Was Samsung’s defeat its best advertising campaign to date?


Samsung may have lost the battle against Apple in Northern California, but this doesn’t necessarily prove that the South Korean manufacturer could be losing the war. In fact, it could be argued that Samsung’s billion dollar loss is one of the best advertising investments it has made (seems to work better than Asian models). That is right, this defeat against Apple could turn out beneficial in some ways.

As the hype settles down, newspapers across the world start reporting on the Apple vs. Samsung outcome. This is when Enrique Gutierrez from Digithrive (web developing company) gave us a bit of light in his recent Google+ post.

He mentions a very interesting phenomena noticed while spending some time at his local Starbucks. Conversations between people would spawn after reading about the Apple vs. Samsung case, in which people seem to believe that “Samsung is the same as Apple.”

Guy: “Wait, so what they’re saying is, Samsung is the same as Apple?”

Friend: “I know, right? Makes me think twice about how much I paid for my Mac Book”

Guy: “Seriously”

Soon after the first incident, a couple with the same newspaper start a similar conversation:

Husband: “… Samsung’s iPad is the same as Apple’s iPad, and I paid how much for the Apple one? Honey, I told you they were a ripoff.”

Wife: “Oh wow,” looking at the screen, “… that’s a lot cheaper. Think we can return it?”

According to Gutierrez, 4 groups expressed similar concerns at the moment of publishing his post. They all somehow believe that Samsung products are the same as Apple products, but much cheaper. Now, how is that for shocking outcomes? I am sure Samsung will feel a lot better after realizing that this defeat could give them more customers.

If tech enthusiasts and tech blog readers are getting confused with these court cases, imagine what it is doing to the general consumer. People out there are not focused on processors, RAM, features, etc. Apple devices are popular and considered “the best,” and people tend to follow such technology trends. This case could simply be creating major confusion amongst users. Now we will have a substantial amount of users believing they are simply getting a “Samsung iPad” for a much lower price.

We are not saying all users will start opting for Samsung products instead of Apple ones. The Cupertino Giant will definitely continue to succeed. This mass confusion could very well bring some more users to the Android side, though.

It will be interesting to see how the numbers look in the quarters to come. But more importantly, it would be interesting to see if this is something that is happening all over the country/world. Was this specific newspaper article simply written a bit unclearly? Are many customers now thinking of switching to Samsung because they are realizing it is “the same,” but cheaper? Is this really the best advertising campaign Samsung has conducted?

Please join us in the comment section and share your stories and opinions with us. We would love to know if any of you have been noticing any similar situations around you.

[Via: Enrique Gutierrez (Google+)]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. That is hilarious.

    I once bought a S&W Sigma .40 pistol after someone told me that it was so much like a Glock S&W got sued for it.

    The S&W was several hundred dollars cheaper, I was like, Glock or S&W so much like a Glock they’re getting sued for it.

    1. Yup, works for cars sometimes too. Chrysler and Honda used to do this a while ago. You could get the “sporty” model and drive your insurance up or get the same underpinnings in something dorky like a Horizon and pay loads less.

      1. The Horizon was a Plymouth not a Chrysler.

        1. Ha ha ha! And Plymouths were just Chryslers with the word Chrysler scribbled out and Plymouth written over it. Soooo, there you go.

    2. LOL. Eww @ SW Sigma. =P

  2. I’m laughing so hard right now XD

  3. I don’t even know what to say…. I mean…. This is… good? Are people that…gullible? What?!

    1. It looks as if people may start realizing they can save $$$ and buy a Samsung or other Android tablet that provides similar functions to the iPad for a lot less.

  4. Even when Android loses, it wins :) Android think Domination

    1. *erases android – inserts Google *

      1. Lol good point.

  5. and just as strong is Apple’s obvious attempt at stifling technology is sending all but the elitist iSheeps running for the hills… Apple, can’t beat em so sue em attitude is wearing thin with just about everyone!…

    Check it, Apple has basically put out 2 iPhones in 6 years.. yes 2.. the first one and the 2 spawn children of that one, then the iP4 and soon to be the 2 spawn children of that one… siri and a extra row of icons and 2 years later 4g? Pffft, its the same ol crap different year and is simply not good enough anymore… your 1Phone certainly does not rule them all!

