Verizon will gladly take your money if you know about these secret Share Everything data tiers

If Verizon’s 10GB  of data for $100 per month seemed a bit pricey for the top tier of their new Share Everything plans, wait till you see the options they aren’t advertising. For power users that feel the need for a larger cushion of data to get them through the month, Verizon has confirmed a few “secret”  data plans that offer up to 20GB for $150 per month. Other unadvertised options include 12GB for $110/month, 14GB for $120/month, 16GB for $130/month, and 18GB for $140/month. Other Share Everything charges remain the same.

[via BGR]

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  • Mark2468

    Had considered leaving Sprint for Verizon before they made it mandatory for new customers to join the share everything plans, but I guess I’ll tough it out with Sprint with LTE already in my area, I can’t wait for my upgrade and now the waiting game.

    • tomn1ce

      They also have individual plans. They haven’t gotten rid of them yet.

  • Robert Manser

    I would like to know why would you use lte for data then start capping user’s. Why advertise that lte is blazing fast if it sucks data at a ridiculous rate. And yes I’m on Verizon and have unlimited with unlimited tethering and use about 150 Gigs a month. #Let the trollen begin.

    • Robert Manser

      Oh and by crap luck get a LTE signal in the country. And yes I tether Xbox Live, Netflix and tablets, laptops. No other data where I live.

      • No_Nickname90

        This still doesn’t make sense. One time, Tmo wasn’t throttling me even though they were sending me the notice telling me I was. Anyways, I reach about 30GB from streaming Netflix, like everyday; 2 people playing MMOs at hours of the time; friend of mine playing PSN; and about 2 other laptops on the internet. Understand this wasn’t all at once. LoL!! But like I said I only got like 30GB that month.

        The only way someone can POSSIBLY get that much is if you download like 3GB of data each day. And that’s VERY hard to do. Unless you have torrents… LoL!!

    • Daniel Rosseau

      I’m curious as to how you use that much? My home internet rarely tops 40gb a month. Granted I don’t have Netflix or anything like that but I just can’t figure out how people use that much internet. I stream off google music for hours a day and still don’t come close. Anyways, I would love to hear how you use that much.

      • Robert Manser

        Tethering my phone its the only internet that’s any good in the area. We don’t have Verizon fios, Time Warner, and DSL is so slow that getting to emails takes.about 20 minutes. And my line isn’t the only line we use for this. And I pay for mobile hotspot plan, I don’t steal it like others do.

        • Big_EZ

          the $30 dollar tether plan gets you only 5 gb for tether I think, but I know its not unlimited.

          • Robert Manser

            It’s unlimited it was a deal they ran last year.

          • Laarree Miiller

            They still have it. If you have a 4g phone with unlimited, then the hotspot feature they add doesnt have an allowance.

      • No_Nickname90

        I use lyk 2GB of data from streaming Google Music. LoL!! Music doesn’t take that much space. They’re pretty large, but you’ll make it through a month. =.P

      • David Cramblett

        Sorry, your not the norm. Why do you think Comcast has a 200GB limit for their consumer customers? Like you said “Your not using Netflix”, your not using like the rest of us. Music files have no where near the same size as downloading movies, or a whole seasons worth of an HD TV show.

        • Montisaquadeis

          By the way its 250gb for comcast not 200gb

    • blest


  • Big_EZ

    These aren’t secret plans. Your original article talked about adding each additional 2 gb for $10, thats all this is.

    • Robert Manser

      Now 2 for $10 isn’t bad, not great but better then 10 for 1.

      • Big_EZ

        Thats only if you pay monthly, that isn’t the overage charge (which I think is $10 or $15 for 1 gb)

  • tomn1ce

    I saw this option when the share everything plan went life. I play around with the plans to see how would this be beneficial to the consumers.The only way that this work out for a family is if they don’t use that much data and they open up a plan with 10 lines with the 20GB of data…that would be $150(data)+$400($40/device)=$550/10=$55 per line….plus what ever taxes and fees vzw charges. I’m calculating 2GB for every line but if they use less then that they can always change the plan for less data.

  • Chris

    Come on guys! What’s so surprising?
    The mobile comps are there to make money, and just only that.
    They are not there to look out for us the consumers, it’s all all about lining their pockets.
    Lte my foot. They go to bed at night, wake up in the morning thinking….how can WE make more money.
    Even when they are out on a date, sitting in the church for Sunday service, even at their wedding ……they are thinking… can WE milk em some more. I’m dead serious.

  • Christopher Cofield

    i pay 80$ for 20 gigs , back when they had buy 10G get 10G free, i don’t feel bad now i see how much it could be

  • Alejandro

    At over 10$ per gb no matter what plan you get its a bad plan.

  • bob

    what crap! I hotspot 5 different devices with my vzw gnex with unlimited LTE for $25 a month. I wonder how long before vzw goes around and takes those away? I know they say they won’t but with their recent insane moves it wouldn’t surprise me.

  • maclv

    Verizon says oh as a bonus you get free wifi hotspot. Reality is they have to give free wifi hotspot access since it is law for the spectrum they are using for thier LTE. So how can we make up the money we will lose since we can’t charge and extra 29 bucks for a service we need to give for free since it is law. Oh I know lets cap their data and charge access fees for all the devices that connect to it. Please package up some more garbage and tell me its Pie…..Of course the more the merrier since we will get all kinds of overage charges. Verizon NO way will I or anybody who has any brains ever decide to be capped or charged by GB for the internet. Imagine folks we let these companies get away with this and the next thing you know BAM your home internet provider will try and cap your usage..throttle your speed down. Criminal. And they want us to pay this much for download speeds of 5 to 10 MBS like this is supposed to be fast. Other countries like Japan have download speeds of over 100mbs…..check it out it will sicken you.

    • UMA_Fan

      It’s less about any of that and MORE about protecting potential lost revenue by people using voice minutes and text messages less. They ‘force’ you into an unlimited talk and text plan to make it seem like a value proposition but it’s more about them not wanting you to down your plan minutes and text message bundle and have you use VOIP and IM type services.

      It’s kind of like if cable companies FORCED you to get basic cable with every home internet subscription instead of letting you get internet by itself because people were streaming video more.

  • Yorik

    Cheap!!! Come to Australia, get raped for data!!

  • JulianZHuang

    im still on 29.99 for 4g unlimited….

  • AMbro86

    And this makes Verizon less or more of a money leech? I don’t really care as I won’t be paying over $100 just for data. Especially when my phone has WiFi and over WiFi I have true unlimited data. Eat that Verizon!