Samsung: Galaxy S4 Rumors Are Simply Not True



Rumors hit late last night that Samsung was gearing up to announce the next iteration of their flagship Galaxy device at next year’s MWC in February — just 9 months after the release of the Galaxy S3. The rumors went on to say that the device would see a global launch no later than March, just 2 months shy of the Galaxy S3’s May release.

While some were excited at the news/logical guess, others were upset that their high-tech superphones would once again become obsolete, turning into a lump of coal the minute the S4 would be released. In an attempt at clearing up some of these rumors, Samsung took to their Twitter this evening crushing rumors of a February Galaxy S4 unveiling saying that they were simply “not true.”

But, if we follow Samsung’s track record for previous Galaxy releases, it’s only logical to expect a spring time announcement for the S4. Remember, the original Galaxy S was announced in March and launched in April; the Galaxy S2 was announced in February and launched in April; the Galaxy S3 was announced in early May and launched late May. So yes, the Galaxy S4 is coming, folks. You can and run and tell that.


Chris Chavez
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  1. I like the T T at the end.

  2. high-tech superphones would once again become obsolete, turning into a lump of coal the minute the S4 would be released.”

    i’m still using my galaxy s1 does that make it a lump of crap? lol but in all seriousness, I do think samsung should wait a little more between their galaxy lines. 1-2-3 was great timing, but if 4 comes out now, it’ll probably hurt some s3 owners.. psychologically atleast.

    But knowing how pissed of Samsung is from losing 1 billion to a crooked ass judge, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    1. Most of the tech savvy galaxy s3 owners would be hurt. Those of us like me and you who check frequently for new devices coming have more to be pissed about then those who just upgrade every 2 years and purchase a device based on hype at the moment.

  3. I think they should concentrate on updating the S3 to Jellybean before they rush the S4 out of the door. A new phone makes your old one feel out of date a little but a new phone with a new OS makes your old phone feel like a relic. This is what made me switch to the Nexus and I intend to buy a new Nexus each time it’s released and nothing else. I’ve said similar things to this before but I like to keep banging the drum to get the message out there :D

    1. I completely agree with you, I bought a Nexus as well and the software updates are more important than the newer hardware. Jelly Bean runs perfectly smooth on the GNex and gave it the feeling of a new phone after the update.

      1. Concur, wont be straying away from a Nexus ever again.

    2. Yeah but Samsung adds more stuff that Nexus users will never get.

  4. It doesn’t make sense. For a MNE like Samsung this might be an awful choice for pumping the selling’s of GSIII. Too soon and what about the new Galaxy Nexus?

    1. announcing a new phone each year, only slightly better than the previous model…
      sound familiar to anyone?

  5. Let people enjoy their GS3 first GOSH……LOL

    1. Exactly! Geez, my GS3 is just 3 months old so I certainly didn’t want to hear that it would be old news in just a few months.

  6. Haha he’s climbin’ in yo windows, snatchin’ yo people up…..

    1. Hide yo’ phone, hide yo’ wife…

  7. Make sense…

  8. If the S4 has an improved screen and camera, I might finally say goodbye to my iPhone.

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