HTC’s Newly Leaked 10-inch Tablet Is One Of The Strangest Looking Tabs We’ve Ever Seen

The leak-meisters over at Twitter-based EVLeaks are at it again, this time with a few leaked images of a purported HTC tab, to be announced at this year’s IFA 2012. What is probably one of the most unique (strangest?) designs we’ve come across since Sony’s Tablet S, the possible 10-inch tab features a near bezel-less design on 3 sides — top, right, and left — which an abnormally large bezel along the bottom. While this makes it the perfect area for getting a firm grip on the tab, the tablet’s camera is also placed smack dab in the middle. A little unconventional, but then again — HTC wont have to worry about stomping on Apple’s trade dress patent, will they?

What do you guys think? Hit or miss?


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  • NB

    Kinda looks like an iMac in the dock.

    • ShaunnyBwoy

      Shhhh! Stop saying that, or Apple might make another tantrum about owning it. It looks like a frigging TV set, and that is all!

    • DavidVarghese

      Yeap… this might be an issue, in terms of new lawsuits by Crapple

  • Bryce Kamron Davis

    looks like it might double as an android “desktop” monitor. interested to see how it turns out.

    • The Mute

      My heart just fluttered a little… I cannot wait to replace my mac with an android desktop or 10 inch tablet, keyboard dock.

      • Bryce Kamron Davis

        and with everyone comparing it to a mac they will be like identical twins but 2 totally different personalities lol.

  • NickAVV

    It looks like an iMac sans-stand actually.

  • Norman Paul-Eric Farmer

    I’d buy it, if the price was right.

  • James

    It looks good, in an HTC sort of way.

  • WhoaManWtF

    I am not sure… I guess it actually looks pretty cool, might be a good design and I am sure it will have pretty good build quality. I am happy with my Nexus 7 though I had a 10 inch tablet and it was simply to large to hold and play games on for me.

  • UMA_Fan

    It actually looks larger than your typical 10 inch screen

    • Chris Chavez

      Well, you’ll notice the tab is being held by a woman and small child so it may only appear to be bigger… No real way to know for sure until it’s announced.

  • joe

    i like it a lot. loved the way htc designs their stuff, especially the back of the One X. The material is outstanding to the touch, and it feels great every time u pick it up. (Im a galaxy s3 owner btw) I cant wait to get my hands on this. I was thinking about the nexus 7 but this may change my mind

    • The Mute

      I love HTC more than sheeple love incremental updates, dated designs and sh!t being fed to them. But The nexus seven is pretty friggin sick. I have a onex (and every other top to mid tier phone att makes) and a nexus seven tablet because I couldn’t wait for HTC to make it’s next tablet but don’t let this sway you. If anything buy the 7 now because it will amaze you and then pick up the HTC when it comes out. I honesty feel the 7 and full size tablets are 2 different animals at this point!

      • Cameron John Schluchtner

        this guy hit the nail on the head fellow N7 owner everyone loves it!

    • camelsnot

      have 3 htc phones and they all pretty much look the same. Their design is tired and wore out. They need to move away from the same look and cheap plastics. true story.

      • David Brand

        bet youre a samsung guy huh ? well guess what Samsung uses “cheap plastics” Most HTC phones are made super durable, even going back to the original android phone , the G1….You should pick up an HTC ONE S before saying stupidity on the internet…thanks !

  • Semianonymous
    • Chris Chavez

      Sh*t o_o

    • The Mute

      I was thinking that too lol
      But I just realized I am an HTC fanboy I glaze over the things I don’t like and focus on the htc logo…. Meh I am okay with it.

      • camelsnot

        why are you focusing on a logo you’ll never see.

    • Jason Crumbley

      Too funny. haha

    • Pkmmte

      Can’t wait until Apple says that their customers are buying these thinking it’s an iMac.

      • MarcusDW


      • Piyush


    • ari_free

      Note the bezel on the sides. Not quite the same

      • camelsnot

        Note it’s how you hold it that determines what the “sides” are.

    • MarcusDW


    • in2android

      I didn’t even catch that until I saw your comment, lol! This doesn’t really look very comfortable to hold, but it looks good on the stand I guess. It’s looks kinda cool though.

  • CerealFTW

    Its like having a car with 3 badass rims and a spare tire…

  • Thamer Ibrahim

    Looks like the mac desktop.

  • Greg Huddleston

    I am never never never buying another HTC tablet ! (no upgrades for the Evo View 4G). They took my money and ran, Beware…

  • NexusMan

    they won’t have to worry about iPAD trade dress but iMAC trade dress is a whole other story….

    • camelsnot

      imac doesn’t compete in mobile spectrum.

