Samsung releases new “Next Best Thing” ad for Galaxy S3, makes fun of “innovative” iPhone 5 [VIDEO]

Samsung has just released a new 90 second ad spot for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and it takes us back to the build-up to the Galaxy S3’s launch. Yep, that’s right — it’s a new “next best thing” ad, and this time all the Apple fans waiting in line for the iPhone 5 are teeming with anguish over the fact that it’s already bested by the Samsung Galaxy S3.

They look on in awe as friends instantly share photos, “bump” phones to share playlists using NFC, and speak of the wizardry that involves being able to watch a video and send a text at the same time.

The actors/actresses in this spot were so good that I felt genuinely sorry for the guy who hopelessly wondered if the next version of the iPhone would be getting some of those features before the iPhone 5 is even out. Get your eyes on the video above.

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  • Butters619

    Lol. Hilariously awesome. And I don’t even own an SGS3

  • Steve

    OMG WOW! I use to hate Samsung but now that I have a Nexus I’ve had a change of heart. I hope this hurts feelings in the iFan world. I wanna hear screams of out rage and more.

    • Ken Bosse

      • Chris Chavez

        My reaction after seeing today’s Galaxy Note 2 announcement xD

    • AnjunaSpeak

      Agreed… I myself used to pony up the dough for Motorola. Great hardware, but support really sucks. Decided to switch because Moto refuses to unlock my DROID 4 and sadly, was purchased a short time after my DROID 3. Nexus all the way! It changed my mind as soon as I held one in my hand!

  • Go Hawkeyes

    S3 is my first Samsung device after having a fee Motos and HTCs. I think Samsung by far makes the better devices.

    • joe

      I came from a Droid X and the Samsung is much…smoother and sleeker..the DX was just strong and heavy, both make nice phones. I had an HTC eris but that was pretty damn crappy

      • TalkingMoose

        The X is an old phone. Like most phones, it fells great in it’s day, compared to older models, but when held against something 2 years newer… I had an X, and now have a RAZR Maxx. No comparison. And I’m sure the HD will be better still, and I’m in awe of it’s battery longevity.

        A lot of really good phones out there, but I don’t see the iPhone as one of them. iPhones just tend to be old before they’re born.

        • joe

          Its more of a social statement IMO

    • TalkingMoose

      Except for adapters. Apple makes the best adapters.

  • Chris Chavez

    Best. Video. Ever.

    • HellG

      Comic book guy would have been proud of you son :P

    • .cj

      Yes. With very nice details. I also liked that the “Dude, you are a barista” guy has got the S3 and i also liked that he is stuttering, so in my opion, that means he is just a nice guy and not a hipster at all …

    • Bear

      My favorite is the parents showing up as who the guy was holding a place for. Well played Samsung. I take great delight in telling everyone that my less than tech savvy parents I recommended the iPhone for in order to bring them into the modern world. Now me and my techie brother? Gnex and GSIII (He was tired of the toro’s bastardization by Verizon for updates on the gnex and isn’t allowed to root and mod since it’s a company phone. Same as mine :-/ )

      • ari_free

        My parents would NEVER get an iPhone. It’s Android all the way!

        • Daniel Tiberius

          It’s funny cause my Dad had an Android before I did, the OG Droid 1. My first one was the Evo 4G lol.

      • FatFredJones

        I actually think android is just as accessible to the non-techies as ios. There are many videos on YouTube comparing the systems’ abilities to perform certain common tasks.

        • Bear

          Oh, i’d be the first to agree with you. I think though seeing all the widgets make them a little hesitant. Kinda like looking at a new engine vs an old carbureted engine. Things just look different and more complicated. Maybe but a bad example, but you know what I mean! haha. Something that looks simple and uncomplicated might make it more inviting.

  • Rudy Belova

    Hilarious! I don’t like samsung phones but still, this helps all androids. so.. WIN!

  • JoeTi

    Samsung better be careful. In two short years the iPhone 5gs will make them eat their words with its NFC, 4.3″ screen, and (rumored) quad core CPU.

    • harold

      Now thats funny

    • ericsorensen

      Don’t forget the revolutionary iWidgets

    • ari_free

      And an even cooler adapter to replace the previous one!