    1. and yet the same OS runs on all three current models… Yet the Galaxy S series has 12 different OS versions over 3 models on 20+ carriers… Face it, Apple is doing it better than Samsung, Sammy copied them and now they have to pay up… Sent from my Windows Phone

      1. Are you sending from your Windows 7 phone??

        I wonder how many OS updates you will get in future ?? O_o

        1. -1- at best LOL!

        2. LOL

          1. LOLs

        3. Best Reply Ever!! BURN!!!

        4. You owned him so good he couldn’t reply

        5. How many will you get on your Android device? Lol

      2. There’s more to it than that. The Galaxy series has loads of models that cater for more people. With iPhones it’s “pony up lots of cash or do without”, with Samsung you don’t have to remortgage the house to get comparable or better hardware.

      3. Samsung could learn from Apple in the OS updating section of their business.

      4. Windows Phone is another Zune. Good luck with updates once they give up on it.

    2. Frankly, I think your nickname is that of an imbecile. I visited a concentration camp near Berlin this year andyou should do the same. Maybe then you won’t compare Apple to Hitler. Not even for fun.

  6. Woot for the “Samsung iPad” xD

    1. Yeah man! What is next – Samsung Macbooks?

      1. They sort of already have them. They’re called the Series 9.

        1. I’m getting one. Waiting for a Series 9 with better resolution, though.

      2. As long as we can call them Smacbooks! :D

      3. No…because Macbooks are NOT synonymous with laptops.

        1. Just like iPads are not synonymous with tablet computers… ;)

          1. Yes…they basically are. Maybe not the level of Q-Tips or Band Aids, but they definitely are. Whereas MacBooks are a TINY minority of the laptop market.

  7. thats a really interesting way to put it hahah.

  8. I am really angry with appl’s doing, they just lost to Samsung, they can’t play a fair competition instead, they will make a foul play. the decision by judges was not fare at all. anyway,, Samsung will always be the winner, and No matter what happens, apple will always be Samsung’s big loser opponent. let’s Go Samsung.

  9. The validity of this story is questionable at best. I find it pretty hard to believe that not only would multiple people be reading the apple vs samsung article in the newspaper but would decide to ask the guy using the samsung computer about his device.

    As much as I want to hope that this will backfire in Apple’s face, the only way I could possibly see that is from massive boycotts of Apple products, not people thinking, “Hey apple is the same as samsung.”

    1. Well, only one guy decided to ask him. The rest is just conversations he overheard. But you are right, this could very well not make a huge difference. People that don’t focus on specific topics usually forget about the matter in a few days.

    2. Agreed. More than likely, people who aren’t aware will simply see that Samsung tried to make iphone knockoffs, which is so sad, because they are going to miss out on much better products, not just from Sammy, but other Android oems as well.

      I think in the long run this whole thing won’t hurt Sammy TOO much, but then again, it could set a dangerous precedent.

      1. honestly I think this will only encourage Apple to do more. What they are arguing over sounds so damn stupid (paraphrasing) “rectangle device with 4 curved corners, rows of icons with curved corners” …. i mean really…they can patent shapes as part of the “Apple experience” ???

        If they can get away with this, every phone manufacturer is straight up F***** if apple decides to pursue. Someone has to step on their throats VERY soon and in reality its all up to Google.

        1. I agree. The problem is, how does Google get into the fight directly?

        2. Samsung copied so much more from Apple. Even the chargers where the same within mm’s. That’s why they are sued and not HTC or Sony.

          And up to Google? They only stand BEHIND their partners. A bit cowardish in my opinion.

          1. …and Microsoft copied Apple and Apple copied Xerox and …. When will the madness end.

  10. Don’t try to spin this any other way: this was a humiliating defeat for Samsung, Android, and the consumer. The average Joe is going to think that Samsung products are somehow tainted and will avoid them: the media is proof of that. Apple is trying to destroy the entire mobile industry as we know it, and you’re helping them out by sugarcoating this. Apple needs to burn for this.m

    1. I never meant to sugar-coat. This simply seemed like an interesting phenomena someone experienced. I thought it would be good to bring the idea to the table so that we can discuss it.

