Android Overload: Google, AT&T, Starbucks join Power Matters Alliance; Unlocked Galaxy Note 2 for $580, and more


  • Google shows off the Wireless Charging Orb for the newly announced Nexus 4. [TheVerge]
  • Pandora on Android receiving major UI overhaul. Completely redesigned with new social features. [Pandora]
  • Google, AT&T, and Starbucks, join up with the Power Matters Alliance. [Electronista]
  • Paypal cuts 325 jobs worldwide in new restructuring effort. [WashingtonPost]
  • Nook HD and Nook HD+ now available for order in the UK. [NookUK]
  • Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 2 only $580 at Daily Steals.
Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Does the unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 2 have LTE on AT&T’s network?

    1. No, just HSPA+ (same as the Nexus 4) :p

      1. Thanks Chris. I’m trying to decide if I want to switch from the iPhone 5 to an android device. I had the Galaxy Note 1 which I loved. I bought it from Best Buy and was on LTE. It was fast! But I suppose I will need to go that route again if I want LTE on the Galaxy Note 2. The only thing enticing about the Nexus 4 is Android 4.2 in my opinion. Wireless charging isn’t that big for me. And the lack of LTE is a big downer :( I know it couldn’t be helped though. The Nexus 10 looks nice though ;) I actually like the fact that they went plastic to get it lighter than the iPad. It’s a power horse! I like both Apple and Android products so I’ll be getting the iPad mini this Friday. It will be my main device to supplement my phone on the go, but I may end up returning it for the Nexus 10. Windows is out for me ;P So many choices….which is a good thing. Plus with Scott Forestall out of Apple, let’s hope iOS sees some innovation.

      2. Damn, Chris. Shouldn’t you be getting your beauty sleep?

  2. Power Matters Alliance ASSEMBLE!!!!!


  3. Dude if you buy an iPad mini your are hurting freedom of choice.
    It doesn’t support flash. Nexus 7 is cheaper and has better hardware. A 32 gig model will come by December.
    You can easily hack flash onto it.
    Steve Jobs said he’d spend every penny in the bank to destroy Android in his autobiography.
    Tim Cook is leading Apple to destruction with apple maps. He hasn’t changed direction since Jobs death
    And he never will. After what they did to Samsung HTC all android OEMS Apple is an enemy to freedom of choice and so are you if you continue to buy their products. Being stuck in their walled garden with iTunes sucks.
    Don’t bother jail breaking either or updates will be difficult. Apple will continue to be the number one company and continue to hurt freedom of choice unless customers like you wise up and stop blindly purchasing from them. I’d personally by a surface RT if anything not android. But Steve Jobs and Apple have made their intentions clear. Monopolies are anti-competitive an un american. MS has in the past. However no one has gone the length of pushing competitors out of the market and banning them like Apple. I support freedom of choice. That is why I will never buy an Apple product as long as I live.

    1. i dont buy apple products either, but by telling people to not buy apple products you too are hurting choice for the people who actually prefer ios. and there are tons of them. not everybody likes doing research or hacking or cares that much about technology. you condemn then for blindly buying the electronics…. maybe that’s what they WANT to do. no thinking, no worrying, just something that works. I’m sure there’s something in life you buy without wanting to have to do research, car? insurance? shoes? do you always biy the same shoe company blindly because it looks good and who cares cuz it works?

      again, im by no means pro apple, i root for android everday. i dont even like windows 8, but i just think people really take their apple hate to the next level. not everyone who buys an iphone is a sheep. some people actuallly like that os. get over it, n just promote your favorite phone.

  4. Its anti competive and its a fact.
    Apple is taking legal actions to destroy it as we speak.
    Fact: Apple wants to destroy it.
    They have a right to buy it but fact: There is plenty of competion with ms other oems. The world doesnt need apple.
    Since they are banning I hope they get banned. If you want apple love go to cult of mac. This is Android forums we tell it like it is. I have no obligation to support a company that is destroying competition. Shame on cupertino California for finding Samsung guilty.All other Countries ruled in favor of Samsung. Fact: most android hardware is better. The informed still give into apples superior advertising.
    We need to send a message ad a country anti competitive practices are inacceptable. Without android apple can jack up prices.apple is and has always been a fraud. If LG protected their ip on the prada iphone ipad ipod imind control wouldnt exist. Apple is the thief. The more people that stop buying apple will keep competition alive! LET YOUR VOICR BE HEARD! DONT BUY APPLE!

  5. And yes Im a smart consume. In this economy I consider every purchase carefully.

  6. @malcmilli- You are absolutely correct on this. For example, my wife. She has an incredible 2 and still thinks its a great phone n all. (Although its slowly growing on her that it lags and is slow and she’s getting ready to wanting a newer phone lol) but she could care less about specs and hardware, or if the screen is super AMOLED or whatever. She just wants a phone that works good. That can make calls, send texts, emails etc. Now she is only one of the MANY others out there who are like this and don’t care about what the phone is made out of, hardware and software specs, how quick and smooth it is by swiping left and right to the next screen lol. (Like I catch myself doing at times) I myself do take interest in what I purchase mostly when it comes to phones or tablets. I like to know the specs and the whole shabang!!! Lol I also will not buy apple products ever again either. Because I look and see how their company is being ran. How selfish they are, how they don’t like competition and so forth. And for myself, I just am not a fan of their os. But to his their own. I don’t bash on people who have apple products. What I try and do is let them know about why I choose Android and only Android. I love the unlimited possibilities you get with Android. Its good stuff:)

  7. wow, 17 whole stores in boston? don’t over extend yourselves starbucks

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