Spec Sheet For GT-I9260 Pops Up – Could Samsung Be Cooking Up A Galaxy Nexus Plus?


When it comes to Samsung, they seemingly have a never ending supply of Android devices, blanketing the the smartphone market with phones in every spec, shape, size, and color. I guess that’s why this story makes a lot of sense. It’s been rumored since earlier this year that Samsung could be cooking up a refreshed Galaxy Nexus, to update the aging Nexus’ spec sheet. The boys at SamMobile got their hands on this purported spec sheet for the Samsung GT-I9260, with a model number fitting the device square between the current Galaxy Nexus (I9250), and the Galaxy S3 (I9300).

The spec sheet goes onto to list some upgrades to some the specs that many have felt held back the Galaxy Nexus from true greatness like it’s poor processor, horrible camera sensor, and lack of expandable memory. As you can see from the above spec sheet, an updated 1.5GHz (unspecified processor) A9 processor has been listed and could be the higher-end OMAP 4470 with beefier PowerVR SGX544 GPU. Also listed is an 8MP rear camera with 1.9MP front facing camera which, if bringing along with it an improved camera sensor, could mean drastically better picture quality. The display is also listed as matching that of the Galaxy S3, improving the quality of the original. The most shocking update is the inclusion of an SD card slot, something die-hard Android users have been vocal about the Galaxy Nexus lacking (along with any other new Android device launching without).

Exciting? Most definitely. That is, if true. I guess the next question we should ask is when can we expect this rumored Galaxy Nexus Plus to launch, and if it’s possible to have too many Nexus phones at one time? Nah.

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  1. Never A Bad Idea To Make To Many Nexus Devices

    1. Best and most true comment.

    2. Why Is Every Word Capitalized?

    3. Yes it is a bad idea. Google needs to keep their Nexus line simple.
      First of all, they should never have let Samsung throw in the “Galaxy” term. It should have simply been the “Nexus,” and not “Galaxy Nexus.” Now it has to get more confusing with “Galaxy Nexus Plus?”

      Keep it simple Google and have tighter control over your Nexus line. Is it a Samsung Galaxy or is it your Flagship Nexus device?

      Secondly, if Google is to release the rumored 5 Nexus phones this coming fall from 5 different manufacturers then again keep it simple.

      HTC Nexus or (Nexus by HTC), not HTC One-X Nexus
      Motorola Nexus, not Motorola Droid Razr Nexus Maxxx
      Sony Nexus, not Sony Xperia S Nexus
      Asus Nexus, not Asus Padfone Nexus Infinity
      Samsung Nexus, not Samsung Galaxy Nexus Plus

      You get my point.

      1. they never said they were going to release 5 new nexus phones this fall.

        they said they are releasing 5 nexus devices this year.
        they’ve already released 2, the nexus 7 and nexus q. if rumors from the beginning of july are to be trusted, another of them will be a 10″ nexus tablet. that leaves 2 more nexus devices, one of which will absolutely be a phone (since they release one per year, and officially the Gnex released last year).

        1. Um wrong, Google never said anything about releasing 5 nexus devices this year, it was always just a rumor, and you apparently understood the rumor wrong.

          Unless both me and Kevin Krause of Phandroid both misunderstood. He just wrote this article today stating “This wouldn’t be the first time we have heard rumors that Google plans to release up to five new Nexus phones by the end of year.”

          Notice he wrote “five new Nexus phones.”

          Aug 21st, 2012 1:59pm

          btw, I personally think the rumors about 5 new phones are wrong, I think Google will do what you stated above and end up with 5 Nexus Devices.
          Nexus Q, Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, and release Nexus 10 and a new Nexus phone to total 5.

      2. It could easily just be the new Galaxy Nexus. Xperia nexus sounds good and HTC calling one the new nexus one is fine. They can follow their line of products with naming just need to keep it simple. Each nexus gets developed by a manufacturer and they include their own flavor which should allow them to use their name they would like plus the word nexus. I do wish that they would only put the manufacturer name and the word nexus on the device though.

      3. :| But you really did just complain about the names… But at the end of the day when your desired phone is in your hand, will it matter?

