Poll: What makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 T-Mobile’s best-selling device?


T-Mobile surprised us yesterday evening with a tweet mentioning the Galaxy S3 was the carrier’s “all-time best-selling device.” While the Galaxy S3 is extremely popular, we didn’t expect it to take 1st place. I certainly remember seeing OG Motorola RAZRs much more often than I see Galaxy S3 devices, and that is just one of the top-selling phones. But let’s step aside and take a good look at our Galaxy S3 phones – what makes them so desirable?

For some it may be the awesome 4.8-inch Super AMOLED 720p display. Maybe its remarkable battery life? It’s “human” features? Or is it simply Samsung’s fame in the Android smartphone market? The right answer would be that it’s a mixture of things. In order to be successful, a device must bring complete balance between specs, features, software, hardware, build quality, performance, efficiency and other factors.

There is always one thing that makes a device awesome for every person, though. We would like to see what our readers’ favorite thing about the Galaxy S3 is. With that info, we can then see which factors make the Galaxy S3 as awesome as it is, and which don’t really matter much.

So tell us – what do you like most about the Galaxy S3?

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[Source: T-Mobile (Twitter)]

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  1. marketing. :)

  2. Because the S II was a great phone and your average consumer is always one step behind!

  3. Why isn’t there an “all the above” option?

    1. I thought about putting it in there, but we are trying to get more specific. If it really is all of the above, then the numbers will be very similar for all options. :)

      1. Uhm, not really. Being forced to choose 1 option, people will pick whichever they feel was the best. However, it is likely that without some of the secondary features, people would buy something else. So, you can still see a single option get preference, even if it was “All of the above” that made it so popular.

        Example: While hardware and specs is number 1 for me, I also require a micro SD card slot and removable battery. It also must be a flagship phone so that it gets good support from both the manufacturer and the community. Next it needs a high quality screen.

        So, it’s true I don’t need ALL of the above ( touchwiz is actually a negative to me ), it is certainly a combination of more than just 1 thing. I would have preferred a multiple choice poll. That being said, if “All of the above” had been an option, I would have chosen that over the Hardware and Specs as it’s closer to accurate.

          1. Wasn’t that long LOL

      2. The best selling device is the iphone.

  4. The fact that T-Mobile doesn’t sell a subsidized iPhone and never has, makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 T-Mobile’s all-time best-selling device by default.

    1. The key words here are “all-time”, so your logic is wrong

      1. You made absolutely no sense.

      2. You on crack bro?

        1. naa, just some kush

        2. meth

  5. I agree with Alex Williams. SGS III is by far the perfect phone for the times.

    1. It is plastic and it has weak radios and speakers.

  6. In the absence of iPhone, Galaxy is the most popular & recognizable brand in smartphones in the US. Marketing overall has been overwhelmingly strong, but it’s really the Galaxy brand that sets it ahead of the Android competition.

  7. Bc it’s there best phone by far. Now bring on the note and the new nexus and then the people will have options with phone that they can’t go wrong with. T-Mobile doesn’t need the iPhone

  8. I am the first and maybe the onlyone how chose TouchWiz…

  9. I see that 45% chose specs. I highly doubt that’s the main reason it’s so popular, since the majority of SGSIII owners probably don’t care too much about the specs. Only tech geeks like us do.

    1. The poll is on a ‘tech geek’ website … so the poll is prolly correct.

    2. It’s the tech geeks that sway the market…
      they are the ones that influence people that don’t care about specs etc.
      into a “good” phone. If you
      (tech geek) get the GS3, then the non techie will be like hmmm he got that it
      MUST be good then. All the polls that companies
      made that say the majority of people that aren’t techies don’t care about Micro
      SD slots and non-removable batteries are complete BS! There asking the average Joe
      who would probably pick “Thinness” if given the 3 choices over anything
      else in a survey just because they don’t know what the other things are… but
      when they go to a store who do you think influences there decisions or who do
      you think they ask, the close friend, family member, or co-worker that is a…
      TECH GEEK! One tech geek is probably equal to 100 normal people… so…
      WHERE are our removable batteries and SD cards in all the new phones coming
      out? Oh right we all have GS3’s that’s why it sells like crazy!

      end rant….

