LG Optimus G is perfect for work or play thanks to QuickMemo, Q-Slide, and Video Zoom [Sponsored]


It was a few weeks back that we gave you guys our unabashed review on the LG Optimus G and had almost nothing but praise about the device. After being lucky enough spend several weeks with the device, our verdict still stands — the LG Optimus G delivers a superior smartphone experience. Oh, and it’s easy on the eyes as well.

There’s many reasons why we fell in love with the Optimus G. The raw computing power of the Qualcomm S4 Pro quad-core processor was able to handle anything and everything we could throw at it, from games to multimedia. 2GB of ample RAM made multitasking a breeze on the device (not a single app reload). The 4.7-inch True HD IPS Plus display offered unrivaled clarity and true-to-life colors. But besides fancy hardware specs, inside the LG Optimus G’s slim glass exterior lay their all new custom UX (user experience) that was both intuitive and unobtrusive.



Video Zoom

The LG Optimus G is a fully capable device limited only by your imagination. As we near the holiday season, you may want to get a jump on your holiday shopping a little early to avoid the frustrations that come with long lines. The good news is the LG Optimus G can be found at both AT&T and Sprint for only $199 with a 2-year agreement. You can learn more at LG.com/OptimusG.

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