If mobile phones were NFL Quarterbacks…

The weekend is here. NFL Playoffs are here. And tech… is always here. So we figured why not have some fun and mix together all of the above? I want to ask you a question:

These are our answers. Share yours in the comments.

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  • http://www.droid-life.com/ Tim-o-tato

    Flacco as Android? I’m offended! :P

    • robjackson81

      I’m a bit bias. I’m from BMORE and love Flacco and want him to crush New England. So… that was a source of inspiration of sorts. GO RAVENS!

      • http://www.facebook.com/Mii123me Alex James Simon

        GO RAVENS!

      • http://www.droid-life.com/ Tim-o-tato


        • Thomas

          Brady is sooo sexy !!

          • camelsnot

            just remember he was referred to as apple. Now think of Steve Jobs. Now think of Steve Jobs naked. Done.

          • Thomas

            *throws up in mouth*

          • J-MOBILE E. HITE


          • nycplayboy78


      • gtg5017

        Pats gonna romp this weekend.

      • http://twitter.com/AKidNamedClewis Caleb Lewis

        As a Colts fan, I hope the Ravens win simply because I hate the Pats more.

        • J-MOBILE E. HITE


      • bmg314

        Flacco should have been Windows Phone. Serviceable in the right environment, a little flashy in the right light, but ultimately nothing outstanding.

        Truth. Sorry Rob. ;-P

      • Dan Buchal

        Go Ravens!

    • Guest

      If you ever had him starting as your fantasy QB you would know this is spot on lol

      • camelsnot

        hardly.. he has been a let down for years. the good qb that can’t.

        • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

          That’s my point. You take him because of what he is capable of and he shows you some brilliance then let’s you down. Kinda like how Google can fumble the nexus 4 launch.

    • guitarist5122

      that actually hit the nail on the head about flacco. never know which version we are getting lol

    • Sean Quinlan

      The Brady and Flacco analogies are a lot more fitting now. http://espn.go.com/nfl/boxscore?gameId=330120017

  • Jordan Pfingsten

    No. Just No.

  • Thomas

    Hmmm…Flacco a Raven, Rob a Ravens fan. Nice !!!

    • camelsnot

      ZZZZOOOOMG.. ok.

  • draiko

    Tebow = Bada

  • Alpha_Axl

    It’s amazing how some people put so much work into images and fail to spell correctly. Stopped reading at “sucess”…

    • robjackson81

      Truth in irony?

      • Alpha_Axl

        Delicious Sir, delicious.

  • http://twitter.com/mjwhirly Matthew Woehrle

    Windows phone isn’t half bad, yet they used Tony Romo who just straight up sucks lol

    • NYCHitman1

      Romo doesn’t straight up suck. The description accurately describes Romo’s character as an NFL QB.

  • shelderman

    I would say Android is Aaron Rodgers. Came out of nowhere to become the best QB in the league.

    • http://www.phandroid.com Quentyn Kennemer

      I upvote this comment with the utmost enthusiasm! #gopackgo

      • enomele

        As a fellow cheesehead I approve both these messages.

    • bmg314

      I can’t stand the freakin Packers, but I like your logic.

    • guitarist5122

      but where is Aaron now? watching Flacco lol

  • Odoyle

    Favre = Blackberry… priceless

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevtkel Kevin Kelly

    Tom Brady stats have long trailed off? Playing in the AFC Championship, 4827 yards, 34 TD’s to 8 INT’s and a Pro Bowl selection is trailing off??

    • malcmilli

      his playoff stats, not his regular season stats. His last win was like 8 years ago. EDIT: superbowl win that is

    • camelsnot

      yes. When is the last time they won a bowl game? he is only as good as the people he throws to. Never trust a dude with two first names.

  • jbo1018

    LOL I don’t have any but those were awesome choices and descriptions.

  • http://winsource.com/ Joe Fedewa

    Matthew Stafford is also Android.

    • camelsnot

      he in the playoffs? No? Then no comparison.

      • http://winsource.com/ Joe Fedewa

        You realize most of the players above aren’t in the playoffs, right?

  • http://twitter.com/PhaseBurn PhaseBurn

    Meh, I’m not a football fan. But if you want the basis of a post with a cool graphic… http://www.bonkersworld.net/images/2011.12.30_iphone_killer.png

    • chuckles87

      the only problem is in the graphic of Andy it includes the t mobile comet i would not consider that device to be a anything killer but 98% of the devices yes iPhone massacre

    • camelsnot

      yeah.. MEH. Pure passive aggressive apathy. Yet you care enough to respond with spam.

