iPhone Users Are Sad and Alone, That’s Why The iPhone 5 Will Be Perfect For Them [Video]


Show me an iPhone user and I’ll show you someone who is more present on Instagram and Tumblr than they are in real life. Honestly, what else is the “phone” good for? I don’t know if that says more about the iPhone’s (admittedly wonderful) camera, or if iPhone users are just terribly lonely individuals with a phone that can’t do much more than snap really nice pics.

I guess that’s why Apple is deviating from their would famous “patented” rectangle design for their upcoming iPhone 5, instead opting for something a little more… bulky. But hey, if it’s one thing Apple knows, it’s not only how to work the US patent system — but it’s their customers. ;)

Okay, in all honesty I’d be lying if I said I didn’t know a few Android users who fit into this parody video as well. Maybe it’s just a sign of our times; the “internet age” or what have you, but I think this rings true with many smartphone users in general. This is what we’ve become. So the next time we’re out at an intimate breakfast/lunch/dinner with some friends or the significant other, let us try our best to put our phones down and try, you know, living.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I don’t think we should try to put anyone in a box based on what phone they have.

    1. All in good fun :)

    2. True

  2. Why is this site (and the community in general) constantly full of Apple bashing? It’s really immature and it says a lot about what this community has become. No, I don’t particularly like iOS, but that’s my personal preference. I know many people who are quite happy with their iDevices and honestly, power to them. I’m going to get downvoted to hell for this, but once again it says a lot about what this community has become.

    1. If it was funny and a stereotype about android users, I’d still be laughing. People get too up tight about everything. Just enjoy the comedic value of the video. :)

    2. Wow really? Have you been to the CrApple forums? If you want to say the people here are immature because they bash CrApple product maybe you should go do some reading on the other site. They are 10x worse than anyone here. With that said Im all about choice. The “differences” in our devices goes along with part of making us an individual and not just a copy of the person next to us.

      1. You’re worse than the Apple fanboys.

        1. Hardly.

    3. If you think the bashing is bad here, you should visit some apple fan sites.

    4. You’re the one that’s uptight. Take your seriousness elsewhere.

  3. The iSheep will be lined up for hours for this phone!!! Witty comments from Siri. What more can you ask for in a phone?

    Does it come in white? Or will it take Apple nine months longer to figure out how to make it in white?

  4. I don’t find it funny when the Android community is constantly bickering, while the same intolerance is not present from the Apple community. Seems like most of the community is more occupied with Apple bashing, and not product itself. Some of the Android community acts like middle-schoolers discovering online forums.

    1. Negative. Plenty if not more Android bashing on Apple sites.

    2. i sometimes go to the apple sites and they are relentless in their assertion that android is an inferior iphone knockoff and Android users are simply cheapskates who can not afford an iphone. Many of the folks on those sites seem to wrongly believe that apple invented the smart phone and much of the tech that goes into them. Apple as a company is trying their best to ban the very products that i choose to purchase over iphones as well as many of their functions which directly effects me as a consumer. If the android community is comprised of middle-schoolers, than the apple camp are some naive preschoolers getting some serious nap time. These guys are dreaming!

    3. Do you not remember the iOS Instagrammers bashing Android users to not follow them. They feel they are superior because they finally were able to convince their parents to buy them a $200+ Apple iPod Touch with cellular connectivity to be like their fellow celebrities. They would use quotes like ” yuck don’t follow if you have an Android”. Couldn’t wait to leave that stuck up community. Always waited for the mobile windows platform to challenge iOS because I am a Windows guy myself. They just couldn’t offer me the power and freedom that these Android phones offer me now.

      1. Well said :) I’m a Windows man too, but android all the way.

    4. You must’ve missed the “#Android? eww” when instagram was released for Android.

    5. Really? when’s the last time you visited an Apple fan site? They are RUTHLESS with their insults, not to mention the ignorance, and lack of knowledge. At least the Android fans here make educated comments.

  5. My Galaxy S3 works perfectly as intended and never force closes. Are you smoking the same crack Apple’s lawyers do?

    1. No but he’s certainly drinking the apple juice!

  6. I was trying to be tongue in cheek like the article. I will admit that I was sarcastic about the white iPhone. Why did it take Apple so long to make the iPhone 4 in white? Perhaps they were filing a patent on making a white phone.

