Samsung Galaxy Note 2 coming in black (Update: NOT!)


Just like clockwork, Samsung seems to be prepping a black version of its Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Just as the OEM did with the Pebble Blue edition of the Samsung Galaxy S3, it decided to pair the white Galaxy Note 2 with a more interesting color than the typical jet black. It was pretty close, though, as the dark titanium grey could easily be mistaken for a black device (though the texture and shading still made it stand out from typical smartphones).

It’s believed Samsung won’t be ready to introduce this alternate color until Mobile World Congress goes down in Barcelona this coming February, though, and by that time it might be getting overshadowed by the possible introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The timing would be inconvenient if Samsung’s trying to roll some thunder into an alternate color launch, but those types of launches aren’t typically met with a huge parade so we imagine that’s not much of an issue.

The biggest question is where, exactly, will this black version launch? And could Samsung be preparing higher capacity editions? Most folks in Europe and North America are bound by a meager 16GB of internal storage, so we’re sure a lot of people would be happy to hear about possible 32GB and/or 64GB editions coming to town. There’s a microSD card slot, of course, but the more on-board storage, the better. I’m just going off on a wishful thinking tangent, though, so don’t mind me. Take a look at what you can expect above.

Update: It’s Fake

Well it seems this sexy black Galaxy Note 2 will not be making it to our oversized pockets… at least not that we know of yet. The source has updated its article mentioning this was nothing but a simple darkening Photoshop job. This can be noticed by looking at the camera, LED flash and logo, which all look darker than they should.

There goes that one! We totally got excited over nothing. Like many of you, I have been hoping for a Galaxy Note 2 with a more traditional color (black). Maybe this should come as a sign for Samsung – we would buy these black Note 2 devices in a heartbeat. Make it happen, Sammy!

[via SamMobile]

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  1. Very nice, although I own the Grey one, i’d have gotten this one in a heartbeat.

    EDIT: Its a FAKE…

    1. Me 2. Titanium Grey is good but I would’ve preferred the black over grey or white.

      1. Got grey, and thought the whole time I wish this was black. Black borders match a black amoled screen pristinely. I loved the Nexus S look, like an edge to edge seamless front. Now there will be Notes floating around that look the same (except for the dumb button.)

  2. Gaaaah! SEX!

    I think it’d be even better all “murdered out” in a matte black finish. *drools*

    1. Why it gotta be blllllack? Why you gotta use “murder” and blllllaack in the same sentence? Why can’t it be off-white and “murdered out”. :þ

  3. Probably to Verizon… AT&T maybe? Exclusive colors always go to those two…

  4. Why can’t they just release all the color variant of a device all at once. By the time this comes out everyone who was getting the device will already have one. The average consumer is not going to shell out hundreds of $$$ for a device just to get different color.

    1. Average customer doesn’t buy a phone on day one of release. also, the average customer doesn’t care about phone color as most average (and above average) users have a case on their phones so color is insignificant. B*tch much about nothing…

      1. Don’t have to be a dick about nothing, either…

  5. Well it’s about time!

  6. I wish they had the black before I got my white one. I would have liked to have the grey one but settked for the white. Ideally I would have liked a black note 2

  7. i don’t know why they do this. are people really like, “oh wow, they came out with a black phone. let me go trade my white one in” really, this strategy can’t produce a difference in sales. i could be wrong though. i personally love my white N2. i had gotten all black phone before and it was time for change.

  8. I’m not a hipster, I don’t care if every other phone is black. Black just looks better than blue or grey or white. It should have been released in black to begin with.

  9. I’d hit that.

    1. FAKE!
      Well, it wouldn’t be the first Photoshop job to get me excited unnecessarily…
      (old pics of Markie Post, I’m looking at YOU….(still) )

  10. Is it weird that I dreamt of this phone a few times this week?

    1. I also dreamed of it…. but was watching redtu… err nothing.

  11. I like my gray one the most. All three colors are nice though.

  12. It turned out to be fake. No sexy black edition for us

    1. Really?

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