Hands-on: Lenovo K900 at Mobile World Congress [VIDEO]


We’re live at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where things are just starting to get under way. As a warm up to the main event we were at ShowStoppers last night where we had a chance to check out the Lenovo K900. You might remember the K900 from CES, where it was shown off for the first time (but only under glass). Lenovo is showing off a more complete build of the K900 here at the show and we had the pleasure to get a hands-on look.

The K900 is built up around two core hardware elements: a 5.5-inch 1080p display and Intels’s Clover Trail+ Atom processor for mobile. It’s the first phone to feature the dual-core 2GHz chipset, and it runs plenty fast. Don’t let the number of cores fool you.

The build quality of the K900 is beyond anything we have seen from Lenovo before. It features a metal chassis and slim design (6.9mm) and feels sturdy in hand (though not overly bulky). It’s still a large phone (comparable to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in size), but Lenovo has done their best to reduce its overall footprint. At CES we saw several different casing options ranging from brushed aluminum to something more akin to diamond plate, but we only had a chance to see the more basic finish at MWC.

There currently are no plans to bring the K900 to the US market, which is a bit of a shame. Not many companies are doing much with Intel’s mobile SoCs and Android, and Lenovo has done a good job bringing the two together in their latest handset. The phone will go on sale in China this April.



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  1. This seems like someone wants to have a sort of Aluminum unibody design. This looks like the Android Big Brother of the HTC Radar 4G (Windows phone on T-Mobile) Gotta love these aluminum phones. :P

  2. I still prefer plastic for many reasons, but I like that this is one of the few aluminum phones that can easily be taken apart (security torx screws on the back, right?) in order to somewhat easily replace the battery as it nears its charge-cycle limit in a year or two.

  3. Surely a very powerful phone but boy is it ugly !

  4. anyone else see the lag on the notification bar pull down??

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