Official Nexus 4 press render leaks

We’ve had just about all the blurry cam action we can take when it comes to the upcoming Nexus 4 by LG, and we’re ready for the real deal to make its way to the news wire once Google unveils it October 29th. We’ve got something a bit better until then, though — official press renders!

It doesn’t show us much more than we’ve already seen, but it does give us a more clear look at what to expect from the design once it launches. Most photos have been inconsistent as far as showing how that back panel is supposed to look, but these shots do well to confirm that “glittery” look that you may or may not like.

One interesting thing to note is that this press render has a nice, big “Nexus” logo on the back as opposed to the Google logo we’re used to. Google started going this route with the Nexus 7 but we weren’t sure if this would change on the phone side of things.

Beyond that it looks like the same device we’ve been analyzing and scrutinizing since the beginning of time, and we look forward to getting our hands on the real thing next week Monday. As for this particular render there are a few odd things to note. For starters, the time stamp is in the middle of the notification bar and not on the right, as usual.

There are also some odd notifications which possibly show off the weather, but two different notifications with the number “92” seems weird and redundant. With all of the tomfoolery going on with hoaxes these days it’s always important to remember that this could be totally fake, but the source is one of the most trustworthy in the blogosphere.

Be sure to swing back here for everything Nexus as Google is expected to drop a smorgasbord of devices and announcements, including a possible 10 inch Nexus device made by Samsung and news of a 32GB configuration making its way to store shelves in place of the 8GB version. [via @Evleaks]

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  • ikaden

    I hated my LG G2x but that was mainly because of the lack of updates. I swore I would never buy another LG product but this one looks promising.

    • Kam Siu

      if you buy this LG, at least you dont have to worry about LG updates :)

    • TBN27

      Well knowingvthis is a nexis device straight from google, you won’t have to wprry about a G2X like fiasco.

    • briankh

      I hated my G2X because of random reboots and terrible GPS reception. I hope they have it fixed or else I will be sending this one back. I am hoping there will be more than one Nexus phone released next week.

  • Caleb Loop

    Interesting that the Clock is centered on the statusbar. Is this a feature of stock JB that I am not aware of? I know its possible in many custom roms.

    • Joe Simpson

      Nope. Not stock

      • markgbe

        possibly new for android 4.2?

        • Caleb Loop

          based off the other things in the notification area, Id say that this screenshot isnt final.

        • Joe Simpson

          Could be if this is real but @evleaks do not have a good reputation after the fake phone they recently “uncovered”.

    • bob

      Its an AOKP rom and the photo is fake

  • ack154

    I don’t think of the back as “glittery” … more like pixelated.

    • bitch_please

      Yeah, pretty cool…

    • NexusMarts

      more like matrix-ish

  • Zac Illingworth-W.

    Why is the time centered?

    • RavenFox

      because it makes sense?

  • GlennStile

    Roll on Monday :)

    I’m hoping to see a nexus10 with an Exynos 5, would make sense since they are using them in the chromebook. If that rolls in around £250 (it could happen) i might well be treating myself to a new toy at christmas :D

  • Jalal Ghanavi

    LG clearly did not put any thoughts into making this device. the design looks so dated something between an original Samsung galaxy S and a google galaxy nexus. As for the glittery back, I think it’s a nice idea, but if those glitters came in different colours then that’s interesting. Yet again I will be skipping another nexus line in favour of, probably, a HTC device. People can hate Sense all they want, but reality is that most of the high end HTC are solid phones with amazing design and built.

    • leenephi

      Yeah.. I’m still leaning towards the possible “butterfly” type phones early next year.

    • malcmilli

      are you sure LG designed it and not Google?

      • Matthew Merrick

        well considering most design cues are taken from the Optimus G… yeah, LG designed it.

        • malcmilli

          That’s interesting, everyone else is saying all of its design cues are from galaxy nexus and nexus s

          • Matthew Merrick

            i don’t see it o_O plus, look at an image of the optimus G….

    • dlovely

      i hear ya. i personally prefer the blacked out look on large devices. i use cases so that’s my way of ‘dressing her up’ lol. i just want stock and the choice of putting a different launcher on it or customizing it however i want. in terms of hardware specs, i want a better speaker than my gnexus! i’m sick of using an EQ to get sound out of it.

    • Chaucers Left Testicle

      Their design isn’t terrible but the build of HTC devices has been questionable lately. Look at the One X when it hit, with all the ceramic chipping issues – that isn’t the standard HTC used to produce.

      • Knobskin

        Ya the corners would chip if dropped, but those people who had the white one x and put in a brand new pair of jeans were just dumb

    • Anthony Ngo

      HTC does use good materials and have nice designs.. but their actual build quality leaves much to be desired.

    • Knobskin

      I went from the s3 to the note 2 back to the one x, build quality, screen display, and yes I actually like sense compared to that crap touchwiz! I am not smart enough to hack my phones nor do I want to, sense gives a great version I feel ICS and what I have seen of the HTC One X+ Jelly bean looks great!! I just can’t take samsungs pentile display and I also don’t trust LG!!!