  • jason98

    Yeah right, a fat plastic shovel is a real innovation, especially when it runs so smoothly:

    • Adam Tentis

      How about a comparision with an application that takes advantage of more than one core…

      • jason98

        Wait for OpenGL benchmarks, they are coming soon and I do no think you will like them. And 4S is still dominating after a year:

        • Guest

          ^ That Response Obviously Lacks Lucidity. ^

        • Dwayne Smith

          OpenGL are GPU benchmarks

          • jason98

            Sure, fandroids do not care of browser performance on a quad-code smarphone because a single CPU does not want to cooperate. They also do not care care of games either because GPU sucks. Hmm, what’s left besides
            lagging UI? You guys are pathetic.

          • Adam Tentis

            No whats pathetic is that you spend your time trolling message boards. Enjoy your iphone that just caught up with “most” of the features android has had the past year and go back to your appropriate iphone website.

          • DroidDoesnt_2

            Typical fandroid response….raise a point tht they can’t intellectually counter, and they tell you to go back to an iPhone website….sooooooo predictable :-)

    • TalkingMoose

      You do realize that folks here are not impressed when you show one cherry picked benchmark and claim all-around victory. Show a broad range of benchmarks comparing the latest and/or top releases from several manufacturers and let’s see what happens. Until then, we take nothing on the faith of the faithful.

    • RussianDroid

      – Well, that was quick.
      – I swear that never happened to me before baby….Baby?

      Seriously though, one word – OPTIMIZATION.

      I only dream of the day when someone manufactures an Androind phone that has hardware and software working with obsolute harmony and at a peak efficiancy (*cough* like apple *cough*).

      • uzo ufondu

        You spelled “obsolete” wrong

      • wade hampton

        iphones do, indeed, run harmoniously and efficiently.

        so do tricycles.

      • ari_free

        2 words: Project Butter.

  • phinn

    Good video, the iPhone 5 does look pretty awesome to me too though, if only it could run Jelly Bean.

    It just makes me look forward to the 4th-gen Nexus announcement in a month or two… can’t wait.

  • JulianZHuang

    i wish my GN got more battery life…. <2hrs screen time is just a joke.

    • phinn

      Really? I always thought the Gnex was supposed to have great battery life provided the LTE is turned off if you own the Toro.

      • JulianZHuang

        whats the point of having 4g if i have to turn if off every time i turn off the screen. also, i need to wait 2 mins before it connect back to the 4g network.

    • Adam Tentis

      turn your lte off…

      • JulianZHuang

        i paid $80+ per month and not to use 4g? do you know i need to wait 2mins each time if i turn it off and on again?

        • Chris Chavez

          If you saw the battery life I was getting on my Galaxy Nexus, you’d probably hate me O_o

          • JulianZHuang

            most likely i wont, since this is my 3rd android phone. im used to poor battery and tearing from friends already.

          • james ortiz

            I get 24+ hours on most days I only charge it like 3 times a week

    • joe

      It’s not like an iphone, you need to actually know what you are doing and know the sync settings to get optimal battery life…u have a sheeps brain

      • JulianZHuang

        so i need to do all kind things like changing rom, kernel, underclock and undervolt, turn this app and that app off just to get a decent battery life while iphone dont need to do anything?

    • AAAA

      Get a new battery. Got a 3500 mah for mine and it lasts 2 days on one charge.

      • JulianZHuang

        im using the 2100 extended battery already. im not using the 3500 because of the size problem.

        • UniBroW

          The newer processors are much better, my Galaxy S III sees between 4 and 5 hours of screen time when I’m using it. I’ve been completely blown away with it’s battery life.

  • Aar0nC

    This exactly how mindless those folks waiting for iPhone are… Just a bunch of zombies walking to the tune of late Steve Jobs…

    • joe

      we call em sheep

      • AMbro86

        You mean iSheep? Haha, well I just call them iFans or iFanboys, still derogatory but less so than “sheep”;-)

        • ari_free

          iPhoneboys also works

        • joe

          haha theyre sheep, apple is the sheep herder

  • Jeffrey Evans

    Mom and dad, hilarious.

  • warcaster

    Pretty good ad. A lot of “burns” in the video.

    • JulianZHuang

      in real life, none of them care about what android phone u use. just like all my friends, they dont care if i had an android phone or not.

  • AmericanPatriot4

    I love you for this Samsung!

  • Ethan Bailey

    Lmao @ “maybe not this time, but the next time”

  • earthlingi

    go Samsung ;)

  • BigCiX

    Instant classic

  • AMbro86

    “It has a digital connector, what does that even mean?”