      You are right. This is definitely a defeat, no matter how you put it. And it will probably mean more expensive devices for us in the long run. Plus, Apple could very well use this victory to bug other manufacturers. But what exactly does all of this mean to people that are not putting much attention?

      1. well the title of this article is so stupid, i didnt even read the article. Blind fanboyism is just soo ignorant. Dont try to spin this in any sort of benefir for samsung. ITS one fucking billion dollars in loss

        1. >I didn’t even read the article

          But you sure found time to pass judgement on something you don’t know anything about. What a tool.

          1. lulz, y u mad tho?

        2. one billion is about a quarter of samsung’s quarterly profit

          1. its still a billion god damn dollars

          2. Finally someone who understands

          3. Which is a lot. Where are you getting the idea that 1/4 of your quarterly profit is no big deal?

        3. No, crook is correct in a way. There should be no spinning here. It was a loss, not just for Sammy, but for Android as well. Where he is in error is assuming that the author is demonstrating “blind fanboyism” In fact, I think the author, Edgar, was simply trying to stir up conversation on the issue.

        4. With comments like that, don’t come here looking for the respect that you don’t get at home.

      2. Tons of smartphone buyers don’t read tech blogs and default to iPhones. However, they all read news. If this unpredictable backlash (aka poetic justice), of Apple unwittingly raising their user base’s awareness of the competition, motivates some of that horde to just look at Samsung / Android, even that could be huge!

        1. People who buy iPhones already know Samsung or Android. And they choose what’s best for them. You don’t buy a 600 dollar device without doing some research. iOS or Android are both not suited for everyone. Not on a software level nor on a hardware level. You have to decide whats good for you. Not a fandroid or Apple fanboy. That’s why I use a Xperia P phone next to an iPad and MacBook.. Because that are the best devices for ME.

          By the way: history learns that those who copy will always be seen as second grade. So I don’t think Samsung will get an advantage out of this. Altough they make great products. And I think Samsung was sued by Apple because they not only copied the iPhones or iPad but also the look and feel of ios, the packaging, chargers, cables and the store concept. Even Google told them they went to far.

          The only win Samsung is that when they had not done this they would not have the market share they have now. A bargain for 1 billion dollar.

          Btw I’m Dutch so sorry for my poor English.

          1. Thanks for the thoughtful response, and I agree that neither Android nor iPhone is for everyone. However, while I don’t know how telecomms operate in The Netherlands, I can tell you with some certainty that not many people are paying $600 for cell phones here (USA), more typically buying carrier-subsidized phones ($0-$300). And, as to the reasons why people choose iPhones over Android phones, I would wager that “research” would be way down the list! Finally, I’ll tell you that convincing me that Samsung’s success has much to do with any similarity to iPhone would be a tough sell, my friend!

          2. Here in India (and a few other countries) where there’s no such things as subsidized phones, iPhones are too costly. $750 for the Galaxy S3 while the iPhone 4S 16 GB costs $800, so while I love Android and don’t want to use iOS, that high price alone is enough to put me off from buying a device that I must use the way Apple wants me to.
            And you’re right, the Galaxy S e.g would have sold no matter what it looked like. Its first of a kind display, CPU/GPU etc along with being the Android phone with the best specs at the time would have ensured its success any which way. Samsung in my opinion has come up by offering lots of choices and also pricing their products right, and making them overall complete devices like the Galaxy S2 and S3. No way have they enjoyed their success because they copied the iPhone/iOS.

          3. I know PLENTY of people with iPhones whose “research” before purchase amounted to “Look at what my friends have got, I’ve got to have an iPhone too, it must be THE BEST!”
            Seriously, you overestimate the average iPhone owner. The only time most people will question their purchase of an iPhone is when they get handed my S3 to take a photo and they notice the massive beautiful screen, or they see me Swyping like a boss as I reply to a text in nano-seconds. Other than when it’s blatantly right under their noses, the vast majority of iPhone owners just think Apple is the best.