  2. Who wants to bet Motorola and the other big manufactures make have a Nexus in store this month? It all seems like they have an extra device in the leaked information tables from manufactures.

  3. What would be the point of this with new Nexus devices around the corner? Maybe this IS Samsung’s new Nexus device, an updated GNex while another manufacturer releases a higher-spec’ed Nexus…both with Key Lime Pie (or a newer version of Jelly Bean).

    1. Yeah, I’m still hoping every major OEM will release their own Nexus device supported by AOSP. Nothing was mentioned at I/O but I’m not losing hope :)

      1. Agreed, the best move they could make is making it available on all of the carriers! of course, I have Verizon……and another nexus is most likely not in the cards……

  4. Meh. Whatever I guess. Dual instead of the S3 quad? Yeah I’m SUPER excited…. But not. :/

    1. They gotta keep the price down low so they wont lose out on too much money when Google sells it for $350 in the Play Store..

      1. Yeah I suppose. Just a bummer when devices get refreshed with only minute updates. I mean they’re needed additions… But things that honestly, it should have launched with. 5mp and a weak sensor was a joke from day one and so was the processor :(

        1. Do people have problems with the speed of the Gnex? Mine is all buttery and sexay.

          1. Was it buttery pre jelly bean? I want a CDMA nexus with an S4 processor and at least a 2,000 mAh battery. The ti won’t cut it on sprint LTE.

          2. It was smooth pre jelly bean but not as. I use an extended battery for obvious reasons. A larger battery would be one of the best upgrades they could do.

      2. Let’s just hope they don’t something stupid like giving a carrier an exclusive on the device. Google really screw up giving Verizon an exclusive American release. The unlocked version should have been available in the U.S. right from the beginning.

      3. Hasnt Xiaomi already showed us that a high end phone can be made while sacrificing the absurd high end price with the Mi-Two?

  5. This is nice but nexus are not available in India on a wider scale I mean a few online retailers keep it but that too with no official warranty so no use for me! :(

    1. Thats because there is not a big market in india sure they have a lot of people but unlike in other countries not every one of them can buy a nexus if they wanted too

  6. Makes sense to me. With every new nexus phone came a new version of Android. However JB has just been released and there won’t be an update for some time. So releasing a Galaxy Plus would be a solution.

  7. No SD Card please!

    1. If it’s only going to have 16GB of internal storage of which only about 12GB will be available there better be a sd card slot. Hopefully the sd card slot will be expandable up to 64GB…

    2. Why Is it bad to have an sdcard slot? If you don’t want one dont use one.

    3. Blasphemy!! O.O

  8. Exactly what I needed. Bring it!

  9. People you really don’t use your brains to much…. Google stated that jo nexus device will have sd card slot.
    Google will have to add and support and on top of that announce new nexus as it’stheir brand not sSamsung…. Can’t see that happening

  10. I hope HTC’s 5+ inch phone is the Nexus

    1. That is my prediction.

  11. Let the next Nexus comments begin!!! I have been waiting for this ever since the Nexus 7 came out. I love all the speculation about what the next Nexus device will be like.

    That being said, I believe this report is bogus. First, the Galaxy Nexus has an HD screen. Second, the processor seems too lame for the next Nexus. I would expect either a quad-core or a A15 dual core device. Finally, I doubt there will be an SD card. I think Google has dropped the SD card because they are trying to push the cloud (e.g. Google Music).

    I am also disappointed these specs don’t even match up to the original Nexus Prime specs of a year ago. If you are going to report specs for the next Nexus device, go big!!!

    1. Compare the specs between the Nexus One and the Nexus S and come back here.

      1. I am not talking about the actual device. I am talking about the leaked specs. Last year, the “Nexus Prime” leaked specs were spectacular. I was just a little bummed that these leaked specs were lame for leaked specs. I would expect more realistic leaked specs closer to the announcement of the next Nexus device(s).

