Got a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2? Get a free Flip Cover and NFC Tectiles by registering it with Samsung

If you’re on Facebook, you might want to run on over to Samsung Mobile USA’s Facebook page here and register your new Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2. Why? Because if you do, Samsung will send a “care package” your way as a free gift. Inside, you’ll find one of their official Flip Covers (in either pink, blue, orange, or guacamole) and a few NFC TecTiles.

What’s more, newly registered Samsung owners will also receive a 50%-off coupon code for the accessory of their choice on Samsung’s official web store. There you can get a spare battery for the device of your device, bluetooth headset, or even additional Flip Covers for half off. Not too bad, right?

UPDATE: If you don’t have a Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S3, you wont receive a Flip Cover or the TecTiles. You do still get the 50% off coupon as a door prize.

You’ll need to enable the Facebook app first, then revisit the link to get the popup for registering your device. Enter in the necessary information and you’ll then receive an email to receive your care package. Better hurry as supplies are limited.

Thanks, Steven!

[Samsung Facebook]

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  • Mitch Samuels

    Regestered my Galaxy nexus… Only got 50% off the samsung store…

    • Chris Chavez

      Damn. They couldn’t have run out that quickly, but I guess it’s possible. :/

      • Chris Chavez

        Wait a minute — you don’t have a Note 2 or Galaxy S3 so yeah. That’s why they’re probably not sending you a Flip Cover. Lol

        • Mitch Samuels

          But I at least wanted the damn tectile things!

        • Eric James Salcido

          the tectiles would still be nice!

        • Anthony Maciel

          Same here, though I only registered to get the TecTiles (NFC tags). Might want to update the post to say that Galaxy Nexus owners aren’t eligible for it.

        • Lincoln M King

          Might want to edit your article to clarify this. I figured the Nexus wasn’t included, but your article did say “others”.

      • Mitch Samuels

        It could just be because mine is a Nexus and doesn’t have a flip cover:(

      • Johnathan Smith

        They ran out.

    • Gregory Brown

      Same happened to me

  • Nick Miller

    Question is, why are they so dead set on having people register?

    • kev2684

      collecting emails for marketing?

      • chuckles87

        i dont care samsung can email me all they want i got a free cover and tech tiles and the emails will just be offers for future products anyway.

    • simpleas

      lol since when did companies give out free stuff without any strings attached. You give you get. if you’re getting the smart dock for the note 2 , they’re basically giving you 50 dollars off.

    • Magnus100

      Some people want “free stuff” but don’t want to pay for it. Get your head out of your behind dude, someone always had to pay for “free stuff”. If registering is too intrusive for you, you’re welcome to pay for the products

  • Erwan Gruenais

    Erreur 404 sur le lien ^^

  • NightAngel79

    Getting page not found message

  • Mandro1d

    I got an email saying thanks for registering. I filled out the pop Window and all. What am I missing?

  • Adrian Macias

    Thanks phandroid! I was able to get a Flip cover for my Galaxy Note 2 :D

  • Mandro1d

    Nvm just took a few minutes to send it. Thanks Chris and Samsung!!!

  • Vincent

    I’m assuming this is just for USA customers because it’s only on the Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page (Owner’s hub)?

  • JustinCrouch

    Yeah I got the email several minutes after signing up. So it may take time peeps

  • irtechneo

    Thanks Phandroid/Chris!!! Just registered my Note 2 and received an email from Samsung for my “prize package”. They are shipping me an orange flip cover (they let you choose what color you want and I already have white/blue/green) and the NFC tags. Only bummer is 6-8 weeks delivery but it was free and I didn’t have to pay shipping! Woot!

  • Alec Smith

    No love for the galaxy s2 owners… :'(

    • Chris Chavez

      Need a phone that’s Flip Cover and Tectile compatible :/

  • guitarist5122

    Chris, you the man! Thx for sharing! Registered my N2 and requested the mint color cover. Should arrive in 6-8 weeks they said :-)

  • BeetleSauce

    Got an orange flip cover for my grey note 2. Unfortunately, only colors left or available to choose from were Orange, Mint and Pink. But, hey, it’s a free.

  • David Wintle

    Chris Chavez, would it have really bust your balls to mention the letters USA in the above article?

    • Chimphappyhour

      Or Facebook in the title.

      • Sharif Salih

        hah, i reinstated facebook and got my confirmation email from samsung. Then immediately deactivated it again :)

      • Chris Chavez

        You know what — why don’t I just write the whole post in the title!?!?


        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Ya, turn this site into a twitter like page. Twitter is for people taking Adderall.

          • Manbo

            What wrong with Adder… Ohh! Butterfly! Ohh! shiny Penny!

    • Chris Chavez

      There are other countries outside the USA? O_o



      This IS an American website, reporting on events and products affecting AMERICANS, no?