          4. You don’t buy a 600 dollar device without doing some research.”
            Yes, you do. It’s called marketing.

  11. I’d have to disagree with the thought ad the tech savvy folks that drive sales may start abandoning the Samsung lines due to the fact that long term support may disappear for Android. I think the real solution for Samsung would be to adapt WebOS to their new hardware. This would give them a solid OS and continue to let them run their cheaper build quality with aggressive pricing.

    1. Terrible terrible idea.

    2. what??? LOL! Is this backwards day?

  12. They are not only cheaper but they also do more.

  13. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  14. So when is that Samsung ad coming up on Apple’s british website to say Samsung and Apple are not the same?

  15. Android all day every day. The touch interface is the way we all do stuff now so arguing about the shape of a phone or who owns the patent for the window within a window browsing experience just isnt valid in the long term. Fact, if the courts side with apple we will enter a technological dark age driven by apple at apples speed, paying far too much for far too little innovation. You question me??? Just roll up to your local apple store and look at the swell of people with broken stuff at the genius bar. This is also my experience having returned my itouch twicw and my daughtgers three times. I can assure you that , at least in my case, it was not through misuse. Entirely hacked off with the apple approach to competition. Will definately never buy apple again. Another customer lost and im not alone, ask the people who know!!!

    1. 2 iPod shuffles I had the first gen and the second gen both stopped working after 6 months each so yeah I will never buy another crappy apple product again. I have a samsung Galaxy Prevail from Boostmobile and its a great little phone keeps chugging along no matter what happens to it. With what I do with my phone I do not need anything more then that. I use the phone for texting,calling,music, and audiobooks when I am bike riding so for me The prevail does all that perfectly. Anything more and I have my Nook tablet running CM7 currently waitiong ont he devs to get a fully working 3.0.x kernel so that we can get full working CM9/10 ports.

  16. Consumer+Customer=Costumer.

    1. LOL. I am sorry about that one. Slipped.

      1. Nah, it made me laugh. :D
        Interesting perspective.
        If it is an advertisement though, it’s as if Samsung paid for 300 superbowl ads.
        Was it worth it? Only time will tell.

  17. Great article but “Costumers”? Really?! You need better proofreaders. LOL!

    1. Just a slip. Thanks for the heads up!

  18. ha! thanks for the link love to the google+ post
    it was a funny moment over coffee… i hope these convos weren’t the only ones going around today.

  19. it just pains me to realize how uneducated the common consumer is. if everyone’s so concerned about money and wanting a “cheaper iPad” by Samsung, why wouldn’t they just do their research beforehand?

  20. Costumers? Really?! You need better proofreaders. LOL!

    1. Thanks for catching that one. Fixed. :)

  21. just more proof of how stupid the average person is.

    1. stupid because they arent tech nerds?

      1. no, because they think Samsung makes iPads….

        1. … lol while in truth they only make about 70 percent of it.

        2. I think you are missing the bigger picture here. iPad are synonymous with tablets to the general public. This is the same observation when people ask for a Kleenex and not a facial tissue. In the end, all the gadgets are mostly simliar and price-point is the key factor. This is the whole reason Apple is making a 7″ iPad. There is too much competition at that tablet size and Apple is losing to the competition (Google Nexus, Kindle Fire).

        3. Nobody said that is what they thought.

          1. read again
            Husband: “… Samsung’s iPad is the same as Apple’s iPad, and I paid how much for the Apple one? Honey, I told you they were a ripoff.”

          2. Aslan…do you think people are stupid for asking for a Band Aid when a Curad Bandage will do the sme thing? Why do I get the feeling that YOU use the words Band Aid and Kleenex or Q-Tip when you don’t necessarily mean the brand name. I guess YOU are stupid then too.

          3. if I need a bandage ill use/ask for a bandage.
            if I need a tissue I use/ask for a tissue
            if I want a cotton swab I grab one from my medicine cabinet. oh look. the box says Q-Tip

            nice try reading my mind tho.,

          4. Bulls*it.

          5. Most people are not stupid for saying stupid things. But Aslan has a point. Somewhat. Stupid people do say stupid things like that. Or when they have nothing to say, they reply with words like….. Bulls*it.