  10. Oh I don’t know maybe a micro SD slot!!!

  11. Because its the only high end phone t-mobile currently has in its lineup?

  12. Because they don’t sell the iPhone…

  13. When is someone going to make it so we can vote in polls on the phandroid app?

    1. Use the phandroid news app ^o^

    2. @ Matt S, ? ? ? IF you are not joking, try clicking on the
      >>VIEW POLL<< box (yes I am using the app) :-)

    3. you can have you downloaded the new version of the app.

  14. Cant wait to see the sales figure’s at the end of the quarter, i heard their sales have been increasing even after the iPhone 5 launch.

  15. IMO, it’s a combination of things…including the fact that they had a relatively rotten year or so as a result of the failed (thank heaven) att acquisition, and the S3 is the best phone they’ve had in a while; the fact that they put so many of their eggs in the MyTouch basket but failed to make any of them truly high end; the fact that they didn’t truly put any strength behind the G series after the G1 and G2; and, yes, the lack of the iphone (God, that literally gave me a sharp pain writing that).

  16. Just the specs, especially the fact that it has a removable battery and a sd card slot… TouchWiz has nifty features (like watching a video while texting), but it is not to my liking…

    1. Same here. I don’t know what I’m going to do once it’s time to upgrade my HTC Vivid. I love Sense and hate TouchWiz, but I also rely on extended batteries and microSD. This is probably the last phone ever to have the best of both worlds.

  17. Marketing and Hype of the Galaxy brand, absence of iPhone on T-Mobile.
    Personally I like the feature that leaves the screen on while one looks at it, and the fact that Samsung listened to consumers and added a useful battery life.

    1. why they do not put better radios, build quality and speakers?

  18. For me, it’s the hardware specs. For the mainstream consumer, it’s the reputation of the device, which includes the marketing hype and great reputation of the Galaxy S II.

  19. It’s because the GS3 is that good. And let’s be honest it because T-mobile has no iPhone. (unless you bring your own)

  20. The S3 is powerful with an amazing screen. While I dont really like the TW look, it moves with purpose and has made Android work well along side. I have no complaints so far.

  21. For me, I’d get it because it’s got what I’d like spec wise (except it’s too big) but the cherry is community ROM support.

  22. Because its the best phone out in the market, period. Android is on top!

    1. it will not be for long. Wait till the droid razr max hd comes out :)

  23. It’s certainly NOT because of the power & volume button placements :)

    1. …or touchwiz…

    2. i love samsung’s power/volume placments….

    3. I think the button placements are perfect. The headphone jack should be at the bottom though. its stupid when I have a cord plugged into both ends of my phone.

      1. That’s just silly. If they were both on the bottom, then you’d have to have the phone in your pocket upside-down while charging it.

        1. Why in the hell would it be in my pocket while its charging? Have you used a Galaxy Nexus? Both are on the bottom and it was perfect. Besides if you put your phone in your pocket upside down, you’ll always pull it out right side up :).

          1. First, that supposed to be funny (the people here have NO sense of humor). Second, I dont put it in my shirt pocket upside-down. Third, you must have some small girly hands if you think the button placement is perfect.

          2. With all the trolls on this site, you pretty much have to say its a joke anymore. How would the button placement be perfect for me on a large phone if I had tiny hands? Especially when the buttons are located at the top of the device..

          3. Regardless of your hand size, its very difficult to press the power without pressing the volume. Sorry, but I personally find this to be a design flaw.

            It’s like having a gun with the magazine release on the backstrap.

            They should put volume below the power button, or put the power button on top of the device IMHO.

      2. No head phone jack should be on top otherwise when its in your pocket its upside down. USB should be on the bottom for docking purposes. Power button should be on the upper left side, Volume button rocker should be upper right side.

  24. Please take out marketing option. We Android fans [especially ones who visit this site] know they could have all the marketing in the world but if the product stinks we’re not going for it. Just calls for the trolls if you ask me.