  • meetloaf13

    Booo, don’t know if it’s going to work since I already registered sometime last month =
    Thanks for the heads up though =]

    • Chris Chavez

      Apparently, it will.

  • Tim

    Thanks guys! This is an excellent offer! Got my mint flip coming in 6-8 weeks for my Note II.

  • Jay

    Ugh. Registered over twenty minutes ago and it said to check my email…nothing. not even under spam.


      Are you checking your facebook liked email? or your Samsung account email.

  • DarrenR

    Anyone know if you can do this if youre already registered?

    • kev2684

      yes you can. i just did. i registered mine on 24th of October and i’m getting an orange flip cover in 6-8 weeks.

      • DarrenR

        How do you do it? When I go to the facebook page the app says my email is signed up already.

        It helps if you check the box that says to use my existing account.

        • kev2684

          i used my existing account and it prompt a window that says check your email for offers. then it sent me the email enclosing the screenshot on this article

          • meetloaf13

            hmmm, it’s been almost an hour since I did this and no love =

          • kev2684

            got mine instantly. :S check your spam folder?

          • meetloaf13

            Checked the spam folder…I got nothing. I guess no dice for me =


      Conformed, yes.

      • simpleas


  • seanbuck83

    I got mine for my note but could only pick from orange mint and pink.. 6 to 8 weeks delivery

    • Chris Chavez

      Get pink.

      • seanbuck83

        Hahahahha right that’s a studly pink phone

  • PaulMonroeJr

    Thanks Chris, I got a orange cover coming for me in 6-8 weeks for my Gnote 2! I love free stuff!

    • Mike

      Free sh*t!

  • PaulMonroeJr

    Oh, and by the way I wish you people would read. The article clearly said if you have a galaxy s3 or a galaxy note 2. I know I don’t have better reading comprehension skills than everybody else commenting on this post?!

    • Tim Owens

      the article does say “Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 or others.”

      • PaulMonroeJr

        The article says this which is copied and pasted from the phandroid article itself: “Got a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2? Get a free Flip Cover and NFC Tectiles by registering it with Samsung” I don’t see Galaxy S3 or Galaxy Note 2 or other.

        • Chris Chavez

          Changed the wording to clarify some more.

          • PaulMonroeJr

            You didn’t have to do that. The original wording was fine. I just think some people are upset because they probably couldn’t get what they wanted due to not matching the criteria, which was very plainly stated. When I read the title I didn’t think “oh maybe Chris is talking about all galaxy phones”, or “I just want the tec tiles I’ll still register anyway because I saw a phantom others in the title”. I saw the title and registered becsuse I had one of the two phones which were clearly listed: A samsung galaxy s3 or a samsung galaxy note 2. (The latter of which im a proud owner). I wish people would stop being edit nazis.

  • Shawn Hardison

    Does anyone have the code for 50% off

    • simpleas

      just register you lazy b lol

  • blackroseMD1

    Awesome, except Samsung keeps insisting I live in California. Guess I’ll try it anyway.

  • Jordan Caviness

    The linK does not work! I cant find Samsung’s facebook page for this!



  • Aiman Farooq

    Now for the 6-8 week wait for my Flip Cover and Tectiles. Thanks Chris!

  • sstarz

    Thank you for the heads up on this Chris! Much appreciated!

  • simpleas

    Good for Samsung! Im personally using the Body Glove Case from Sprint. But ordered a cover anyway lol [not my pictures]

    • guitarist5122

      cool case

  • http://n/a brad

    Nvm I finally got my wrong password email with my new password in it thanks again chris now il be recieving my free flip cover and techtiles :-) :-)

    • Chris Chavez

      Woot! :D

  • TechGuy22

    is there anywat we can get some extended battery with that coupon? for S3

  • chuckles87

    they are still giving them away its just odd colors lime green orange and pink i got the orange and a 6-8 week wait

  • Marshall Johnson

    Thanks Chris, I have an orange cover coming to me in 6-8 weeks for my Gnote 2! I love free stuff!

  • Ahhk

    I still havent got the email after an hour (no, not in spam).

    Liked the SMUsa page, used my exiting Samsung account, put in the IMEI#.

    I did reg my phone back in July. Not sure if that is the factor….

    • curtst

      I think if you already registered you are SOL. I haven’t gotten anything back either, but my wife’s phone which we haven’t registed yet eventually got an email.

      • Ahhk

        Well, I also reg’d my wife’s previously-unreg’d phone and havent got an email for that one either. They better not tell me I’m SOL. We have way too many Samsung products (phones, tablets, TVs, monitors, appliances, etc) for them to exclude me because I reg’d early.

        • Ahhk

          Finally got the email for the 2nd one (marked as spam by Gmail), clicked the link and it’s freakin expired! 10 hours in to the 12/28 – 2/11 promo period. Pathetic.