    2. I would not refer to the average person as stupid, but they need to read more about the products they want. after I bought a terrible smartphone a few years ago I started to read every smartphone news so I could get the best of the best. Most people think: Apple said that they produce the best products and nearly everyone on TV use the iPhone. Because it cost SO much it must be true!
      Perhaps most people will buy samsung devices and realize that Apple is not worth the price.

      1. P.T. Barnum said “there’s a sucker born every minute”. It is as true today as the day he said it.

  22. From all of these, I conclude that it’s just many Americans are the ones confused. They spell Apple as S A M S U N G. lol

  23. Court’s agree – Samsung is a better Apple. Apple rotten to the core. Samsung a tasty albeit billion dollar apple. Oh I do love the rounded corners on my Xoom – thanks Apple.

  24. So the people will buy more Samsung devices because now they know that they are like ipads or apple products? Are people really that stupid? The devices that supposedly infringed on are not being sold anymore and the whole excuse of apple to sue Samsung because of bs design patents is a poor excuse only to stop a different company succeed in the mobile industry knowing they’ll win in the US courts..

    In fashion industry a design mocker does not get sued by the original designer, the copier only gets criticized for it, but they don’t sue each over that, because they know better and so do the people who appreciate good products.. The consumers decide.. Samsung is doing well and apple is afraid of that, too much pride and greed.. Do they have banks in the afterlife? Just wondering.. Lol

    1. Several of the devices are still being sold if only through regional carries like Boostmobile and virgin mobile. The Samsung Galaxy Prevail is still being sold and so is a variant of the SGS2.

  25. Hopefully it will open the eyes of millions!

  26. It would also be interesting to see how the general public would feel about knowing that Samsung is responsible for manufacturing iPhones and ipads in the first place.

    1. Uh… Samsung makes a few parts for Apple devices… but you act like they build the whole thing. Apple buys screens, CPU’s, and flash memory from Samsung. Samsung WANTS Apple as a customer. Apple also gets screens from LG & Sharp. Also… there are quite a few companies making flash memory these days too. I am sure they would like to step to the plate! Samsung needs Apple more than Apple needs them! That is why Samsung is building factories in Texas to make chips for Apple. Quit biting the hand that feeds you, Samsung!

  27. These are going to be tough times for Samsung, but i’m certain they will find a way to recover from this. but honestly these lawsuits are ridiculous, Apple claims everyone and everything is a copy of them, yet, android sales keep outselling them, strange that people prefer the so called “copy” over their devices.

    Apple is a trend, and like all trends it’s bound to end eventually and their attempts to monopolize the smartphone market might be working for know, not so sure that it will in foreseeable future.
    For the comments that all Iphones use the same OS and android has so many, if you think thats a good think, then you’re exactly the dump cheep that Apple prays on, mindless costumers that the only thing that matters to them, is having the apple in the back of their phone so everyone can see they’re cool and have an expensive phone, i prefer having hundreds of OS versions, ROMs wtv, so I CAN CHOOSE what I want in the device I BOUGHT not having some engineers at one big corporation tell me how I should use my devices. Not to mention their claims that people bough Samsung android devices because they were a copy of the Iphone, sorry apple, I’ve never met one single person that bought an android because it was the same as the Iphone, but i’ve met those who bought it because it was Samsung android and NOT Iphone iOS.

    I bought once an Iphone 3GS in sales to be my second phone, Galaxy Series will always be my primary phone, had it for less then a month and sold it, I hated every second of it’s OS, it’s really made for dummies with limited options, it made me remember those books “Internet for dummies” the only good thing that came of it, it was that I managed to sell it to an apple fanboy for 3 times the price I had bought it.

