Rovio Creates Bad Piggies Facebook Page – Teases Upcoming Angry Birds Spin-Off


The long rumored spin-off to Angry Birds is finally looking more like a reality. Rovio created a special Facebook page entitled “Bad Piggies” specifically for the green pigs and where not much info was given, a press image could be found on the page along with images of the porkers working on… something.

Exactly what are they planning? Well, Rovio’s not saying. But we’ll take this as a hint that players will finally take control of the limbless pigs, creating the structures used to fight off the Angry Birds onslaught. If true, this will add a little more strategy to a series already growing stale for some gamers. What say ye? Would you guys dive back into the world of Angry Birds if you could finally experience life as an evil pig?


Chris Chavez
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  1. Potential breath of fresh air, I say. I’d love to build anti bird structures.

    1. Ditto! Better yet, it’d be fun to build and have a 2nd player attempt to destroy with the Angry Birds :D

  2. Pigs turned into kitteh????

    1. That as well as they seem to speak like ADD teens on text binges. If I ever had any remorse for destroying all their structures it is gone forever now.

  3. Fed up of Angry birds, but still love Angry Birds Space, but this sounds interesting & fun.

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