There are now 700,000 Android apps in the Google Play Store

With the news of shiny new Google devices bombarding your favorite media outlets today, I think it’s safe to say today was a huge day for Android. But, besides a slew of new Nexus devices soon making their way to your doorsteps, there’s still a few stories left unsung. Apparently, the Google Play Store has officially reached its 700,000 apps milestone. This, according to Bloomberg, and while we await an official announcement/blog post from Google HQ, this is still another big milestone for company who at one time was ridiculed for having a less than robust app market place.

By comparison, the Apple App Store hit the same 700K mark back in September of this year, at which time there were 675,000 apps in the Play Store. And while this sounds great on paper, rummaging through that many apps is a daunting task for anyone, with many quality apps getting lost in the shuffle. Don’t worry, we’ll continue letting you guys know whenever a good one comes our way. Pinky promise.

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  • Kc

    Catching up to apple

    • SuperMarino

      and surpassing with the Nexus 10.

      • kBye.

        And murdering by having cheaper prices..
        And burying by also having more features!

      • TechGuy22

        design not so much.

  • dickyohyk

    Kill apple!!! ANDROID WINNER FOREVER THIS WORLD ONLY ANDROID THE BEST!!! Because i never eat apple….

    • DavidVarghese

      No reason to go jihad on Apple… They’ll wipe themselves out.

    • anywherehome

      yes….Apple is the most rotten company Ive ever heard of….just see how rotten is:

    • IronHorse01

      wow easy easy there fanboy, youre gonna give yourself a heart attack O_o

  • Treknologist

    So, the total number of apps is a mute point when comparing platforms. What we need now is for a greater number of tablet optimized apps (vs tablet-specific as the other OS requires). This will, hopefully, happen at a faster rate now given the emphasis Google is giving to tablets.

    • Chris Chavez

      Well, that and Google completely ditching their oldschool tablet UI.

  • Cloudscout

    At least two or three dozen of them are tablet-optimized now!

  • Daniel

    To bad 400000 of them are horrible.

    • a)

      I’m glad you tested everyone odd those 400000 apps for us!

  • RahjerDat

    let me know when the Play Store recognizes I’m on a tablet and not a phone.

    • ilh

      It does with my TF300, the staff recommended bit is catered for tablets at least.

    • Ryan Stewart

      In what way. My Transformer doesnt show me incompatible apps (its up to the developer to decide if its compatible or not) and I can have it filter reviews by device.

      • RahjerDat

        by showing me only tablet.apps and not tablet 101 or editor’s choice. when i had an iPad it did that and i had to filter it if i wanted to see iPhone apps.

        • Alan DeMunck

          You realize that apps on android do not need two versions like iPads do? f your display is a different size it will change the app for your needs. Same for layout. Example would be the phone version of youtube is the new large bar layout on phones. On larger devices it is the rounded display with about a 4×4 layout for videos. Same app can do both.
          Also it bothers me that on the iPad separates the apps. I go looking for an app and it turns out it is a phone app, oh lets go search there too then. Vice versa. Also they are classified as iPhone apps. What about iPod? if an iPod can use iPhone apps, why not call them something else?

        • Ryan Stewart

          Its all the same app. Android doesnt require separate ones (as Alan pointed out). The issue is when the Devs dont really code or register their apps properly.

          • RahjerDat

            I understand all that. I’m not looking for a crystal clear app that recognizes that I’m on my TF300 or my 8.9 and adjust acordingly. What I’m looking for is an app that takes advantage of the screen size like the IMDB app does.

  • GBGamer

    Isn’t it spelled slew? Slue means to swerve, as in a car.

    • Larizard


    • Jackson Veliz

      lol #swerve

  • Michael Thompson

    Now if the right ones would only go on sale for 99 cents…
    I love the Play Store.
    I want my media on an SD card, but I LOVE the Play Store.

  • Paradise

    This is ridiculous… Most of them sux anyway

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      That’s the nature of an open appstore. Thing is, Apple’s App Store has its fair share of garbage too. Just the nature of the business when you have the most users.


    that’s a great news, and for WP8 ? :)

  • Ryan Stewart

    Those numbers are pointless. Both systems have 690,000 crap apps and maybe 10,000 useful apps. What someone needs to do is filter them by apps that aren’t garbage.

  • Adrian P

    And yet, I only have about 30 or 40 counting the ones pre installed.

  • oneloveonehate

    still need higher quality dedicated tablet apps. how many of the 700,000 are useful. love android but quality over quantity please.

  • clearzero

    I know that Apple and Google think these numbers matter but they don’t. Doesn’t MS claim like 150,000 apps? Who cares, 99.9% of them are garbage. The only thing that matters is top tier apps and their availability. MS is screwed and Apple still has an advantage. Apple’s advantage may just be limited device support but developers are still bringing apps to iOS first. It isn’t as bad as it used to be but it is still happening.

  • ari_free

    But we don’t have Apple Maps!!!

  • AJA0

    Can’t wait till Android surpasses iPhone.