New Nexus rumors heat up, DoCoMo doc suggests handsets from LG, Sony, Samsung


Earlier today came word of a possible new Nexus device from Samsung, but that might have been just the tip of the Google-branded phone iceberg. If we are to believe a report coming from japanese site Android Noodles, NTT DoCoMo shows at least three Nexus devices on their roadmap, one each from LG, Sony, and Samsung. This wouldn’t be the first time we have heard rumors that Google plans to release up to five new Nexus phones by the end of year.

The names given for the devices include the Samsung Galaxy Nexus II, which makes sense given the GT-I9260 model number leaked this morning, LG Optimus Nexus, and Sony Xperia Nexus. If the rumors pan out, it seems apparent that Google’s new Nexus line seeks to combine manufacturer flagship brands with the Nexus name, leaving open the possibility for an HTC Nexus One X, though it isn’t mentioned in the report.

If the convention holds true, it would be a watershed moment for the Android industry. Major manufacturers would essentially offer their top-of-the-line hardware in a stock Android flavor with easy access to future OS updates. That’s enough to satisfy any fanboy’s wet dream.

[via AndroidNoodles]

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  1. WTF?!?!

  2. Optimus Nexus? Galaxy Nexus 2? Please say this names are not for real.

    1. Nexus Optimus would be nice by the name is cool either way.

      1. Too many syllables.

        1. Not nearly as bad as the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. lol

          1. You are so right about that. I sell that phone daily haha

  3. This is why I’ve never owned a nexus. Software can be replaced for those of us in the root community. You’re likely stuck with hardware for 2 years. I’ll take a bleeding edge device and wait for the dev community make the software great

    1. I don’t get it though. Why worry too much about hardware? The software is made for phones with the lowest hardware. So the more powerful the processor, the faster it’ll be. But it won’t be a tremendous difference. And games don’t become graphically enhanced because one phone came out with laptop specs. Games upgrade like once a year. So older specs won’t hinder your phone useless.

      You shouldn’t sweat too much over the hardware.

    2. I hear you but that is why I see those phones as a fail because the fact that only 1% of Android users are actually rooted so you guys are the minority but for people who don’t want to root then at least they have a readily available phone that can stand toe to toe with any other phone and it’s called a Nexus.

    3. Thing is, this is a contradiction in itself. You might get a better camera, slightly faster processor with…say…an S3 over a Nexus but the developer community doesn’t show it nearly as much love. The Nexus’s have way more root options than the bleeding edge handsets you refer to and are way faster to get updates on custom roms as well. For example, CM10 always hits the Nexus’s first.

  4. I think a lot of thought went into this. Google is putting out a product that will appeal to fans of all the major manufacturers. This is a very wise move to take after creating desire with earlier Nexus offerings. Google wants to welcome everyone to the Nexus party.

  5. This is worst move Google could have made. Instead of building a name brand that the masses can recognize, They are going to confuse buyers with all the different branded nexus phones. They should follow Samsung’s lead by releasing one model of a phone on all carriers. This is the only way people will actually recognize android. Until then I will always have people ask me “what kind of droid do you have?” (I own an Evo lte)

    1. LOL “Droid” has fell into the shadow of “Android” and “Galaxy S” a long time ago.

      I don’t even know people with a “Droid” anymore.

    2. Nexus is the Google “brand” name. It means updates to the os/apps/software directly from Google as opposed to waiting on carriers who want to push newer products with newer os choices. This is a good move. It means Google will tie itself directly to Nexus devices put out by other manufacturers.

  6. Who is flagging everyone’s comments as abusive? Some troll apple sheep that got separated from the flock?

  7. i hope these are some sort of candidates… in a bid for the next nexus atm and not all going to be released. I want nexus brand to be a device picked every year with manufacturers COMPETING for the prestige of being selected to carry the banner so to speak. Releasing 3 of these would effectively dilute that prestige imo.

    One more thing. I love sammy, love my gnex, but i wouldnt mind seeing another company take a stab at the nexus. That’s one refreshing thing about nexus7. it wasn’t the nexus tab lol. But if no one else can top sammy atm so be it too.

  8. Sony nexus would be very nice with its new Rs camera sensor, or another HTC nexus (but not until they fix the tinny recording video mic)

  9. Shiz my choices just got so much harder >.>, before there was only one nexus now i will have to choose between 3 diff nexus’s >.> fudge which will i choose, if my decision was on brand name alone I would go with Samsung and Sony, but what if lg comes out with beast hardware, shiz just got real.

