Dropbox launches Android open beta, preview latest build now


While Dropbox will continue to release the latest approved builds of their Android app via Google Play, the popular cloud sharing service has initiated a new open beta to preview and test upcoming software. The latest version of the beta is and is available as a direct download from the Dropbox forums.

The latest version introduces the ability to share or delete multiple photos at once, organize photos into shareable albums, and miscellaneous UI tweaks and bug fixes. Once installed, users can opt to keep the app updated to the latest beta directly within the app (all downloads from the beta forum will be set this option by default).

Joining the beta is not only a great way to do your part in helping the Dropbox team shape their already stellar Android app, but also comes with the perks of new features faster. Head over and grab the latest build now.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Only thing missing is the ability to export folders.

    1. And to keep them in SYNC. That’s my #1 gripe with both dropbox and google instand upload: I don’t want my stuff auto-uploaded right after I take a photo — I want to delete the crappy ones now or later, and have my changes synced.

      1. There does need to be much more granular, well-thought-out sync options. I don’t take sensitive photos with phone already because of the upload dimwittedness.

        I’d like to designate specific files and folders as always having local copies too. I can’t believe this hasn’t been standard since the outset. Everyone has to come up with their own hacked workarounds making a mess of the cloud filing system.

      2. There are apps for that. I used to use one that treated my phone like it was a computer. Delete, and it would delete the file online and on my comp. Loved it.

  2. Will this now show my Dropbox pictures in my gallery now without downloading them all like picasa?

  3. Sounds like someone needs to download dropsync apk

  4. Am i the only one without a dropbox account?

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