First Look: Polaroid’s M7 and M10 Jelly Bean tablets [VIDEO]


Along with their upcoming Kid’s Tablet, Polaroid had a few other Android slates on hand at CES. We took a look at the Polaroid M7 and Polaroid M10, both of which run Android 4.2 and are priced to compete with nearly everything else on the market. While you shouldn’t expect the most mind-blowing specs from the pair, they offer a decent set of features for the price.

The M7 features a 1280×800 7-inch display, 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, and 8GB of internal memory (microSD expandable to 32GB). The tablet doesn’t feature a rear camera but it does carry a front-facing 2MP sensor. For around $100 you get the WiFi-only tablet.

The M10 offers an accentuated package with a 10.1-inch display at 1280×800, and quad-core processing, 16GB of internal storage (also expandable via microSD). The bigger slate carries a 2MP front-facing camera but also gets a 5MP rear sensor. Polaroid has the device priced around $200.

Both offered a pretty typical Android experience. You get stock Jelly Bean, though Polaroid’s selection of widgets create the illusion of a custom skin. While neither was terribly offensive to our tastes, neither impressed us much either. The Polaroid Kid’s Tablet was easily the most compelling of the bunch. Look for the M7 and M10 to drop later this year.

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  1. Those tiles look way too much like a W8 wanna be. At least Microsoft doesn’t patent rectangles and squares though… or do they?

    1. They cant because that type of design scheme has been around for decades. In fact, the reason they stopped calling it “Metro” is because they got sued.

    2. And windows 8 looks like old aol which looks like quantam.

  2. So what are these re-brands of?
    I mean this IS Polaroid we’re talking about.

  3. Those sound pretty decent for the price, might be time to upgrade the old Nook Tablet! I have had it for over a year, after all!

  4. Someone at Polaroid decided to put out Android tablets with either lame or nonexistent rear-facing cameras. It’s as if Joe Francis created a line of burkas.

  5. So is this AOSP or did you hint at that for no reason?

  6. Can the UI be disabled for vanilla android?

    And is the bootloader locked? Root is not blocked in any way?

    1. “You get stock Jelly Bean, though Polaroid’s selection of widgets create the illusion of a custom skin.”

      Please read the article.

  7. At this price point, I think they have a winner. The specs are good for this price. $129 tablet, I will be picking up several for the wifey and kids. I’ll keep my Nexus 7 of course, but I do like I can add a memory card to this, and I might pick up the 10 inch for myself at $229 to play around with.

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