  • Danny V.

    Thanks a lot! I just ordered my free flip cover!!

  • ffolkes

    Mint, Pink and Orange remain. For those wanting to see what the colors look like, go to this page and click on the product photo on the left. Then when the image is enlarged, you’ll see a drop down box on the right side with colors.

  • Magnus100

    Lovely, wish they had colors other than the dreadful potions available, but I guess you’re not supposed to look a gift horse in the mouth

  • HotInEER

    I got my code pretty fast, however, all they had left were pink cases. I will give it to the wife for hers. I just put I got mine in DEC.

  • BleedBlueNYG86

    All thats left is pink :( thanks for the heads up though Chris!

  • Donald Williams

    thanks Chris for looking out for the little guys. had to steal wife’s Facebook account since I don’t have one. all in for the free stuff. btw blue was not an option. now I’ll wait 6~8weeks. thanks again

    • Laarree Miiller

      Mint is as close as you will get…

  • disqus_VtRdi2bxlE

    Apparently they’re only doing it for the first 12,000 of each (12k SIII and 12k Note 2), and I was too late for my Galaxy S III.

    Too bad, but I am going to enjoy the 50% code.

    • Laarree Miiller

      Ah…maybe it is over for the S3…I have the Note 2 and it is still going on…

  • Canon User

    Bah, it’s over :(

    • Laarree Miiller

      I just ordered it…”Thanks! Your order is now complete. Please allow 6-8 weeks for you care package to arrive.”

  • Ron

    They no longer are sending the freebies. :(

  • ffolkes

    Thank you Steven and Chris for bringing this to our attention! :D Tons of us got a free case and tags because of you guys.

    • Laarree Miiller

      How is it over now? Promo goes thru Jan 2013 and I just got my freebies 3 minutes ago. They have 12,100 to give away for the S3 and the N2.

      • ffolkes

        Indeed, it seems it’s only over for the S3.

  • ReverseRoxas

    Samsung Galaxy S III offer has been redeemed. Galaxy Note II still has a few more.

  • Michael Zedicher

    all it let me pick was pink, yay tectiles tho

  • MangoFace

    No love for the UK? I see how it is, Samsung. I see.

  • Shannon McDermott

    Apparently I have an international version of the phone, which makes little sense. As such, can’t register it. What the hell, Samsung. ALASKA IS STILL USA. COME ON. WE GET SCREWED WITH SHIPPING TOO.

  • moosecrouse

    Just got my freebies & smartdock is on back order. No problems reg my N2

  • Bibowski

    Awesome. Says my IMEI is invalid. Is that because I have a Canadian phone or something?

  • tom dashiell

    I registered my phone, got a link to order the cover with a coupon code. Tried to order & got a message they are out! I called two #’s, got the runaround to call other #’s, the #’s given to me don’t work on the weekend. Come on Samsung, quit giving us customers the runaround. You should have not tell customers it was a offer for 9 wks. I can see running out in 9 weeks but 2 day’s? Poor promotion Samsung.

  • RSM

    Samsung USA Facebook page not found, is it over?

    • Stephen Thomas Garr

      The page exists, it’s Samsung Mobile USA. Also the promotion for free stuff is over, but you can still get the 50% off code for accessories.

      • RSM

        Thanks !!

        ——– Original message ——–

  • Jesse Guidone

    They ask you to provide them with you IMEI? Ya sure would you like my SSI and other info too? (sarcasm). Sounds very suspicious to me, and official website or not

    • guitarist5122

      you obviously have never resisted a phone before. you can’t register your specific device any other way

  • Wayne Stidolph

    Went to FB, opened page. Registered (which is a pain), got offer email went instantly to Samsung site for the gift – all out. But the offer is still listed on the FB page, of course. Clicked “unsubscribe” on the email, go through the confirm page, get told “7 to 10 business days to process my request.” Very very high tech these Samsung folks.

  • Nicole Michigan

    Followed the steps to register thru Facebook app …only got a. 50%off coupon

  • miguelshihto

    This doesn’t seem to work.

  • Vince Filippelli

    No more freebies, got the coupon though and I’m checking out the tectiles when they come in.

  • defender0802

    registered and only got a coupon

  • Paul

    No more cover…damn…

  • Bert Cotton

    Only got the 50% off coupon for Verizon S3….maybe they are out or it is not for i535 devices.

  • taylor abrego

    As of Saturday 12/29 noon PST only the pink covers were available for the Note2 with this deal. Soooo I got a pink one…

  • Dinesh Singh

    will indians be getting this?

  • arvj

    i guess they are out of supplies?i only got the coupon by email

    • Chelsie Herman

      Ok I must be stupid. I click on the “here” link and it says its not available!

  • Dave Roos

    I have a GS3 and they did not offer me a flip cover. Just the 50% coupon. Disappointed!