        I also think there is nothing spectacular about this device to make it the next Nexus device. The Nexus One was a spectacular device. The Nexus S while incremental introduced NFC. The Galaxy Nexus introduced 720p screens. I hardly think bringing back SD cards is enough for this to qualify as the next Nexus device since this was a feature in the original Nexus. Perhaps the only was the SD card slot could be spectacular is if it is SDXC and supports 2 TB capacity. For now, I consider the specs bogus.

    2. Nexus devices are really not top of the line specs. They are more like an affordable benchmark for OEMs to see how well android can and should run even on mid range hardware. It’s also supposed to provide a great Android experience for a reasonable price to the masses.

      1. When released, they are top of the line in some aspect or another. The N1 pushed the envelope with processor speed (and capacitive buttons). The NS removed the removable storage and really upped the ram/internal storage capabilities. The Gnex pushed the screen resolution, as well as introduced the new soft buttons.

        There’s more to life than a faster processor, hell, faster processor means higher battery consumption, so really if you don’t need that much power, why put it in?

  12. So….yea. that chick in the pic is hot. whats up whats O_o. oooweh.

      1. Co za asy

      2. Why I clicked the link, ty sir!

  13. Nice! Nothing Julie Hwang can scoff at here.

    1. The pic in the article has a pogo dock on the side and the Plus does not.

  14. Let’s hope samsung does not give it touchwiz.

  15. meh, frickin pentile screen

    1. does not matter…..Most of us don’t hold the screen an inch from our face! O.o

      1. Just because you can’t notice doesn’t mean others don’t. Pentile is quite simply a lesser screen technology, don’t apologize for Samsung’s choices. They can and have done AMOLED without doing pentile, why should they be skimping on flagship devices?

  16. “The spec sheet goes onto to list some upgrades to some the specs that many have felt held back the Galaxy Nexus from true greatness like it’s poor processor, horrible camera sensor, and lack of expandable memory.”

    I don’t think that the Gnex has a poor processor, its not the processor found in the GSIII, but still good. Yeah sure, its older hardware, but it wasn’t “poor” when it launched.

    I dont think the camera takes very bad pictures and it is lighting fast, especially with jelly bean installed.

    The lack of expandable memory wasn’t great, but at least the Verizon version came with 32 GB stock.

    But obviously I hope the next Nexus has better specs. I am hoping for the Exynos Quad core processor or a Cortex A-15, 8 MP camera and Expandable storage. I have no issues with the current Gnex Screen.

    1. I agree with some of what you said but you need to remember that the nexus one and nexus s both launched with a 5 mp camera…….That was a bad move by samsung and google. There was no excuse for them not putting an 8mp camera on the phone!

      On that note, I love my Gnex, but my droid incredible took way better pictures! By a lot!

  17. If the nexus has a sd card slot and better speakers, im sold

  18. Darn I just bout the Galaxy Nexus….

  19. anyone else notice the the streak of light curving to the screen form factor? i could be wrong, not entirly clear. Hope the screen isn’t THAT curved, that just looks, and probably feels, awkward.

    1. That’s the original teaser poster for the Galaxy Nexus…if you look REALLY close, you’ll see that it’s an optical illusion of sorts…the screen doesn’t completely confirm to the steak of light.

      1. Mmmmm… steak of light.

  20. the camera in the galaxy nexus is freaking aweful. what a nice phone but that camera was an embarrasement. terrible pics.

    1. this is what stopped me from getting it. I use it everyday and record tons of video. happy with the s3. but i might want the next nexus

    2. Then maybe you should use a camera to take pictures instead of a phone.

  21. Click-Bait. Why can’t we see a bigger image of the girls you put in the thumbnails to the articles? When i click on the article, I expect to see a bigger image of the girl fishing the phone out of the pot.

      1. WOW thank you for sharing this, you’re our savior. She’s got DSL…..

    1. install ‘hover zoom’ as an addon to your chrome browser, then hover your mouse on the thumbnail, voila, larger image (full resolution)

  22. I will buy that goddamn thing this very second!!!

  23. im on the GT-i9250

    overclock to 1.5

    disappointing wiht the new model , the i9250 looks to be the btter value

  24. We can NEVER have enough Nexus devices!!

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