  25. The Galaxy S3 is inferior, dated and possesses limited features…….compared to the Note II.

    1. Of which isn’t out on T-mobile yet…

    2. Great so now the Samsung GS3 is being bashed by Samsung Note 2 fans.

      1. Not bashing, just constantly amazed at how fast phone technology advances. I do think Samsung’s SuperAMOLED and high screen-area to weight ratio give it an edge on the competition. These are features that are immediately recognizable when two non-tech savvy people compare phones side-by-side. Samsung’s choice to go with removable memory and 2GB RAM further set it apart from its main competition at release, the OneX (which suffered from lack of available RAM due to Sense).

    3. Really the G Note 2 is just a true gs3 stretched out with an added stylus. If a Gs3 is outdated then so is a G note 2 because they are basically the same device.

  26. Other:

    Because there is no iPhone available for T-Mobile,

    1. iPhone is ready to run on t-mobile for whoever wants to take it despite realizing how much they actually are paying for the POS.

      1. True but t-mobile can’t sell them so they can’t be t-mobile’s best-selling phones.

  27. To me what set this phone apart from Nexus and other is…
    1. a choice of 16 or 32gb
    2. Micro SD card XC
    3. 2gb ram and S4 chip

    1. Exactly. It’s the full package. Every other manufacturer’s flagship model gimps the device with at least one glaring oversight.

  28. because t mobile has no other options , im htc so i roll with the one s great phone but all it has on the gs3 is a better camera ..gs3 has pretty much everything els , been htc since the g1,mt.mt3gs,mt4g,sensation,evo3d,evolte, THINK IM GOING NOTE 2 NEXT

    1. Agreed on this… I have the EVO 4G LTE… had the option to go to the SGS3, but decided against it solely on the camera… that dedicated imaging processor and burst mode is priceless when trying to get a pic of a 2 year old [they don’t “pose” very well ;)]

      1. HTC has the best camera. The iphone has been having the best camera before but they cheated on us they did not make the display big enough to compare it with other android devices. HTC has 4.6 display and it is gorgeous. I do not like amoled display that much i prefer the one htc uses.

    2. I really wish there was a competing HTC device for the Note 2. I too have the Evo Lte, and I’ve been eyeing the Note 2 as well. If HTC hurrys and gets me my Jelly Bean update it might hold me off for a while!

      1. The 5″ HTC one X5 is going to be crap. They won’t have any drawing points to the phone besides it’s made by HTC. Samsung has the s-pen with all of the supporting technology to use it. It’s going to sell millions!

        1. Yeah that sucks! After I read that it won’t have a stylus I knew that the only good thing it would have over the Note 2 would be the build quality, and the only upgrade over current high end HTC phones will be a quad core processor. Looks like Samsung has them beat again….

    3. I REALLY wish the Note 2 would be a Nexus phone.

    4. You simply can’t compare a One-S to an S3. Different league of Smart phones…

      To say it has a ‘BETTER’ camera than the SGS3 is a very subjective comment.

      My SGS3 has a better camera than my bosses One-X. Does that surprise me? No.

      I really like the One-X camera but in the same photo’s we took of subjects those on the SGS3 did actually look better with the spread of colours.

  29. It’s not how you start but how you finish. Samsung has shown a dedication to its consumers by improving its products. Notwithstanding the lack of the iPhone, Samsung has leapfrogged above HTC and continues to produce iPhone killers. (They would have the best chance to do so since they supply the strange fruit with parts)

  30. >.>


    i live for touchwiz!!!1!!

    1. Soon, trolls will attack you…

      1. lol, should i be afraid?
        come at me braaaaah O.o

  31. Maybe because Tmobile never gets any other flagship devices.

  32. M I C R O S D S L O T

  33. People buy this piece of crap? iPhone 5>>>>>Crap>>>>SGS3

    1. Not everyone is interested in a little phone made for grandma.

  34. its all the carriers best selling device

  35. the specs, the design. the features, this phone has it all. it is the best bang for your buck. the galaxy s has always been a top tier power house. with each generation getting more and more powerful. Samsung realized that power is nothing if you don’t have the means to use it. the s3 is one of the most powerful devices on market. but Samsung went out of their way with the new touchwiz ui. they didn’t make many major changes, but a ton of small ones. the ability to automatically reject calls from your call history/contacts list, s voice, tiny video window you can watch while checking email or texts and so forth. but then the add a great camera, an amazing screen, 50gb cloud storage, music, media, game hub. and many more things. Samsung put all their resources into this device and it shows. this truly is the best, most revolutionary phone on the market. this is the next big thing, and even the iPhone 5 pales in comparison

    1. Tell samsung to put better radios and build quality and speakers. They are lacking big time on those features :) The droid razr maxx hd will have it all.

