Huawei MediPad 10 FHD one step closer to arrival with FCC stop

The Huawei Mediapad 10 FHD is one of the company’s most highly-anticipated devices, and it looks like it’s gotten the green light to be sold here in the United States. Today’s stop at the FCC means we should be close to a launch, but it’s a bit hard to pinpoint when, exactly, that launch could happen.

Huawei caught the undivided attention of the tech world when they published a near two-minute video showing the device off in all its glory. While they are banking on the 10 inch 1080p display to be enough to grab sales there’s a lot more to like here.

It’ll house their home-brewed 1.2GHz quad-core processor which has a 16-core GPU, will run Android 4.0, and more. Take a look a that video above if you haven’t seen it before, and keep this one on your radar (yes, even with the Transformers and Galaxies of the world captivating millions). [FCC]

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  • JR69

    Looks nice, but so did the Tmobile 7 in version which turned out to be a slug.
    No one has benchmarked Huawai’s processor as of yet, so who know how good or bad it really is. Until that happens then this is a no go for me.

  • Tony Lai

    LOL, an extreme knock off of a Galaxy Tab 10.1 + Asus Transformer.
    Make this thing sub $300 and it will sell!

  • JerryBarcenas

    The screen is 1900 x 1200 homie …… ;-x