OUYA goes up for general pre-order, priced at $109 and shipping in April


The folks at OUYA aren’t letting the end of their Kickstarter campaign equal the end of their fundraising efforts. Now that initial goals have been exceeded and the company is hard at work improving the hardware and signing up game developers, pre-orders for the Android-based console have gone live at OUYA’s site. The price tag is slightly bigger for those that missed the chance to become an early adopter at $109, but the cost covers the console, a single controller (the console will support up to four) and shipping costs. While those initially funding the project should see the console in March, new pre-orders will have theirs delivered in April. Head over to the link below for more info.

[via OUYA]

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  1. Didn’t they hire some good designer guy? Am I the only one who thinks it’s ugly?

    Why is it so big? At least it looks that way in the photos…

    It seems like they should be able to make it the size of an Apple TV, or at least the Vizio Costar.

    1. the button on the top is about as big as the tip of your index finger. it’s like a 3-4″ cube.

      1. Wow. For some reason my brain was thinking it was bigger from that picture. The button looks about the size of a half-dollar… The screws on the side must be smaller screws, too. I was imagining the large, wood screws.

    2. It’s actually very small.

    3. If you go to there is a picture that gives you a good reference as to its relative size.

  2. Neat but I’ll wait till it comes out and see how useful it actually is.

    The think the design is fine.

  3. Good idea I guess, but I am going to wait until it is released and reviewed.

  4. My question is this. Since this got such a big positive response, why tegra 3? Most likely when this launches, tegra 4 is out in a few months (according to nvidia’s yearly new chip release). They could’ve made a deal with nvidia at this point to work something out.

    1. Not to mention this has the lower-end Tegra 3 used in the Nexus 7 (not the nicer chips like used in the Transformer Prime). I think there has been too many compromises Ouya had to make to fit their device into the $99-109 price point.

      1. Good point. I forgot about the lower end tegra. But you’d think that after hitting $5m+, they’d use some to allocate it to a higher clocked/spec’d chip or low end tegra 4.

        It makes me wonder because of all “major developers” jumping on and game(s) announced for after 2013. By that time…well you know.

        Then again, I guess I can see the money for use for an Ouya 2 (R&D) assuming the console does well.

  5. Waste

  6. pre-order this early out? No thanks. They could close up shop long before that crap hits the street, even if it does.

    1. why are you saying android is crap?

      1. “..long before that crap hits the streets”, He’s obviously referring to the OUYA, not Android, which has already hit the streets in case you didn’t know.

        1. but what so bad about it? i like it.

          1. People are scared that the ouya guys are just taking money in a scam. He is saying they could take the 8 million dollars they raised and just disappear off the grid never to be seen again. Its a big risk to invest in a company that isn’t tried and true. If you pre-order a Sony, or Microsoft, or Nintendo console, you know you will get it, because the company has shipped consoles in the past. This is the first ouya console. Personally I don’t believe it is a scam, but if it is, all the companies who pledged exclusive games and partnerships will feel very foolish and embarrassed. PR NIGHTMARE! LOL.

          2. This is why I wouldn’t fork over $100 for the kickstarter. There is no way to guarantee you will see anything. If you preorder with a credit card, your card covers against fraud so if you don’t see the product you can get your money back.

            I’ll just wait until next April and see how it’s doing.

    2. It’s not like people couldn’t mod it to be compatible with the next Android console…

  7. Not shipping until March. What’s the point.

    Kickstarters will get it first, so no point in pre-order to “get it first”. Right now your taking the risk with none of the reward of kickstarter.

    I will get one, if it comes out. After they announced XBMC support I was sold. Since it’s Android, hopefully Netflix will make an app.

    The controller is a bonus since it’s blueooth, and can be paired with my phone. So $70 media streamer (same price as Roku box) + $30 bluetooth controller = WIN.

  8. Title of article: “OUYA goes up for general pre-order, priced at $109 and shipping in April”

    Contents of article: “The price tag is slightly bigger for those that missed the chance to become an early adopter at $109”

    Not only am I not aware prices could be bigger (higher), but the title says the pre-order price is $109 while the article says the price tag is now higher than those that missed the chance of ordering it for $109..

    1. It was initially $100 when it was on Kickstarter. They failed to mention that.

  9. I’ll buy it if and when it actually makes it to the streets. And only if the reviews and dev support bring it media support ie hulu Netflix amazon prime etc. would have zero interest in gaming on this thing though. They won’t be able to put out 2007 Wii level graphics much less the 4th Gen Xbox stuff. if they target and market this right it could be successful.

  10. Lets see it in action first.

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