Crazy Deals: HTC One X for $80 and Samsung Galaxy S3 for $120

If you are looking for a top-of-the-line smartphone, there is no doubt both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X are in your radar. Both devices offer the best specs around, great features and awesome performance. They both also come with a pretty hefty price-tag, though. Paying premium for the best smartphones in the world seems to be becoming part of the past, though. This weekend brings us some of the best deals we have seen in a while, offering both devices for a price we can’t refuse.

Amazon is selling the AT&T HTC One X for $79.99 and the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 for $119.99. They are both 16 GB versions. And while the HTC One X price applies to both new contracts and upgrades, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will cost a bit more for existing customers ($149.99).

You simply can’t go wrong with any of these smartphones. The only question remaining is whether you are willing to stick with, or switch to the devices’ carriers. If one of these sounds right, though, right now is about the best time to sign up.

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  • Jason Farrell

    A little early for a s3 price drop.

  • Pkmmte

    what about retail price

    • Edgar Cervantes

      That would be the same.

      • abc

        Of course it’s the same…price fixing to force people into contracts.

        • ClayRogers

          It’s not price fixing, the carriers are just able to offer you a discount because they stand to make many times that off you in service fees. The manufacturer on the other hand really only stands to lose money after the purchase on support calls and warranty claims.

      • Ben Kapferer

        Like it always is. ;(

  • bmg314

    Nope. This contract will be the last I ever have with any carrier.

    • Rasy Soeur

      i agree… i been off a carrier contract almost a year now. i just been using a cheap android pre-paid phone right now till the new nexus phone comes out then i’ll just buy one out and use it on simple mobile.

  • socalrailroader

    I could go wrong, Sprint doesn’t have service here, beyond roaming on USCC and VZ that is ;) :D Now AT&T, I’m good there ;) We also have T-Mobile and Metro PCS as well.

  • Alseddiq

    You should add this deal:
    at you can have T-Mobile galaxy s3 for $150 when choosing unlimited talk and text and 5GB data plan. Add this “TECH10LT” and take an extra 10% bringing the total to $135.
    Hint: you can change the data plan once you receive the device.

    • Erik Slavik

      I’ve had t-mobile before, and was charged $70 a line to change my plan to their new(then released) unlimited everything plan. It hurt my wallet, and led to me eventually dropping them.

      Something like changing data might not result in a fee, but I honestly don’t know, just guessing from experience.

      • Alseddiq

        this is weird, I have changed my minutes plan from unlimited to 500 min, and they told me it will reinstate the contract, and you have to wait for the next billing cycle for change to take effect. For data plans the change was immediate and there was no effect on contract length.