    Sorry for the rant, but it’s my humble opinion, people should not agree with one company trying to monopolize the market, this is only going to hurt us, the already expensive smartphones, will get even more expensive, and with them trying to patent every single thing, it’s only gonna be even more complicated. Thank God Apple is one of a kind, just imagine if every company were like them, the first car, the first building, the first TV, the first laptop, if they had patented the geometric forms of those innovations we would be living in a very strange world…

    1. Not Apple is a trend but at most the devices they make. Thats why after the Mac they introduced the iPod. After that the iPhone and now the iPad. And who knows what will be next. Thats normal business behaviour by the way for trend setting companies.

  28. Apple may have win the battle but they have lost the war !!!!
    They are charging way more for there useless products than they should have.Everybody hates Apple now……

  29. To end my point: I’ve owned handsets running Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS, and I have found Android to be my personal favorite, but this article just bleeds with delusion and denial.

  30. It was all part of their elaborate plan.

  31. but is a billion dollar ad campaign really going to pay off? i really had no hate for apple other than their annoying commercials until they decided to sue everyone for copying things that apple copied from elsewhere in the first place

  32. Any word what type of phones the jurors owned?

  33. Ha Ha Ha.


  34. wow, the world is technologically retarded

  35. Hence the saying, ‘No publicity is bad publicity’.

    Although I’d prefer to think that people such as ourselves who frequent tech sites and educate those we converse with will have the bigger impact as people will be switching for the ‘right reasons’. Namely, the products are better and the philosophy behind them is better.

  36. I think there are those dumb people that think this. But honestly most people will read about the lawsuit and hate Samsung for stealing/coping.

    1. A jury also ruled in favor of OJ and Casey Anthony and they are the hated ones.

  37. I have an HTC device and I can’t say that I love Sense 3.5. At the same time, they did try to differentiate themselves from the iOS interface. I don’t agree with the ruling but Touchwiz was Samsung’s mistake. They really should have tried to differentiate themselves.

  38. This article doesn’t make sense. Besides, you’d have to be blind to confuse a galaxy s with an iPhone.

  39. the best part is how the galaxy tab line is the only thing that was let off the hook

  40. Very interesting article. Go Samsung ur the best.

  41. The real good news is that it’s not the Galaxy S 3 that is infringing, and it’s not getting banned. It sucks for Samsung, but Apple can’t just eradicate Android since not all of Samsung or even the most recent flagship is infringing.

  42. anyone notice how the LG Spectrum, viewed from the front, looks almost exactly like an iPhone3G? Why hasnt Apple sued LG. I think this was a huge ploy on Apples part to reduce Samsung’s, their biggest competitor, sales. The jury is a bunch of nucktards for deciding in favor of apple.

    1. btw, i am an avid apple fan. but after this I don’t think i’ll ever have love for them the way I once did. and i am throwing out my iphone tomorrow.

  43. Spread this to the world :

  44. Samsung needs to blast commercials in key regions, purely for marketing purposes. They need to continue with the thought-provoking and caring message, versus trying to hire some actors to talk into a beta version of a search engine in awkward scenarios.

  45. Apple might have won the battle, but they haven’t won the war.

  46. Sure is odd how none of these individuals read the headline as: “Samsung rips off Apple, has to pay $1 Billion Fine”.

  47. Sure is odd pro apple fans don’t realize apple is guilty of stealing ideas from other manufactures as well.

    1. “But Teacher! EVERYONE does it, so why are you picking on me?”

      Sorry, but that excuse didn’t even work back in Grade School.

      So if Apple has stolen too, then they also deserve to get punished, because anything less is ethically inconsistent and a mark of hypocrisy.
      Of course, under the principles of ‘innocent until proven guilty’, now all that is required is to find evidence of the first part of the conditional statement – – until the, there is no assumption that Apple is guilty despite not having been caught.

  48. Whew! Boy I’m dizzy from all of this spin!!!!

  49. Anyone who has ever been called for jury duty knows they select the most ignorant people possible from the pool to be on cases

  50. Much the same thing happened in the 1990s when Apple sued Microsoft over Windows. Then Apple lost, but the real impact was that most PC users concluded that even Apple agreed that Windows was like the Mac OS.

    And if Samsung decides to appeal, citing a jury so biased that it claims to have decided its votes on the first day of the trial, then they’re reap even more advantages from all the publicity. All these news stories in advertising on a scale it could never afford.