  36. I love my SGS3 and my Samsung Galaxy Note too… I know, it is all about the SGS3.

  37. Lack of quality devices on tmobile leads the s3 to be the best selling of all time…

  38. They don’t have any better phones. Like the HTC One X, etc. The only other phone that even comes close is the HTC One S and it’s supposed to be mid end (in reality, no) compared to the S3. So, people get the S3.

  39. the correct answer is “because it has an amazing fusion of top-of-the-line hardware and unbeatable software”

  40. From my brief experience with it it is just an awesome phone.
    I’d love to have one, but it’s not in the cards right now…especially since I wiped out my patio door with the string trimmer. Yeah I did that. :(

  41. What can I say that hasn’t already been said… Screen size, hardware, OS, camera, this phone does have it all and with a decent development community to back it up too. What made me pick T-Mobile was their plans (TRULY unlimited data), their prices for said plans, and their coverage in my city is much better than Sprints. It was a hefty investment but I haven’t put it down since! Paranoid Android FTW!

  42. It’s a nice looking phone but I just can’t see past HTC Sense and my One X.

    1. Same here on my Evo Lte!

    2. I have an HTC Vivid and I LOVE it, but I really can’t see myself ever supporting HTC again unless they stop removing FEATURES like removable battery and microSD slot. I’ve got a 3500 mAh extended battery and a 16 GB microSD on my Vivid.

  43. I love that the battery is removable so i can use bigger batteries and that the memory is expandable.

  44. Marketing. apart from iPhone , this phone is the most marketed. here in the UK you will find billboards ads of s3 and telly ads too. It’s over for Apple here as far as best selling smartphone is concerned.

  45. Well all of the above obviously and their new value plans pushed me towards it otherwise I would have waited for a new nexus

  46. I’m just waiting for the next nexus

  47. Because HTC phones don’t have removable batteries or sd slots anymore :)

    1. My Evo Lte has an sd slot but only supports up to 32gig not 64gig like the S3. And sadly the battery IS non removable :-(

  48. For one, Motorolla and HTC still don’t have anything comparable. The Razr HD Maxx still has no release date.

    1. the razr hd maxx will be the gs3 killer and the best device of 2012. The droid razr was the best device on 2011.

  49. The fact that it has sold more than any other phone :-)

  50. Huge advertising budget.

    More and more I feel that MOTO has the best hardware (and battery), HTC has the best skin and Samsung has the most ads and name recognition. GS3 is still a great phone though.

  51. How about ” Because it is a great phone and the insanely Beautiful Carly Foulkes is showing it off”?

  52. In the poll it says 2gig of RAM ?

  53. Its the only device on T-Mobile worth buying.

  54. It’s not an Apple device.

  55. lol, I love touchwiz option

  56. Who likes touchwiz over stock ICS theme???

    1. Well, it’s not that I like TouchWiz, but I HATE the stock icons for battery level, cell signal and wifi signal. I hate that they’re blue, and I hate that they’re so damn pointy. The cell signal indicator should always be tapered, not sloped!

    2. i like motoblur the most.

      1. Maybe the light skinning they use in ICS, but not the previous versions back in Froyo and GB.

        1. i know froyo was terrible lol. Since the bionic, motoblur has been the best. Samsung is adding more stuff in touch wiz but leaving it heavy.

          1. I currently have GS3, and i HATE TouchWiz. Using GoLauncher EX

          2. i like go launcher, but nova launcher is smoother. The droid razr hd maxx will be the device of the year. do you agree?

          3. RAZR HD MAXX is definitely the best device this year. Unless the new Nexus throws us a few surprises. But you can’t beat Motorola radios, and physical build quality.

          4. the other manufactures can not beat the speakers sound either nor the new motoblur. They are own by Google, so we can expect better things next year. I really hope Motorola can fix the camera issues, but it is not a deal breaker for me. Do you know any information if the Razr HD will be very wide like the original Razr? I dislike that about my Razr.

