims you won’t find another tablet in this range with the same build quality. We’ll be testing their claims for ourselves once we get a chance to go hands-on in the coming hours.

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  • nicholas sciucco

    nothing special but Nice just Nice.. under 200. I will take one

  • RitishOemraw

    Start hoping LG makes better use of it then?


    is it just me, or do all of the sub $200 7″ tablets feel the same (specs, looks etc) just with a different branding on it?

    • camelsnot

      who really cares? Buy the brand you want. Anything but iJunk.

  • Magnus100

    This tablet is an absolute POS. This proves that it really wan’t Web Os that was the problem, but HP. And here I was hoping that HP would actually produce a tablet with specs that make it worth buying. I wouldn’t waste my piss on this tablet it it were on fire.

    • No_Nickname90

      Your piss is waste. You wouldn’t be “wasting” anything by getting rid of it.

      I just wanted to be that douche. =.P

    • camelsnot

      how so? Specs aren’t any different than any other android tab at that size. why you cry?

    • Indy_Medic

      Back up your statements with facts and not just the bs you are spouting. Oh, that’s right you can’t because you don’t have it in your hand. Clam up troll.

  • Brian

    For $29 more you can get a Nexus 7 or Fire HD, each with a better display and more internal storage. I fail to understand what HP was thinking with this. Were they perhaps competing against soley the iPad 2? (with extreme tunnel vision)

    Edit: Oh, maybe it was the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 that came out 10 months ago (22 April 2012).

  • imitator101

    I’m tired of all these cheap underpowered race-to-the-bottom tablets. Someone make an android tablet worth drooling over!

    • camelsnot

      do a bit of research before whining.

  • james ortiz

    nexus 7 is better…. not worth it

  • No_Nickname90

    I wouldn’t take one, but I wouldn’t mind giving this as a present to someone. I hate the original low price tablets. Those were horrible. I feel like the user will get a good experience from this.

  • Tony Lai

    Sucky hardware but it’s a good thing that the price is justifying it.

    • camelsnot

      makes no sense. the price is based on the hardware. It is what it is. You want better specs, you’ll pay more.

  • domatau

    clearly HP is just hoping people will buy one due to the brand as everyone here as said, sucky hardware for the price

    • camelsnot

      clearly it’s aimed at people looking at similarly priced and spec’d hardware. Derp.

  • lawrence mcatee

    is the pic stretched or is it really 2×32 ratio?

  • androidscales

    HP is known for great hardware and brand recognition. Slate 7 will sell with home and enterprise users. great looking tablet.

  • Ahhk

    This looks and sounds like a Galaxy Tab 2. Wow, HP…you’re almost as innovative as that fruit company.