Aug 4th, 2012 publishUpdated   Aug 6th, 2012, 8:12 am

Ready to upgrade to that shiny Samsung smartphone? The Korean manufacturer has made it a bit more enticing to do so. It is now ready to buy your old smartphones if you are upgrading to a Galaxy smartphone.

The process is rather simple. After purchasing a Galaxy S2, Galaxy s3, Galaxy Note or “other Samsung phones,” one only needs to fill out a form straight from Sammy’s Facebook page and send out the used device. The form will ask you basic information about your older form. Does it work? Is the screen cracked? etc. After that, you send out your device and a check will come in the mail soon afterwards. They accept all kinds of smartphones; from BlackBerries to iPhones.

As expected, Samsung will not give you top dollar for your used smartphones. In fact, you are much better off selling it on your own. I know I can get $200 or more if I sold my Verizon Galaxy Nexus, which is significantly more enticing than the $130 that Samsung would offer me. Many prefer not dealing with the issues of selling a device, though, in which case a solution like this would be most convenient. Unless a store like Best Buy were down to give you more for it.

Also, you should be able to take advantage of this if you have recently purchased a Galaxy device. As the company stated: “If you’ve already purchased a new Samsung smartphone, have the proof of purchase handy.”

Personally, I would rather keep my device or sell it myself. But if you think this is the most convenient way to upgrade to a new Samsung smartphones, head over to the company’s Facebook page and fill out the form. But we are interested to see what you guys think is the best way to re-sell your no longer needed phones. Do you sell it to the carrier/store/manufacturer? Do you use services like Craigslist, Ebay or Swappa? What do you think is the most convenient and/or easiest?