  51. Read this and you will probably have another vision of this history ;)

  52. I think Samsung’s press statement was superb. They highlighted that this loss is a loss for the consumer as it means the precedent has been set for them to have little to no choices in the market if Apple have their way. For some that might be a good thing as they don’t want to think about technology but for most it will be a monopoly and dictatorship if the courts keep giving Apple favors.

  53. I don’t want to use the word “same”… Because the Android ecosystem and UI is much different than an Apple iPad. At the core, they do the same things. The difference is how they do them, and the overall look. Some people literally get iPhones and iPads because it is an Apple product, so Samsung won’t get any wins on that end.. But to the consumer who wants something cheaper and (unknowingly) with a better performance edge than iOS and even Mountain Lion products… Samsung is going to probably benefit from this loss.

  54. this court case just totally ruined Apple’s image all together.
    To patent something rectangular with rounded corners?

    Is the initial reaction of London Uni students!!!!!

  55. so Samsung devices look like apple devices acording to the jury pool,and we all know how stupid they are.

  56. The contrived notion of people sitting in a Starbucks, of all places, coming to the epiphany that they were ‘ripped off’ doesn’t strike anyone here as just a bit funny if not downright ironic?

  57. Apple needs to stop all this suing crap!! Let the markets and technology grow. They just need to try and keep up. Everyone is not trying to only copy apple as they think. They being greedy and only want to monopolize the smartphone market. I will never buy a apple product for there claims. Samsung was only giving what customers wanted. Bigger and better screens etc. Don’t let apple get away with this!!!!!!!

  58. So you want Samsung to create commercials….which cost money….to make the point that their devices look like apple devices….after they just spent millions and got fined one BILLION trying to prove that they didn’t copy the look of Apple devices?


  59. Jeez you guys. This isn’t personal its business. As android users..,,you aren’t even the customer in the business model..advertisers are. Remember that. Samsung doesn’t know you or care about you. They want to make 7 points on a hardware infrastructure sale so you will use their platform to give Google your personal info so they can sell it to their real customer….paying advertisers.

    Apple customers don’t buy or return purchase on price….because the don’t shop on price….they shop on experience….and everyone knows it.

    Your friends story is sour grapes and its fantasy. Macbook owners love their macbooks….they don’t have buyers remorse on the investment.

    If they were concerned with cost they would have bought a short cheap ass nexus 7 like me who doesn’t care that some pixels are dead and the screen is lifting And tacked down with scotch tape…..and a fire sale HP laptop that cost about the same as the nexus 7….both cheap….because I’m cheap. And I like cheap plastic and stuff that doesn’t work well because it reminds me that I’m ghetto…..and I got a ,deal,

  60. “seems to work better than Asian models”
    Next time with a little less racism, Edgar.

    And a little more insight.

  61. Samsung is working at being the leading edge in smartphones. All their advertising has been focused on that. To say they are the same as an iPhone is wrong. They’re superior. They’ve spent billions building devices that exceed the quality and functionality of the iphone. Now they have to double down on their efforts to overcome public perception once again.

  62. Strange but the article has some truth to it. 6 of my associates all switched from Apples to Androids after testing my Nexus 4G after Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade from Google. Personally after appeal the award will be sliced in half (they always are) and the case was in CA the MOST OVERTURNED ON APPEAL DISTRICT IN THE FEDERAL SYSTEM.

    And yes 1 Billion is a lot but nothing to a Company who managed to earn that 1/4ly for the past 3 years. The judgement has probably been sitting in reserve since Apple’s filing.

  63. My brother works at Radio Shack and yesterday had a mother and daughter
    come in. The Daughter was getting a phone, was going to get an iPhone,
    but on the ride in they were reading stuff online, I’m assuming from the
    mothers phone. When the daughter saw the whole Apple Samsung lawsuit
    she decided to go with a Samsung phone, ’cause it’s just as good, and
    has a bigger screen.

  64. Google needs to hammer home “don’t be evil” and show how evil Apple is being.

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