ASUS said to be working up Android 4.2 updates for its tablets

We’re not too surprised by today’s news, but we’re going to put it out there anyway: ASUS looks to be working on getting Android 4.2 out to its Transformer tablets. The news came via a call to customer service where one customer inquired about the upgrade for their Transformer Prime. The rep didn’t specifically confirm that the Prime — or any particular device — would get it, but the response didn’t seem to implicate any one device.

It’s important not to assume that all ASUS Transformer tablets will be in line for Jelly Bean 4.2. Some of the company’s tablets still haven’t gotten Android 4.1. Another thing to remember is that going by the word of a customer service representative is risky business. Often times than not, these reps either have wrong information, they misunderstand the question or they just flat-out know nothing.

In this case it’s pretty safe to assume that ASUS is working on Android 4.2 updates for at least some of its devices, though, so we’ll take their word for it and keep our fingers crossed that a majority of its tablets will get it. ASUS will likely announce their upgrade plans on Facebook whenever they’re ready so be sure to “like” them and keep an eye on it over the coming weeks.

[via Android Planet]

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  • King_James_The_Wicked

    It has been my experience that ASUS is very good at bringing updates to their tablets.

    • NexusKoolaid

      It’s been my experience that they tend to rush buggy updates to their tablets. The best experience I had with my TF101 was when it was running Honeycomb. The ICS update came to my tablet quickly, but it was so unstable my tablet was almost useless. It took two updates to get things mostly stable. I dunno… half of me would like ASUS to push Jelly Bean to my tablet, the other half is leaning toward unlocking the thing and installing a custom ROM.

      • intangible

        The limitation on updates is the drivers for the specific hardware… even for the custom roms. If the manufacturer update comes out, then the custom roms can improve on their stupid parts since they’ll get the drivers required.

  • y0_momma

    Still no love for the OG TF101. So sad. :(

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      The community has your back, thankfully.

      • Lars


        • Matthew Merrick


          • NIGHTSCOUT

            When one has to ask, it is better for them not to know.

          • Matthew Merrick

            eh, I had to ask when I first started. I am now an experienced modder.
            so I don’t mind helpin’ out the noobs. it was not that long ago that I was one.

          • NIGHTSCOUT

            I knew I should have elaborated. What I was referring to, is when newbs don’t even put in the effort to check forums, which have LOADS of instructions. They expect everything to be handed to them on a platter. Not all newbs, but a great majority of them.

  • SnookGators1

    if they could fix the issues with the prime then Asus would be fine by me. I sent my prime in 4 times to Asus

  • Nicholas Kaioken Caljean



      Samsung’s AllShare dongle is $100. I think a bit on the pricey side.

  • selonmoi

    Multi-user FTW!

  • Sebastian Gorgon

    Wonder how this will work… update only to find out tablet interface is no more i’d be requesting a refund

    • selonmoi

      There’s nothing stopping ASUS from keeping the tablet interface, if they want. Even if AOSP 4.2 shipped without it (has anyone confirmed that’s the case?), ASUS could just bring it forward and patch accordingly.

  • TongueDar

    I’d like to see at least 4.1 on my TFT101, which has been a great tablet. I bought it for Tegra 2 compatibility testing last year.


    ASUS has been my company of choice for Motherboards, particularly the R.O.G. lineup. Their Tablets seem like pretty solid devices too.

  • RahjerDat

    Good news for my TF300T. My 8.9 Galaxy Tab is screwed

  • stndspec

    Just got the 4.1.1 update to my TF-201 Prime. Asus does well with updates, seems like every few months there’s a new one, even if it’s just minor. Makes me feel like good, tablet getting the proper love. Kinda glad I’m not getting 4.2 though until after December is added.. since it’s about to be December.

  • pr0xidian

    LOL its so true. Most customer service reps don’t understand tech. I work in tech support and I have to correct misinformation given to customers nearly constantly. In fact, I’m on break at work now. Back to doing what I do!

  • Wesley

    Asus must bring out their own 7″ tablet that’s different to the Nexus 7 with microSD support.

  • oneillperson

    If only Asus was in the phone business too…