  • Stephen Vanderwarker

    Not sure why no one likes Tebow. He wasn’t even given a chance with the Jets. My dad has been a life time Jets fan and he was even pissed! hahah

    EDIT: Go Ravens as well ;)

    • johnnycrapple

      It’s because he loves Jesus and they are all heathens ^o^

      • Stephen Vanderwarker

        Oh boy -_- haha I was going to make the point, not them heathens, just that I feel they hate him because he is religious. I don’t agree with him that much but that doesn’t mean I am going to hate him for the sport he plays because of his beliefs.

    • camelsnot

      I agree. Tebow was mishandled by the Jets, who never intended on using him. I’m glad they imploded with Dirty Sanchez. I’m hoping he finds a new team and is given a real chance to fail. He went as far as Manning did with the Broncos.

      • Tojen1981

        Last I checked, Manning doesn’t play in the Broncos secondary. But, yes Tebow got the shaft by the Jets.

      • Stephen Vanderwarker

        Who do you hope fails? Sanchez or Tebow?



  • marefin386

    Flacco as Android?!? Rodgers = Android!!!

  • Ken Bosse

    As a Patriots fan I am offended by this picture.

    • camelsnot

      that’s ok. patriot fans get offended by the wind blowing. The rest of the world ignores them.

      • Ken Bosse

        ha………ha……once again I’m offended

        I kid.

    • enomele

      The truth does hurt. teehee

  • cosmic

    Perfect one for Meego would be RG3. They’re both good but their careers were terribly mishandled!

    Think Cam Newton may be a good pick for Windows Phone. A lot of talk and boasting but have so far fizzled in the short time they’ve been around.

    • camelsnot

      you’re reaching too much. RG3 still has a career.. just not running qb anymore. try again at validation.

      • cosmic

        I suppose I should have said “have been” instead of “were”. RG3 will still be a decent QB but he’ll never live up to the potential he had before the idiotic decision to leave him in.

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life


  • camelsnot

    Flacco? Really? Is that the best you could come up with? he’s about as dependable as Romo. As much as I hate the Patriots, the Ravens aren’t good enough to beat them. 49ers to take it all.

  • PedroAVazquez

    is offensive that Brady is an Iphone. but since he is this the only time and way that I’m team iphone lol go Patriots!!!

  • NardVa

    Aaron Rodgers should be Android.

  • NardVa

    Tebow should Bada OS or whatever that OS Samsung had.

  • meyerweb

    Ooh, the Tebow comment is downright nasty. Funny, and probably true, but nasty. :)

    About Favre, umm, the BB. I just today spoke to a co-worker who’s a died in the wool Apple fanboy but earlier this week had some hands-on time with Blackberry 10, and was quite impressed. Much to his surprise, I might add. I still think it’s too late, and app support is questionable, but it sounds like the basic platform may be quite good.

  • alansmithee88

    Symbian OS: Anthony Calvillo. You hear a lot about how awesome it is, but not from anyone in this country.

  • Charles Chambers

    I think Android is more like Drew Brees. He has his off days.

  • Ryan

    Android is not Joe Flacco.

  • james ortiz

    hahhaaaaa epic

  • bob

    Brady for iPhone is perfect. Heard enough stories about him pouting and having hissie fits and tantrums like a 4 year old when he loses at anything. Just like crapple.

  • FortTech101


  • Fr0stTr0n

    Farking brilliant, especially for Farve.

  • henryezra

    For non North American:
    iPhone = David Beckham
    Android = Lionel Messi
    BlackBerry = Ronaldinho

  • Michael Thompson


  • Jamal Adam

    Where is Peyton Manning in this?

  • Abefrooman

    Android is falco

  • DYNK

    Dont know anything about american ‘rugby’ however token had to be….webOS lolz

    • Samsung Fanboy


  • duffin

    Let s go ravens!

  • Trent

    I would put several quarterbacks in Android, JB is Matt Ryan, hot right now, but has yet to reach his potential. ICS is Flacco. HC is Jamarcus Russell, we thought he would be great, but he crumbled under the pressure. GB is Ben Rothlesburger, he was good, but has lost a bit of his luster and for some reason just keeps hanging around. Finally, Froyo is Alex Smith. He looked great at first, but was never utilized well and now just sits on the bench.

    BTW, two of the QBs mentioned in the main pic are still in the playoffs.

  • Chris

    Drew Brees because he brought N.O. soo much happiness, and Android makes us happy? :O

  • http://www.facebook.com/dalton.williams.144 Dalton Williams

    Too funny!!!

    I would make Matt Ryan Android. Good, lots a potential, but has hasn’t next level success yet.





  • Jeffrey Evans

    Patriots haven’t been the same since they were caught cheating. Hard to win when you have to play by the rules.

    Sounds like Apple indeed.