Android Music: DC’s hottest DJ remixes Nexus audio


What happens when you take the stock audio files from the latest Nexus devices, lock them in a room with one of Washington DC’s sickest DJs, and don’t let them out until they’ve got a bad ass beat worthy to be made Phandroid’s video intro music? This:

Nacey has long been a staple of the DC party scene, but in the past several years has risen to receive international acclaim. Born in Baltimore, Nacey relocated to the nation’s capital where he co-founded Nouveau Riche, known in the DMV for the throwing the award winning “Best Dance Night” in the region as seen in the City Paper. The Washington Post calls him “one of the District’s more prolific DJs”,  he’s performed at SXSW, and he’s been featured in countless publications including New York Magazine and RCRDLBL.

And now he brings you our very own “Android Music”.

When asked if he saw a parallel between the evolution of tech, the evolution in music (both consumption and creation), and the evolution of his art, Nacey had this to say:

Absolutely.  It’s a great thing that technology has empowered so many people to make and record music.  Most music producers have told me that the key to musical success is workflow, and I’ve found that to be pretty true as I get older.  The better you can understand and use the tools that technology offers, the better you are at translating your ideas into a final product and not getting held up.  That’s not to say that it’s necessary for creating something great, it just opens up a lot of possibilities.  Sound design is crazy these days!

He wasn’t familiar with all the stock sounds found on the Nexus so he took a lot of time experimenting. They definitely contrasted the Android sound with which he was most familiar – the famed droning “Droid” sound found in Verizon’s branding – so he ran with the Nexus vibe to create this dreamy beat. When pushed to give the track a name he said, “Touchscreen Dream…haha I don’t know!”

We don’t know either… but it kicks ass.

Nacey continues to evolve and rise in the music world and is definitely an artist to watch in 2013 and beyond. He’s currently touring with the indiepop band Misun, where he functions as both the producer and bass player. Their second EP “Sleep” will be released in January 2013 on T&A Records. He has remixes and production work has expanded internationally, producing album cuts for Vietnamese pop sensation Suboi and remixing the Finish band TV Off — both dropping this year. Nacey’s also currently recording his own full-length album, which will debut this year and provides more of the deeper soundscapes that set him apart as a remixer to watch in 2012.

And for your listening pleasure, an alternate Phandroid intro produced by Nacey that we’re calling Nexus Nights:

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    1. im not even gonna lie. this is pretty boss LOL.

  1. DCMV???
    Ummm, we call it DMV. Lol

    1. Ugly typo. But c’mon son, I’m from Bmore, I know what the DMV is… I swear!

      1. Lol. Just messing with you. I really didn’t care. Opportunity knocked.

      2. Department of Motor Vehicles?

  2. I remixed a remix, it was back to normal

  3. too slow for my liking. Need some 138.

    1. Keep in mind it was engineered as video intro type music.

  4. This guy DJs like Tommy Lee drives his boat!

  5. Not bad – @ butters – the hint is ‘dream’ not happy hardcore lol

  6. The official intro song sounds like something from the game Lumines.

  7. Nexus Nights sounds like something you would hear while your stealing a car in Grand Theft Auto… (i love it)

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