    LOL! Yeah turns out their “lightning” port is about on par with mirco-usb…but hey Apple can’t be having just anyone make chargers and usb cables for their phones right? It would somehow cause the impurity of other smartphones to leak into iOS like a deadly disease. And that way they can keep it all in the family with proprietary connectors.

    This video was seriously HILARIOUS!! I loved it!

  • MarcusDW

    I love it. Keep it up Samsung and maybe one day they’ll get it.

  • Chris Brown-Demoreno


  • Kabuki@VictoriaGarden

    Unlocking the Power of Innovation!!

    Thank you Samsung… iPhone 凸(¬_¬)凸

  • Kabuki@VictoriaGarden

    Unlocking the Power of Innovation!!

    Thank you Samsung… iPhone 凸(¬_¬)凸

  • ari_free

    Thank you iSheep for playing right into our hands.

  • vx117

    “The headphone jack is going to be on the bottom.” (Mind Blown)… The guy who did that is amazing :D I’m still laughing at his impression…

    • Larizard

      i thought this was the best part too

  • Darren

    Its not the next big thing its the current big thing.

  • RealBhuiya

    Love it! My parents both have the SGS3 lol

  • DroidDoesnt_2

    I betcha Samsuck didn’t find this to be funny:
    “Samsung’s Post On Facebook Backfires, Turns Out People Want iPhone 5 More Than Galaxy S III”
    Funny…this story never made it to Phandroid yesterday. I wonder why :-)

  • collinv620

    Why do the Phandroid videos never work on my gnex?!!

    • ineptone

      What a cruel irony.

  • ineptone

    This was easily one of the best ads I’ve seen, in a while at least. I appreciate that the reactions of the iPhone users are pretty true to life, in my experiences anyway. I just wish I knew more people with an S3, or NFC capable smartphones, so I could take advantage of features like S-Beam/NFC sharing.

    • ari_free

      Once again, Asia is so far ahead of America

      • ineptone

        And almost unfathomable to Canada since it’s really only in the last three or four months organizations or groups have really started working towards an NFC payment system or infrastructure here. Hell, we can’t even use mobile payment for a Starbucks coffee let alone something worthwhile.

  • james ortiz

    I love it

  • fredphoesh

    Nice, and funny… though as an SGS3 owner, I am bummed Apple seemed to get the inside scoop on the Orange T-Mobile 4g LTE technology, but Samsung failed, and now I have to sit with a NON 4g phone for TWO FRIGGING YEARS while starting in two days, everyone else can get 4g on their iShite. SAD.

  • godrilla

    maybe next year lol

  • Be808

    you just got samsunged!!!!

  • ari_free
  • ari_free

    iPhone users will love this new feature!

    Apple granted patent to disable iPhone recordings near government buildings or political events


    They’ve done this kind of advert before – I think it was the original Galaxy S.

  • mreveryphone

    The middle age guy with the big headphones was genius!

  • Zenstrive


  • mirage03

    this only means one thing.. samsung has some people that lurk around the blogs and get infos from.. they know what techies think about these gadgets..

  • Richard

    This video is epic! Love it

  • John Johnson

    Apply cold water to burned area. LOL

  • Bharat Golchha

    I own a GS3 now and i used to own an iPhone 4s and in no way does the Galaxy compare to the iPhone. The iPhone was way better in every way. (Faster, more intuitive etc).

  • Modman

    Dude you are retarded. The galaxy S3s specs are better. and the phone is faster in every way. GET OFF THE FING CRACK GET A LIFE AND QUIT TROLLING PHANDROID!!! you know damn well you never bought an s3 youre an apple fanboy and have nothing better to do than troll this site.

  • Modman

    While Im at it the gs3 bests no only the 4gs but the iphone 5 as well the next best thing ad breaks them down. Some uneducated trolls here have never learned to read. But that is why they are ifans apple and ignorance go hand in hand.

  • Daniel Tiberius

    How did they share a playlist with NFC? Is that an S-Beam thing? I’m jealous my Note LTE doesn’t do that I don’t think.

    • Clive Richards

      yeah I think that must be S-beam – though like most additions to smartphones (like Svoice and siri) they are more interesting than necessary

  • Stephen Rabinowitz

    The blonde actress in it is funny the way she expresses it, wonder if she has been on any shows as it did notvsay who she is.