Google’s Music Explorer now live in the Play Store for some users

It was earlier this week Google let us in on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and some of tasty treats that would be debuting on Nexus 4. Google went over many of the new features, also demoing Music Explorer, a graphical music discovery tool for the Google Play Store.

Well, it looks like you wont have to wait until Android 4.2 to try out Music Explorer for yourself, as Google has just flipped the switch enabling the feature for many Android users in the Play Store. Similar to something we’ve seen from the Microsoft Zune back in the day, Music Explorer introduces users to similar artists they’ve looked up in the Google Play Store using a snazzy UI. A similar option was always available in the Play Store, but it was never pretty as this. Let us know if it’s gone live in your Play Store!

Thanks, Tommy!

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  • Tommy Thompson

    awww yeah.

  • Montisaquadeis

    I use services like slacker and pandora radio for this exact function as well as being able to listen to the music for free.

  • James Sloan

    It’s live in my play store! Time to play!

  • James Sloan

    Ok its only live on my n7. Not my gnex :-

    • Tommy Thompson

      Seems to be live on just tablets right now.

  • Jesse James Payette-Steinberg

    It is to bad you can not do that, with the music that you already have in the cloud.

    • Aslan Bollin

      Agreed. Would also be nice if Google Play Music would stop recomending that I buy albums I already have uploaded…

      • Chris

        I wish I could remove music from Google Music that I don’t like anymore!

        • Tommy Thompson

          You can. click the little down arrow on a song in google music and select delete track..

  • moopuna

    holy crap this is cool

  • iamdallas123

    Sorry Engadget, you’re wrong. You can swipe for more than 3 artists. And this app is pretty cool. :)

  • btstump

    So apparently they are only releasing this on the tablet version? Bummer! Or maybe we’ll get lucky and they’re just slowly rolling it out.

  • DanWazz

    I liked this feature in the Zune program, so it’s cool to have it back.

  • Terrormaster

    Pretty neat but totally useless for the type of music I listen to (ethereal, movie scores, and dark ambient). Nox Arcana always leads to Midnight Syndicate or vice versa and from there go off into gothic rock and dark wave, neither of what I was hoping to find. Lustmord and DJ Spooky do the same… I get much better results on Pandora.

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Why does that explore button remind me of Disney?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      It’s clearly a water molecule… one oxygen atom with two covalently bonded hydrogen atoms :p

  • Kam Siu

    i saw this option on my motorola xoom. i’m playing with it now and it seems pretty cool. you can move anywhere on the line (forward or backward). i’m no music expert, but it seems the suggestions map looks pretty good and the suggestions arent too bad.

    Google defiantly needs to expand their Knowledge Graph to other areas (movies, books, apps, etc). Google has something big here