      • ari_free

        But you are using logical reasoning. That may not convince an Apple biased jury

      • NexusMan

        It’s a joke….but regardless, let a company put out a television, or in this case a tablet that looks exactly like an iMac, and hold your breath if you think Apple won’t sue.

  • JesseJenks

    I wonder if HTC will release full kernel source for this tablet when it comes out or if they’ll just release only partial source like they have been doing for a lot of their devices lately.

  • Herson Maeda

    annnnnd yet another reason for Apple to sue…it’s almost like HTC is asking for it

  • austin

    I’m sold

  • Khirulnizam Abd Rahman

    Nicely unique. I dont consider this strange…

  • joe

    Looks awesome can’t wait love HTC baby!!!

  • Don_SoLow

    It looks good in landscape but portrait looks pretty… meh…

  • Paul Riley

    Its just like a huge HTC Hero, it even appears to have the lip on the bottom?

  • peanutsrevenge

    As I’ve yet to own a tablet (money’s seriously tight), I’m not sure whether I’d use in portrait or landscape mode the most, which I think would be very important with this asymmetrical design.
    I’ve used my old mans TF101 (desktop replacement) and generally used in portrait when undocked I think.

    Good no HTC trying something ‘out of the box’ though. Just a shame their updates suck and crappy timing of sources.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Although it comes down to user preference, I’d be willing to bet that a majority of people use landscape (I have a Xoom and I don’t believe I’ve *ever* found a need for portrait mode). Given how the UI rotates, I’m thinking to just turn it upside down (UI will adjust) and have the camera on the top — not understanding why they’d want it on the bottom.

  • YamiYaiba

    I like it. I have big old grubby man paws, so holding my mobile devices without getting accidental palm touches is a legitimate issue for me. I’ve always argued against reducing bezel, but this seems like an awesome compromise. I’m digging this.

    Design wise, I think they’re leveraging their AIO desktops for inspiration. Especially with that little pedestal, I feel like that’s what they’re going for. I also agree that it looks bigger than 10″, maybe 12″ or 13″, which could make for a nice home system.

  • Kanes_Inferno

    Heck yes. I don’t have any tablet but have been wanting one. This just might be the one I’d get.

  • Viper

    it looks good… what was so weird? it does look a mac screen though ….. apple owns the world !!!

  • mikeyd

    Lol – straight off I thought iMac! Haha!

  • UniBroW

    Where is the on screen buttons? These are just renders I take it or maybe it’s not running Android?

  • ijudge

    I wish this is just a joke from htc to apple. becoz it has a very narrow grip in portrait mode which serious problem in touch screen. leave the rotten apple aside and do which is more appropriate.

  • aiden9

    If they’re going to have that fat lip on the bottom they might as well try placing front facing speakers there too.

  • Tyler Ehrhardt

    Its a rectangle with rounded corners, I feel a lawsuit coming soon.

  • MarcusDW

    That chin will make it difficult to play games. I’m diggin’ the design thought.

  • Adam Koueider

    Apple in 1 years time in a court somewhere in U.S:
    (Walks in distressed and crying Apple customer)
    Apple Customer: “Here I was, walking into a store, minding my own business looking for a new iMAC man and I accidentally bought this… this.. HTC tablet man. This caused me so much emotional stress i think I came close to dying man.”
    HTC LAWYER: So you didn’t realise the HTC sign or the fact that the specs clearly state ANDROID or that the screen is smaller than the iMac and that there was a camera on the bottom and that it is a TABLET?????
    Apple Customer: (Licks lollipop Apple gave as bribe {i mean give away} and holds his free iPad and iPhone} Nope…..
    HTC LAWYER: (FACE PALM!!!!) speaks to himself…”Now I know how those Samsung lawyers felt!!!!”

    I’m waiting for the day this happens in reality :)

  • BigCiX

    Different but good. I like it!

  • NardVa

    Oh no HTC might be in trouble. They went with a rectangle design with rounded corners.

  • spicymeatball

    if your going to do video chatting that camera is in a bad place when docked. Unique tablet design. Nice! We’re not asking for an IPad.

  • ineptone

    I actually really like this design. The large bezel on one side makes sense given that we generally hold tablets with one hand, plus it reduces the bezel on the other three sides, which is sharp looking. I think this might be the best looking tablet I’ve seen.

  • z0phi3l

    Now THAT is a device created by lawyers and not designers, it looks ugly and completely unusable in portrait mode

    And people wonder why we hate Apple so much

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Ok, I’ll ask: wtf, FFC on the bottom? How is this a good idea?

  • droidbeat

    Big hit! More details, please.

  • Adrian

    Clever design. Bezel isn’t much narrower than most tablets but white edge disguises some of the bezel. Easily rotated if camera wanted at top.