          5. Not sure, no info just yet…..But what I do know, is that Motorola is holding them back for a while, due to antenna issues similar to Antenna-gate, since the exterior rim is metal.

          6. I heard about that. Let’s see what happens because definitely Verizon will have nice devices on November.

          7. Can you reply via discuss via text message? It used to be like that before.

  57. The reason the S3 is popular with T-Mobile, is because it’s the best phone at the moment, and there not much to choose from @ T-Mobile.

  58. I put great hardware specs, but mainly referring to the memory and micro sd slot, removeable battery, and great camera

  59. Other – It’s the only worthwhile phone on TMo.

  60. Why does it sell well? Why is it so well known? Because Apple fears it.

    1. Why would Apple fear it? The iPhone has always been a premium product, deserved or not, just like their computers. Premium products have less market share. Do you think Apple cares about their 8% computer market share? Do they fear Microsoft, HP or Dell? Nope. Why? Because their bank account is large and that is the sole reason companies are in business.

      1. If you can’t innovate. Litigate. Fanboy.

        1. Yes, I am a fanboy. I use a 4S phone, Touchpad CM9 and a Nexus7. I am a fan of good technology and don’t care who the manufacturer is, unlike isheep and androids like yourself.

          1. You know, we should just discuss this in person. I’ll give you my address and you can use Apple Maps to find your way here. I’ll expect you to arrive at about half past never.

          2. I have always used Waze, which is superior to Apple Maps and Google Maps for turn by turn. I guess I could tether my Nexus to my Jailbroken 4S if you really want me to use Google maps.

  61. I voted for the top voted option.. I know my Galaxy.

  62. T-Mobile is the only major carrier that doesn’t have an iPhone, i’m not an apple fan boy but T-mo’s line up of phones just isn’t on par with the other major carriers, boasting great Windows phones (aT&T soon to have one exclusively) or Verizons Droid line up always being good. T-Mobile needs an exclusive phone. There’s definitely a big opportunity for another Droid or iPhone exclusive here. Its no wonder that the GS3 would be an all time great. Its one of the best phones out there. period. (not for me the screen is too big) but will probably end up getting one anyway since the iPhone isn’t there yet. Android Phone, apple ipad (android 7 inch) for me (GS3,ipad 2{since i can get the 64gb for the price of the new one} and Nexus 7)

  63. It’s not an iPhone

  64. I chose the HTC One X over the Galaxy S3 basically for two reasons: better design and the much brighter screen. The neutral color of the screen is more pleasing to me. Also sense is less intrusive than TW and an overall better implemented skin even though I prefer stock android. The sealed battery doesn’t bother me that much as I easily get thru the day with one charge. I don’t store a lot of music and video on my phone ( I prefer to stream), so 16 GB of storage is not an issue. So, for me, the One X could only be topped by the One X plus.

    1. T-mobile only carries the One S, not One X, and it looks like AT&T has an exclusive on the One X+ as well, so it won’t be hitting T-mobile.

    2. Not sure the screen is brighter. My mate has an International version of the One-X and when we were having coffee over the weekend at this bar he was ‘frustrated’ at his device glare not being able to read properly… Seemed marginally better with my S3.

  65. Samsung’s commercials of features lacking by the competition on the Gs3 that tmobile happens to carry

  66. not from U. S, but wanna share my value.

    Why Android? (this is more important than Samsung)
    Reason : software freedom and better Linux desktop integration. The Linux guys among us value this above all. Not just Open Source, but Open philosophy. Ability to sideload apps is the killer feature. Other features include custom keyboard, live wallpaper, and support for Open codecs (OGG Vorbis and WebM). Those codecs are popular among the Linux community. Plus Linux sync (via SSH Droid and Dropbox), no need for iTunes.

    Next question : why I bought Galaxy SIII? (I paid a heavy price of almost $900, but willing to pay more)
    I compared it to the Galaxy Nexus.

    Here I have compared the value of both phones – which one gives me better bang-for-the-buck ?

    Galaxy SIII 16 GB vs. Galaxy Nexus
    Price 3300 vs 2400 ils. (sep. 2012 from ksp.co.il) +38% higher price.

