AT&T 4G LTE launches in Milwaukee, Denver, Louisville and more

AT&T has just announced the launch of LTE for several new cities. There are some major ones here so quite a few of you are sure to be pleased. New cities with Ma Bell’s super fast speeds include Milwaukee, WI; Denver, CO; Louisville, KY; Orlando, FL; York, PA; Tacoma, WA; Annapolis, MD; and Provo, UT.

While we’re never angry to see new LTE launches at any capacity, it’s especially refreshing to see a list of cities that (hopefully) most people can point out on a map. The break neck pace that Verizon’s employed still hasn’t been matched by any other carrier, but progress is progress and we’re glad to see AT&T continuing to roll its network out for the benefit of users everywhere.

Those who have bought a smartphone within the past few years are likely to have 4G LTE radios inside, and you can trust me when I say I know how it feels to have a smartphone that I know can’t reach its full potential because of the area I live in. If you have a 4G smartphone be sure to give it a whirl with a speed test or two, and let us know how the new speeds are treating you in the comments section below!

[via AT&T]

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  • Alan DeMunck

    Had LTE here in Orlando since the Skyrocket came out. Also, Orlando is completely covered in LTE from the very tips of the city. I had some days last month where I lost LTE in my store but it is back now. Maybe it was them beefing it up.

    • Splaktar

      It was an announcement for Daytona Beach, not Orlando!

  • Daniel Tiberius

    I noticed they switched on LTE in Annapolis last week. Now I have LTE for my whole commute, which is nice for streaming Google Music.

  • James Conrad Warren

    My wife is part of the team that just launched Louisville, KY. Lexington, KY. will be up pretty quickly next.

  • Guest

    My wife is part of the team that just launched Louisville, KY. Lexington, KY. will be up pretty quickly next.

  • tailflip

    I just bought a galaxy note 2 last night and seeing Denver getting LTE today. I feel like a kid at Christmas.

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      A whole month and a half early!

  • andrew__des_moines

    AT&T HSPA+ is quite fast where I am — I am a little worried about what LTE will do to battery life on our Skyrocket and Note phones. Hopefully, it is a better experience than Verizon, but I have to wonder if Apple’s apprehension and Google’s rejection of current LTE means something is still seriously awry.

  • RachelFleming

    We got it in San Francisco and the surrounding areas. It’s amazingly fast. In the Verizon ads saying how much coverage they have, with all their graphs, I don’t care where they are if they cover 100 markets on the west coast. It means nothing if they don’t cover where I and my clients actually are and need to easily book appointments.