  10. I want a Motorola Nexus RAZR MAXX HD. The battery life and no MotoBlur alone would make this a winner

    1. I hope Moto makes something with a larger screen. 4.3 is no longer the sweet spot.

  11. Oh my gosh!! Qwerty Nexus!! That is all I ask for. Let it be my Christmas present.

    1. What year are you in 2006?

      1. Maybe I prefer Qwerty because I’m tired of making errors. I have to use SwiftKey if I want a keyboard that knows I was trying to type “the” not “tue”. I have to use the stock ICS Keyboard if I want it to know that I wanted space, not ‘b’ or ‘v’. I have to use ThumbKeyboard if I want to choose what 2nd symbols I have on my main keyboard.

        I’m tired of having to switch keyboards every week because I keep typing differently every so often. Qwerty’s solve my issues. So…?

        1. Well practice makes perfect. It took me about two days to learn how to type on a touch screen when I came from my old dumb phone in 2008. You know that one day there probably won’t be anymore querty phones.

          1. I know. The stock ICS fixes my most annoying problem. When I try to press space and it presses ‘b’ or ‘v’. So I just use that.

            I can see a day with no QWERTYs due to the lack of demand.

          2. the QWERTY should not be underestimated. There is always a nostalgia with it, not to mention one can type faster with less errors.

  12. I am totally gunning for a Motorola Droid Nexus as the last device if we do not get the HTC Nexus One X

  13. LG should GTFO and be replaced with HTC.

    Anyways, Sony will make the sexiest android phone ever. I just hope the specs aren’t outdated like their usual handsets…

    1. I entirely agree with your LG sentiment. I’ve never even looked at a Sony before since there has always been something wrong with them.

    2. Tell me one Android phone that isn’t easily outdated in 2 months? I used to say the exact same thing but then so many people kept saying how the current Nexus was easily on par or better then most phones after 12 months so I stopped caring. It is the software that really makes the phone better, just because you get a 8 core processor doesn’t mean that apps will look better.

      1. The Galaxy S series usually retains top-specs for about 6 months. Though if you’re comparing software, the Nexus line is the best (usually).

        1. Yeah, as a comparison to what I was talking about, I put ICS on my friends Galaxy S1 and it is almost just as fast as my Galaxy Nexus. This an example of how software is more important because before I did that TouchWiz with that early 2010 hardware was very slow.

  14. Isnt LG known to make good hardware but crappy software? Since the Nexus will be stock android straight from google you get the best of both worlds there I say.

    1. Their G2x was stock and it was virtually unusable. I had to replace stock with CM7. I still tear up over that.

  15. This could be good for android itself as well as Google. Even though there software will come from several manufacturers it shouldnt matter as it will be a nexus branded device, hence a Google phone. This should allow choice if you want stock android. One might have q better GPU, one might have a better camera, so on and so forth.

  16. For the love of tech let the Sony rumor be true. That phone will look amazing. I guarantee it.

    1. especially since the sony phones will have advanced playstation games on it with gud graphics. Ive never had a sony phone but if they do a nexus im getting it

  17. Though this is a pipe dream, I hope one of the potential 5 is LTE and can be purchased from the play store off contract. I love my galaxy nexus and verizon has great service……I doubt it will happen but I would buy it in this scenario!

  18. I hope this pans out because the choice is great for consumers.

  19. Asus needs to step in with a Nexus Prime.

    1. Nexus iPhone. Think about it. just trolling…….

  20. Tried posting this one already, but that post was apparently deleted. First off, the site which is hosting the “doc” is not Japanese. It’s out of Hong Kong and you’ll get better results out of Google Translate by setting the source language to Chinese ;)

    Next, the “doc” is question is BS. It was posted as a sort of wish list / list of expectations to 2channel, a large, anonymous Japanese board. The person who posted it was mainly ignored, though some took the time to flame him for posting his “delusions.”

    However, the list got picked up first by a Taiwanese Site, then a Hong Kong site, and finally here and other places, but sorry, it’s BS.

  21. I thought the rumor was that there will be 5 Nexus “Devices”. We got the Nexus 7 and there is also a rumor about a 10in Nexus tablet and now these 3 phones so that makes 5.


    1. That Nexus 10…. If it comes in at the rumored $299 base-model price I’m all over it. I pre-ordered the 16GB Nexus 7 and, I have to admit: this little guy is amazing. Rooting/unlocking/flashing has literally become just a series of mouse clicks now-a-days. It’s what Nexus devices are basically made for. This could be a serious boost for Android and cut down on carrier caused fragmentation.

  22. I still have an ancient phone for this. Please be true!

  23. HTC Nexus two?

  24. Multiple nexus devices gives a lot of choices to consumers…i hope they make it available at different price points….

  25. Oh god, that would be awesome. I hope we finally get to see a top phone that comes with stock Android.

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