    Hardware: (value for me)
    MicroSD slot +15%
    Battery +10%
    CPU Quad-core +5% (potential of HEVC decoding, future-proof)
    Camera (8 mp vs. 5 mp) +0% (I don’t care)

    Software: (value for me)
    Slower upgrades -5%
    Samsung Smart Stay +10%
    Pop up play Video +5%
    Flipboard +1%
    Screen shot gesture +1%
    Samsung Assistive Light +1%
    Dropbox +1% (50 GB for 2 yr)
    Samsung Android brightness shortcut +3%

    Galaxy SIII displays are easier to fix in Israel, if broken. +5%

    S3 value is +53% higher than Nexus ! (cost only +38% higher)
    Bottom line: The Galaxy S3 is one of those rare gems, that even after after huge marketing spending, it still delivers a great bang-for-the-buck.

    Lack of replaceable battery on HTC is -10% value for them.
    S2 lacks HD or retina display which is -30% value for it.

    -Alexey Eromenko “Technologov”
    sent from my Galaxy SIII.

  67. more specifically, Galaxy SIII has Great display, removable battery and memory (micro SD), and much better software.I Will pay at least +20% more for Samsung Android vs standard Android, on same hardware.

    1. Pixelated pentile, power hungry blue hued OLED,…that’s what great means to you? i5 and one x have superior displays.

  68. The most accurate response is “They don’t offer the iPhone”.

  69. Pretty much all the mentioned facts.

  70. I’m an HTC fan and my EVO 4G will always have a place in my heart. I just got a new phone last month after being canceled when I lost my job temporarily. Had I gone back to Sprint I’d probably have bought the new EVO and I don’t doubt I would love it. But a part of me is glad I went for a T Mobile account and got the GS3.

    For me I love it for so many reasons. Samsung wise, it’s beautifully designed and even though I have read through countless things about the phone and reviews and guides I am still discovering little things unique to either the new Android and usually the GS3. It’s fun.

    And to be honest, I can’t think of any other expensiveish item I’ve owned that I have thoroughly enjoyed as much. It’s basically a complete and customizable computer that can be carried in my pocket and just happens to work as a phone. I

  71. Just wanted to say ‘It’s’ means It is and ‘its’ means it (possessive)

    For an article writer, you might want to make sure to use better grammar.

  72. I live for TouchWiz! Really?

  73. Samsung sucks, they never fix their radios and speakers. I do not have to mention their horrible build quality.

  74. One option should have been.. b’coz it’s not iPhone5. ;-)

  75. I see more people with the galaxy s3 than with Iphones in the streets of new York…in fact I was in a city cruise this weekend and almost every one had a gs3. I asked 3 people and they traded in their iphones for an s3. idk if that was pure coincidence or not but good to know.

  76. There’s no two ways about it. I got the GS3 for its specs. In fact, I’ll be getting the Note 2 (whenever it releases) just because of the specs. You should see my computer. I’m “that” type of consumer.

  77. I’ll tell you what makes it the best T Mobile phone….

    T Mobile not selling the One X ;)

  78. So many reasons. Simply, it is a great phone. It has good battery life, a great gps,great performance and multitasking, a large beautiful display, and it’s available on all major carriers.

    To those that complain about the build quality, the sgs3 is very ergonomic, it has a rounded edged screen and feels good to hold. I like to use my phone without a case. The iPhone 5 is very prone to scuffs and hair scratches, so the first thing people do is put a cheap feeling plastic/silicon case which basically defeats the purpose of having “high build quality” anyway. Having a replaceable back on the sgs3 removes that stress.

    Finally, Samsung has gotten their release strategy down. They are able to release their device on multiple carriers simultaneously shortly after announcing the product. The other OEMs still have limited releases and uneven release cycles for their flagship products.

  79. other… all of the above

  80. I think it’s because the S3 is well… the newest phone T-Mobile has to offer.

  81. Its great with T-Mobile. Glad I left Verizon when I bought this. Now that’s what I call an upgrade.Not real impressed with the battery life but love all the rest of it

  82. Other: All the free publicity Apple is providing. It’s basically the same phone as the GS2.

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