Sony’s Xperia Tablet improves on Tablet S design


A set of press renders of  Sony’s upcoming Xperia Tablet has leaked, providing our first good look at the next Android slate from the tech icon. Design elements have carried over from last year’s Tablet S, including its trademark folding edge. However, the fold has been better incorporated into the tablet’s streamlined stylings and appears mostly as an aesthetic flourish, though Sony may try to assign some sort of functionality to the bulge as they did with the Tablet S. The tablet does a great job bringing a touch of Xperia to Sony’s lineup of larger Android devices; it looks like the company plans to leverage the success of their handset lineup in pushing their latest slate. Expect to see this one unveiled later this month at IFA.

[via XperiaBlog]

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  1. You know, I really wouldn’t mind a Sony Nexus device. Their hardware designers do good work making distinct looking products.

    1. Yes, Sony have some good hardware designers… even the amazing innovative apple copied them

      1. Apple does not copy! Apple invented everything! Apple will sue you for using English, as they invented that as well.
        All hail Jobs!

        1. lmfaooo
          you funny. apple is crazy

          1. this is quietly the greatest comment ever!! lmaooooo +10000000

  2. Sony have everyone beat with they designs..

    1. Their sales beg to differ…..

  3. Sony are looking good these days. It seems they’re out of their doldrums.

  4. Looks more like the original draft we saw a long time ago.

  5. Why weren’t they Xperia devices from the beginning?

  6. hope it will be available in 2012… sonyz kinda slow with their releases…. i mean the xperia ion came out with an s3 processor and GB like a month ago and it was like 7 months after it was announced. Can it be any worse…

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