Samsung confirms March 14th Galaxy S4 unveiling, will live-stream for all to see


Throughout all of the madness of Mobile World Congress, Samsung thought it wise to get word regarding the unveiling of its next flagship phone — the Samsung Galaxy S4 — out to the public as soon as possible. The Korea OEM has been issuing invites to a March 14th Unpacked event, with the subtitle “Ready 4 the Show.” It will indeed take place in New York City, and things kick off at 7pm eastern time.

Press and analysts won’t be the only souls invited to the event, though. Samsung will be streaming its announcement and coverage live via YouTube, so the whole world will have a chance to take in all the fun as we finally get a chance to see the company’s latest innovations in smartphone technology.

You’ll still want to circle back to Phandroid, though, as we’ll be providing coverage of the event live. You can expect all the hands-on goodness we can handle, and we’ll keep you up to date on all things Galaxy S4 after the fact. Mark your calendars, folks.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. *throws $$$$*

    1. overused, like “dealbreaker” “doa” and “magical”

      1. idk why by I still think its funny

  2. Are any of these comments about the actual Unpacked event, that we noe know a for sure date for? Less than a month away! I wonder if there’s any chance the Snapdragon 800 processor will be in the S4.

    1. Samsung isn’t going to use a Qualcom processor. They’re happily using there own. The question is which Exynos it will have…

      1. they used them last year with the u.s version of the s3.

    2. Extremely doubtful, as it’s not slated to be available til Q3/Q4.

      Apparently, a bit of extra looking around seems to indicate that the 800 will be available as early as Q2, so while possible, I would still say it’s unlikely. I’m guessing either a 600 with a slightly higher clock than the HTC One, or they figure out a way to get an Exynos in there (hopefully the Octa issues will be worked out by then??)

      1. Hrm, disregard this, I can’t apparently delete it, and it didn’t show up after posting. Apologies.

  3. @8b34609826b2f5fb5ace7a409cd1ab1b:disqus The first one sort of was, and I’ve got one myself

    I can’t wait to see what specs it’s got, and I’m hoping it comes with a stock-like experience.

    I know I felt when they came out with the S3 that they focused (on the software side) on gimmicky stuff like SVoice and stuff that really, in my mind, is junk, that gets in my way more then helps.

    I’m hoping with the S4 they’ll offer a cleaner, almost stock experience for a change (although I’m not holding my breath, I think in the past, Samsung has been about the worst as far as cluttering up their phones with bloatware and customizing Android to the point that it was irritating).

    1. You think Samsung would abandon Touchwiz? They’ve sold how many millions of the S3? It’s obvious that people like it. The Nexus series hasn’t come close to selling the numbers that the Galaxy series has. IMO there are a lot of features in Touchwiz that stock Android should have. (Granted S-Voice isn’t one of them)

      1. I agree. TW does have more useful features. I always find myself going back to an AOSP ROM on my S3 though. There’s just something about stock Android.

      2. Yeah, but most people I know only like Touchwiz on the S3 is because for the most part, it’s so unnoticeable. The more they unnecessarily “mess with stuff” the more I’m not going to like it.

        Really, I think they ought to offer 2 options really, 1 stock, 1 customized.

        How hard would it be for Samsung to just load the default AOSP on their phone and offer that alongside their “wizzed out” version. I know I’m not going to pay that much for their phone unless I know Cyanogen is on board ready to release CM for that phone. That way I know I can rip all the customized stuff off of it. I’ve had far too many bad experiences with OVER-customized stuff made by Samsung, so it’s made me a little bitter. :-

      3. It would be great if they take care more on the functionality than on the aesthetics… I really like features like smart stay and rotate, multi-window, etc. that add features to android, but the UI have a lot to improve

  4. The Snapdragon 600 isn’t QuickCharge 2.0 capable, is it?

  5. its pretty much the same as the gs3 with minimal updates…… Samsung is going the Apple way..

    1. higher clocked and more cores and better gpu and probably larger battery and higher rez screen.. but how is this limited to Samsung going the apple way. I don’t see any other OEM coming out with with anything different?

    2. And your statement is based on what exactly?

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