  • Alchemy08

    That notification bar is looking quite shady, If you ask me.

    • Chris Chavez

      Could be a feature from Android 4.2?

  • Joe Simpson

    Hm, what is with the two numbers in the notification bar? And who goes to work at 3:33?

    I think the “Say Google” bit can be quite good.

  • dp917

    Looks like it has custom ROM tweaks…centered clock in status bar, battery percentage

    • jstew182

      maybe this is the new 4.2 notification bar?

      • phinn

        That’s definitely what it is. And it looks like they made the status indicators blue and the notifications white, not a bad idea.

        edit: i just looked at my phone… lol it’s always been that way and i never noticed.

  • Zubair

    cant wait for this, i am using nexus s with JellyBean, it rocks but it is a bit slow now showing its age.

  • leenephi

    Also it almost looks like the battery has the percentage numbers in it. I’m most always on a custom ROM, so I can’t remember if that’s stock JB as well to have those numbers.

  • Alan Ng

    no like :(

  • Chimphappyhour

    What is that black bit below the volume rocker in the side view? Please, please, please be expandable storage.

    • Brian Pearcy

      I think it is for a sim card.

  • Marsg

    Cool so now we get the temp directly on the status ?

  • cheapskate88

    Is that a center clock I see?

    • Matthew Merrick

      yeah. i call fake…

  • James

    Am I the only one who likes the design?

    • phinn

      Overall I like it, but with a phone this big I can’t believe the headphone jack is on the top.

      • Bartek Andersson

        I hate it!

      • castlefox

        i kinda like that it is on the top b.c if I sit while laying down I would have to hold it in the air since I dont want to break the connector or myhead phones. Not a huge deal though

    • Anthony Ngo

      I also like it, the back is different and I’m liking how they changed it up. Much better than the boring plastic. To me, this backing looks miles better than my Galaxy Nexus’ back. But a case is going over it anyway so the back could be pink with butterflies on it for all I care.

  • Matthew Case

    As long as the hardware specs are good and I can drop a custom ROM on there easily, I don’t care how sparkly it is.

  • Butters619

    Every night I ask the Android Gods to surprise us with a GSM/LTE Nexus next week.

  • James Steven

    I sure hope there is 4 more phones to be announced, I am definitely skipping this one! first noexpandable memore than no removable battery, whats next? permanantly attached headphones?

    • Imparus

      nexus haven’t had expandable memory since the first nexus, and Google have already reported that they are never gonna implement it again.

      • Nieves Diaz III

        dude where u get ur info??? I had the first nexus and it definitely had an sd card slot, stop trollin phag.

      • zifnab

        Yea uhm, Nexus One had an sd slot. Thanks for playing.

        • Imparus

          sigh* read it again, I’m saying the first had a sd slot, every nexus after nexus one have not.

  • Tomáš Petrík

    Don’t like the back side…
    Also, centered clock? No please, hope that’s just a customization, not a default setting.
    Overall, the phone looks cheap to me, they should have stayed with established Nexus manufacturers.

  • toomuchgame441

    Doesn’t look too interesting but I’ll say this. If the batter is better than the GNex its an automatic winner in my book. GNex had the worst battery I’ve ever experienced. Glad to be back on an HTC device where the battery actually lasts me all day (EVO LTE)

    • toomuchgame441

      Who the hell voted me down? Now my whole day is ruined /sarcasm

  • phinn

    I definitely like the look of the phone, and I hope Android 4.2 delivers. No AMOLED is a bit of a fail. Also with a phone this large why the HELL is the headphone jack on the top?

    But I just don’t understand why it needs to be so big, 4.3″ is absolutely perfect.

  • TzuDohNihm

    Glittery? Pixelated? You guys do realize the back of the phone is a riff on the original Nexus Live Wallpaper? Sheesh.

  • mpaliulis

    This looks ‘shopped. The status bar is the dead giveaway of a custom rom from where the image was pulled. Also there are non-Google app notifications which I have never seen in a press shot; they also are repetitive. The date on the game for google now is in the past when they are always dated for the future. The nexus logo looks slapped on too. I’m calling BS.

    • Max

      Good points

    • Nathan Bryant

      I agree completely. This isn’t official at all. Even if the Nexus logo makes it, it was said the X in Nexus would have the Google colors. Plus they have a % sign in the battery icon. Android has never had that. So many ROM features in this

      • Jessica Masterson

        That notification bar is looking quite shady, If you ask

    • DavidVarghese

      As soon as I saw the Nexus logo and the status bar, I knew this was a fake…
      The Nexus logo is the biggest giveaway above all…

    • paco cornholio

      How about the recommended route to get to work? If this is a fake, it was done by an evil iOS-loving prankster sore about Apple Maps.

      • Matthew Merrick

        i didn’t even notice that xD

      • Luz

        To me, this backing looks miles better than my Galaxy Nexus’ back. But a
        case is going over it anyway so the back could be pink with butterflies
        on it for all I care.It’s better to get paid with $45/hr on Rich9.­com

    • bmg314

      I thought that about the Nexus logo as well…good eye!!

