Samsung Galaxy S2 For NET10 Leaked – Prepaid Is Starting To Sound A Whole Lot Sweeter


After acquiring T-Mobile MVNO Simple Mobile back in May, it looks like Tracfone is still making big moves in the prepaid wireless space by adding yet another capable Android handset to their NET10 arm, this time with the Samsung Galaxy S2. A tipster linked us to the user manual for the device (SGH-S959G) which, as it stands, hasn’t been official announced, nor is it showing up on NET10’s website.

Samsung’s 2011 flagship will finally give NET10 customers the option of a high performance, dual-core device — one packing Samsung’s speedy Exynos processor no less. Since this is essentially a rebranded AT&T device, you can expect the Galaxy S2 to function on NET10 via AT&T towers, while enjoying a $45 a month, unlimited prepaid plan. Still no word on pricing for the SGS2 but we expect it to hit somewhere around $350. Anyone suddenly feeling tempted to join up with NET10?

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  1. Hopefully pre paid companies get even more powerful phones like this. It will give carriers like vzw and a t t a reason to lower prices if they don’t have exclusives on the best phones anymore.

    1. Check out Ting… they’ve had the GS II for a while… and just launched the Galaxy S III ! I’m seriously considering switching, even paying my verizon ETF and buying the phone outright I’d be saving money within 16 months or so remaining on my contract

  2. So they own Simple Mobile now? Couldnt you take any GSM (att or tmo) phone and use it?

    1. Actually, Net10 (along with its sister MVNO Straight Talk) already has a BYOD program for GSM phones.

    2. Tracfone no. Their other services (Straight Talk, Net10) yes.

  3. It’s also available for Walmart’s Family Mobile for $299. Tmo packaging with a Family Mobile sticker put on it.

  4. Rock solid gingerbread? Is not the same chipset and everything as my SGS2 then?

  5. Actually you can use Straight Talk/Net10 Sim card program and can bring any AT&T, T-Mobile, or unlocked GSM phone you want. You chose either an AT&T sim or T-mobile sim. I am running an AT&T Galaxy Note on Straight Talks 45 unlimited everything. In good coverage areas I get 8down/2up.

    The unlimited data isn’t truly unlimited.

    1. so they throttle you? after what 2gigs?

      1. They do not publish actual usage limits. Your miles will vary, but from experience of users on Howard forums the guess is 150mb daily limit and 2gb monthly limit.

        1. still sounds like a pretty good deal for the price! how’s the internet indoors?

          1. They use T-Mobile/AT&T towers depending on the device you activate :)

    2. What is the cap before you get throttled?
      And that’s $45 for unlimited minutes/text/and capped data?

  6. I left Verizon in July and bought an unlocked Galaxy S3 and switched to Straight Talk..I haven’t looked back :)

  7. I wonder which company this Net 10 Galaxy S2 will work on. I hope it has the Exynos.

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