Motorola DROID 4 soak test to begin soon (Ice Cream Sandwich?)

Motorola DROID 4 owners will soon get to participate in an upcoming soak test. These tests are sent to a group of ¬†users who’ve signed up to Motorola’s feedback program, and the build getting tested usually heads out to the rest of the user-base a short time after (barring any unforeseen bugs, of course).

While a majority of these tend to be bug fixing updates there’s reason to believe this one could bring Ice Cream Sandwich. Motorola promised a landing date of Q3 2012 for the frozen treat, and a Motorola forum manager reminded people in an “ICS waiting room” thread to opt-in to the feedback program.

We won’t know until the update is actually headed out to testers, though, so let’s save the “hoorahs” until then. Hopefully things go off without an issue and everyone can take part in no time. [via Droid-Life]

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  • Carlos Vasquez

    i have also heard that Atrix 2 owners have been receiving soak test emails.

  • Matthew Merrick

    bout damn time =P

  • Ryan5609

    I don’t think I will ever buy another Motorola phone. They are so unbelievably slow with their updates. Moto + VZW = SLOOOOOOW updates. I bought a Bionic at release and used it for about 6 months while I waited and waited for ICS to come. And here we are, almost a year later and still no ICS for the Bionic. I switched to a Galaxy Nexus a few months back. I rooted and installed a custom JB ROM and it has been smooth sailing ever since then. Having the latest and great software outweighs having the latest and great phone.
    I will probably always own a Nexus phone from here on out.

    • Brandon Arrigo

      Even if its a Motorola Nexus Phone with Verizon?

      • Ryan5609

        I don’t see Moto making a Nexus phone anytime in the near future. They don’t seem like the type to sell a phone with vanilla Android and an unlocked bootloader. It seems like every Phone from Moto has had a locked bootloader and a custom UI.

        • MrSix

          and HTC and Samsung are any better? they’re both even more enthusiastic about their own UIs, Moto at least has been scaling theirs back a bit while it was already closest to stock out of the three of them to begin with.

          • Ryan5609

            Yes but HTC and Samsung have already made Nexus phones. If Motorola will make a pure Android phone that is unlockable, I wont have a problem buying one. I dont really care who makes it, just give me an unmodified Android experience, and I will be happy.

          • MrSix

            Yeah but Motorola made the Droid and the Xoom, those have to count for something right?

    • Simon Karpen

      I’ll second Ryan’s thoughts here – after the experience with the Bionic (current phone), I will never buy another Motorola phone. The lack of promised updates, combined with the flaky fixes and non-support, really is a deal killer. Next time around, it’s either a Nexus or an iPhone. Motorola clearly does not deliver, since they’ve been promising ICS “soon” for the Bionic for close to 9 months.

      Speaking of which, if the Droid Razr HD ships with ICS, it’ll be lucky to see JB in the first half of 2013. You have been warned!

  • BigCiX

    I feel sorry for Bionic owners.

    • BlueLetter

      Why? Not like we didnt know we’d be getting the update after the D4, that’s been public for ages now. This isn’t a surprise to anyone.

    • Weezer

      Why? I’ve been running super stable leaked versions of ICS for months now. I feel sorry for Droid 4 owners total lack of a development community anywhere.