    Have you ever used an Android phone? I think the user interface of Android 4.x is way better than iOS now. Google has done a great job of refining the UI. I actually have owned two iOS devices. Frankly, I find iOS frustrating. The UI is limiting to me. I didn’t like that I had to exit an app everytime I left and and restart it all over again. You have to admit notifications sucked in iOS until they copied Android’s unobtrusive notification system. I hated that some stupid notification would pop-up in the middle of a game in iOS like it was the most important thing in the world and had to stop me from what I was doing.

  7. Might be a coincidence but most people I met who own iphone seem to be uptight and nit picky. Still can’t understand why anyone witch tech knowledge would want one. 3g is dated. The guy complaining about the lag is evidentally to lazy to research how to root and debloat his android. With so many better android phones and tablets i think people who buy ipad ipod iphone don’t want to do any research. Seems like reading and research is like cryptonite to them. They’d rather stay behind in the dark.

  8. I don’t understand this reverse logic. Why would an operating system change the way anyone uses a phone?

    If people use Instagram and social networks to take photos of food, that’s an indication of how people behave when they can rapidly take and share photos online. I see no reason to believe that someone owning an iPhone is generally more alone than someone owning any other brand of phone.

  9. The reason your IPhone running smoother, because it has nothing on it to use, more than what Apple want to do. Android it`s open mind and open platform… So you better check your info. but Android phone running really smoother.

  10. Dude I’m entitled to my opinion. Banning the competition is anti competition and anti American. Wouldn’t care what if anyonw did if apple would leave android manufacturers alone. You yourself are blind if you cannot see android has many more features. Why don’t you join the ifans?

  11. Laugh people……geesh a lot of stuffy folks lately! Life really is not so serious!!!

  12. TASTELESS, IMMATURE AND INAPPROPRIATE! (Note: please ignore the fact that I posted it on Facebook…)

  13. I don’t know why I read the comments sometimes, but I guess (fan)boys will be (fan)boys.

    An a neutral note, this ad is really quite funny and can be aimed at many Iphone users, but we’ve all come across the droves of DSLR carrying hipsters (roles eyes) whom this video applies to as well.

  14. Nice video…..nice iphone….lmao


  16. The iPhone is a good phone. Let’s just be honest about it. But Android is much better in my opinion, so I favor that. But people do act like he does in the video. I mean honestly, there is nothing over the top about any of the iPhones. I mean the first one was awesome because there were no phones like it at its time. Now so many phone surpass it. The iPhone is really simple actually. It’s a trophy. I want because it’s popular. Apple just refuses to do more and change so they sue. They sue over things that are legal but dumb. They sue about things that make a cell phone period. They sue over standard things like they made it up, when in fact that is a standard. That’s what makes it a cell phone or smartphone.

  17. A no fun iPhone yes no crashes . A Jailbroken with but more possibilities and customization crashes almost as often as a Metro PCS Android running Froyo without a task manager. But can’t compare your silly iPhone to my S3, you’ll make it angry.

  18. android is “cheap as fawk” cause its open source… which means free, i know apple doesn’t believe in this and would want you to think android is inferior because of it’s price tag but its not. have fun trolling the android world little boy :) your certainly no iron horse

    1. Maybe he got this impression from a Disney show for little kids.

  19. Works as intended-you mean like that antenna on the iphone 4 or Siri on the iphone 4s? I’m sorry but all you have is a shiny little toy.

  20. LOL!

  21. Have you ever actually owned an iPhone? I have, and i can tell you that it freezes alot too.

  22. The next iPhone is not the GD iPhone 5! It would be 6, if Apple hadn’t decided to drop numbers. It’s iPhone 6, or the new iPhone. The 4S was the 5th! Blogs should know better

  23. That was awesome video. It made my day. It was a nice reality check for Apple fans.

  24. The SLR camera manufacturers should be very scared of upcoming lawsuits against them for copying the iPhone 5.

  25. Lol, that was too funny. How the mighty has fallen.

  26. How is it perfect when it have the same shytty design after 4 recent models? just have LTE and a 4″ screen.

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