Jan 8th, 2013

We can easily say NVIDIA’s press conference is among the most eventful for Android fans, at CES 2013. We have a new handheld console, Grid Cloud Gaming and Tegra 4 coming. Tegra 4 is quite the beast, but just how powerful can it be? Well, we have found out it can output 4K video to a 4K TV.

In our hands-on video, you can see a demo of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 developer tablet runnin a 4K sample of After Earth’s trailer on a stunning 84-inch (3840 x 2160) television. Many tablets struggle to output even 1080p video. And with no lag or latency, we know this processor definitely has the guts to take on any task.

It’s hard to give justice to such resolutions through video, but you can definitely notice how good it performs. You will simply have to trust us on the resolution quality, though – it is stunning! Hopefully one day we can all afford a 4K TV and enjoy this.

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