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      Yea it looks pretty damn suspicious. Never thought I’d see the day where every. single. picture has to be questioned because people want to be *&$!@ and fake everything.

  • Bob G

    This image has been photoshopped — fake.

  • Ryan Stewart

    Its already being outed as another fake.

    What’s funny is now it looks like Google is better at Apple at keeping these secrets. Or at least their suppliers are. We get a bit of news on the device its based on but for pictures/videos/etc its all been frauds. While on the most recent iPhone they had the thing out in the wild weeks beforehand.

  • Joel Vasallo

    I don’t know about everyone else. I love my Nexus devices as anyone else, but this thing isn’t going to woo me over. I mean if I had to choose I would probably take the Galaxy Nexus. I am just not feeling the design of this phone. I’m sure internals are a dream (which I love) but the Galaxy Nexus at the moment isn’t that far behind (from a technology standpoint). Although, I will wait for the official release before I make my decision. :) All in all, I love me my technology. Go Google :)

    • Bob G

      u kidding, right?
      the screen, extra cores, battery life… all those are huge leaps!

    • Treyhunnid

      the front of the phone screams galaxy nexus tho. whats not to like? the back? use a case. with the exception of the headphone jack being moved its pretty much the same phone design wise with a int-battery. people hated the back of the g-nex, now everyone acts like it was perfect. Google obviously didnt wanna stray to far from the design they been going with since the nexus S. good design, just refine it and keep it rolling. worked for apple 6x

  • Timbo1

    Just as long as Google learned their lesson and doesnt give any cdma cariers exclusivity, that was plain retarded on giving Verizon exclusivity with the gnex

    • bmg314

      I agree. They took a leap of faith and gave vzw a chance. Vzw blew it big time.

  • RavenFox

    oh yeah ‛life is good’

  • chuckles87

    i like the design of the galaxy nexus better but im on contract with my gs3 for the next 23 months so ill see what nexus devices they have in about two years.

    • setspeed

      Selling my S3 for this baby!

  • mrsbelpit

    Yeah, no.

  • Michael Thompson

    This looks…unremarkable.

  • Scott Lathrop

    I don’t know why some of you are obsessed with the appearance. You sound like iPhone fan boys.

    • bmg314

      I disagree. isheep get the same exact thing year after year, and they love it.

      We embrace change. We love innovation. We cheer for differentiation. We also have discerning taste.

  • Treyhunnid

    Loox good. Runs latest android. Great specs…now all i need is a Sprint version with 32gb and im sold. Can still get 300+ for my sprint Gnex on CL/eBay

  • TBN27

    My luck with android is too bad. I am willing to go to Nexus to have a hopefully unfettered android experience. This Galaxy SII got seriously buggy after receiving ICS and the bugs have not gobe away after the second update. Waiting to see if LTE or HSPA+42 is on board. No LTE or HSPA+42 , then unlocked iPhone here i come. Will continue to enjoy Android through Nexus 7.

  • sid_m

    Cmon! get it with 32/64GB ROM.

  • *Certified_geek™

    do i wait for this or get a note 2 tomorrow???

  • Pawel M Trzpis

    well on here time is right hand side again..

  • ineversl33p

    I’m gonna call this as fake. Or at least doctored. There is no way they are gonna put that giat nexus logo on the back. And the screen shot looks like one from AOKP.

  • Jonathan DeJesus

    I wonder hows the build quality on this device? I just really don’t trust LG when it comes to the smartphone game. They tend to always mess up good phones somehow.

  • Kevin Taddeo

    If it doesn’t have a 3300 batt, then I’m not interested. This MAXX i am on rocks my socks.

    • phinn

      Yea but the MAXX needs it more due to outdated tech. This updated 28nm chip and integrated LTE is far more efficient.

      • Drew M

        The LTE isn’t integrated, it’s separate silicon but it’s manufactured on the same 28nm process as the cpu. It’s also the same MDM9615 baseband chip as the iphone5, which is why I’m hoping this Nexus is a world phone.

  • Tony Sapp

    The other “92” could be a battery percentage? Pretty coincidental that both the battery percentage and temp would be 92 though.

  • matthewcruce

    I don’t like how the clock is in the middle on the status bar other then that it looks promising bit its LG so we will see what happens might retire my galaxy nexus and get this.

  • dan_gallo

    Im going to laugh when this is the real phone and all of you are wrong.

  • Razius

    I don’t know, there is something about the design I am not too fond of. I am still hoping one day they can let HTC make a Nexus One v2! I loved the original Nexus One. In fact my dad uses it currently for his phone.

  • Izi

    The form factor is not as good galaxy nexus… I wish samsung or htc develop the phone

  • Isaiah Wilkerson

    Did anyone stop to think that maybe the battery is at 92% on the far left and the temperature is also 92 degrees? I think this is real, and if it has the same hardware as the Galaxy Nexus but upgraded I think it will be a hit, hopefully customers will be able to keep this phone naked without too many scratches.

    • Isaiah Wilkerson

      And that is clearly an ALTERNATE route on the map.