Samsung bends and twists devices to their limit in hardware stress test


While we occasionally decide to make our handsets the subject of an impromptu drop test, the majority of wear and tear our devices receive is the result of countless little interaction adding up. Overtime, we give our phones quite the beating. With the average wireless contract lasting two years, users demand phones that will do the same. Enter Samsung’s multi-stage stress test.

The above video gives us a peek inside Samsung’s labs as we see several of their smartphone models put through the wringer, sometimes literally. The phones are bent, twisted, sat on by a fake butt wearing a pair of jeans, rained on, squirted, and otherwise pummeled into submission to insure a lasting build quality and strong materials.

Think of it like pressing the fast-forward button on the lifespan of your smartphone, all the key scratches, the short drops, the button presses summed up. Yes the video is in Korean, but you’ll get the idea just by watching.

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  1. Dat Ass

  2. Saw this on reddit earlier. Pretty interesting.

  3. Dat bend.

    inb4 comments like this.

  4. 2:52 They even have a pee test? Man, Samsung is THOROUGH. O_o

    1. That was my immediate first thought as well. Still missing the total urinal drop test though.

    2. Cause everyone has one of those nights when you accidently pee on your phone.. right?

      1. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve dropped my phone in my colostomy bag when im trying to empty it

        1. :–)

      2. It happens to the best of us.

    3. You mean you don’t have the toilet app? When you’re on the move and gotta go…

  5. Too bad LG doesnt have a quality control at all, *cough dare. Luckily Google fixed it with the Nexus 4.

  6. My Galaxy S is nearly 2 years old now and had no screen scratches/defects whatsoever – despite NEVER having had a case.

    What’s most astonishing about that is for the first 6/7 months I looked after it very much then one day I dropped it whilst on the Mountain bike which resulted in a couple of chips taken out of the bezel.

    From then on this is when the phone really started to hold its own, due to illness I am taking some heavy duty meds including opiates and sedatives on a daily basis which leaves me very drowsy and sleepy resulting in my frequently dropping the phone from sofa height onto carpet – on a daily basis but the phone really had held its own. WITH NO SCREEN PROTECTOR OR BUMPER !!

    1. What are you going to do next?? Walk on water?! Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahah ROTFLMFAO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

      1. :–) :–) :–)

    2. good deal… all my phones stay ‘nekid’ and they look great !

  7. this makes me more confident in my gs3

  8. How comes they don’t just use a real ass ???

    1. Because they rely on those to make silly comments? :p

  9. so basically they test the @#% out of it. over 7000 different tests they said, this is some great stuff.

  10. 2:30 Galaxy Note 2 looks so sexy it can sell a purified drinking water.

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