LG Nexus 4 up for pre-order, arrives October 30th

UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has outed the LG Nexus 4 just days before Google is set to officially announce the handset. Even better, it’s available for pre-order with a delivery date of October 30th, just one day after Google’s New York City launch event. The phone is listed as free with a new two-year agreement with O2 UK or Vodafone.

The description doesn’t tell us much about the phone that hasn’t already been revealed via countless leaks, and we can’t be sure that all the info provided is 100 percent accurate. We still are having a hard time believing the Nexus 4 name will stick, but we have no reason to believe it won’t. Carphone Warehouse certainly seems to think that’s the name.

More important is the fact that the phone should be available within a couple days of its announcement. Google has often been chided for announcing OS updates or devices that don’t arrive for several weeks after. One only has to look back to last year’s release of the Galaxy Nexus to understand the complaints. That phone was announced toward the end of October and after several delays hit shelves in December.

The Nexus 4 reaching consumers so close to its official unveiling would be a real triumph for Google, but we won’t be 100 percent convinced just yet. We’ll wait to hear the words straight from Andy Rubin’s mouth.

[via CarphoneWarehouse | Thanks jdog25!]

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  • Jdog25

    Man I hope there is more the 8gb, the Gnex comes with 16gb. Also I want to see this phone in white like the screen shots from Carphone’s inventory said. Don’t worry about that price, it is for Europe. It comes out to $629 if you import it, just in case it isn’t available in the US next week.

    I feel like they are only putting up info that has already been leaked because that 8gb doesn’t make sense.

    • vioalas

      The 8gb model was a prototype.With the elimination of the 8gb Nexus 7, along with the (what we can all agree to be) common knowledge that 8gb isn’t much at all for a phone, we’ll definitely see larger sizes.

      • Jdog25

        Well we will find out Monday but I also am confident that there will be other options. The LG Optimus comes with 32gb for the International and Sprint model, the AT&T comes with 16gb internal and a 16gb Micro SD.

        • vioalas

          Nexus Program doesn’t use expandable storage, agree with the rest though.

    • Arman Safari

      Man i am definitely keeping my Note 2 now. I HATE google for one reason only. The storage is always so low on their devices. That’s why i left GN for Note 2, most place in europe only sold 16gb version of GN which sucks for gamers!

    • robjackson81

      I’m always suspicious of retailers publishing stuff early. With all the links they get from reputable blogs because of the rumor/leak status, there is an incentive to put it out there… real or not. kind of a conflict of interest to some degree. expansys does it all the time.

      • Jdog25

        I don’t even think that picture is real because that looks like a Rom. Also I have never seen a picture of any Nexus with other apps in the Notification Bar but stock Apps.

      • Jdog25

        I just found out that the OS that phone is a rom that someone took a screen shot of back in July.

  • bmg314

    Let’s also remember that the delay in the release of the galaxy nexus last year had a lot to do with VZW, much more than Google themselves.

  • arvj

    does anyone know if the US version will have LTE? i thought i read somewhere that it might not.I hope this isn’t true.i don’t see why it would not have it though…,thanks

    • Jdog25

      Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus had 4G so I am sure that it will but it has not been confirmed. It might be for a specific carrier like the Verizon Gnex.

      • JRomeo

        well there’s 4G HSPA+, and there’s 4G LTE……….. sometimes HSPA+ is faster than LTE, and sometimes vice versa.

      • itmustbejj

        LTE support is not in AOSP so I wouldn’t count it being in the unlocked GSM version.

        • Jdog25

          “LTE support is not in AOSP”, yet.

          • itmustbejj

            LTE is not supported in AOSP in the same way the CDMA is not technically supported in AOSP because there are some proprietary binaries that can not be included/distributed with AOSP.

  • vioalas

    I hope they’re smart enough to release on all carriers at once, and if VZW tries to be sneaky Google needa pimp slap them.

    • No_Nickname90

      “Pimp slap that hoe *wapush* Pimp slap that hoe *wapush*”

    • http://www.phandroid.com Kevin Krause

      I’d be surprised if Verizon even gets this one…

      • vioalas

        With the way they ruined the US release of the GNEX, it’s their own fault. I know that I could’ve bought one unsubsidized, but they were pretty expensive when they first came out, and being on a family plan and upgrade makes more sense to my pocket.

  • tyb82

    Still not a peep of LTE

  • http://www.phandroid.com Quentyn Kennemer

    So another image with the clock in the middle… could it be true?

  • JRomeo

    The link to carphone is down for “essential maintenance”

    • bmg314

      Maybe Anonymous got ’em. ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrzej.bernaciak Andrzej Bernaciak

    I’m waiting when the Nexus will have an external memory card and buy it without a second thought, this is my main reason for which so far have not bought it!

  • jbrowne1012

    Yeah because a brand new nexus will really be free on a 2 year contact

    • BLADESMAN1889

      That is CORRECT ! ! ALL our phones are FREE on contract in UK (hence the 2yr deal) with some phones ie the very best specs you may have to pay a nominal fee equal to $40

    • Jameslepable

      Welcome to the UK. Baring the iphone most high end smartphones are free on contract :-D


    Just been into my local CW – salesman confirmed that they ARE getting the device but it turns out that I was more informed than him (with rumors) he couldn’t conform ANY specs & that was as much as he knew (which was not a lot)

  • scoter man1

    I hope they don’t have a failure of a release like the N7.

    Guys!? Whens it coming out???
    I dont know!!!
    Has yours shipped yet??

    • HalfwayCrook

      Oh gosh, dont remind me… Never buying from the play store again!

  • domatau

    the nexus 4 name has gotta be an internal name as it doesn’t make sense. nexus 7 was named for the size of the tablet as will the nexus 10. i’m pretty sure the final name is optimus nexus or something along the line of that. its funny this retailer was desperate for sales so jumped the gun on the pre-order.

    • BLADESMAN1889

      This is the biggest independent mobile phone retailer in the UK – I very much doubt they are desperate for sales. Even if it were I doubt that this Nexus would do them any favors.

      • domatau

        even if not desperate for sales, free publicity certainly doesn’t hurt. just about all major media outlets are reporting on this “news”

        • BLADESMAN1889

          True Dat

  • adi19956

    Disappeared, but you can still search “Nexus 4″ by choosing it as a model

  • MttFrog13

    Google’s nexus releases are so poorly you’d think they don’t want to sell the device. There’s delays, no advertising, and don’t even get me started on the delays of accessories like car docks.