New hack puts Google Wallet on Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3


Verizon’s history with Google Wallet has been tenuous, to say the least, with speculation that disagreements between the carrier and Google over the mobile payment service were a sore spot with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The more recent Samsung Galaxy S3 also lacks Wallet support when paired with Verizon’s network, but thanks to a newly developed hack the NFC-enabled phone can now make payments with the best of them.

The hack comes courtesy of Mike Beauchamp and Dustin Evans and of course requires a rooted handset and a little bit of experience tinkering with the software of an Android phone. After some tweaks you’re on your way to buying breakfast at McDonald’s or wherever you choose to go cash and card free. If you want to give it a for yourself, check out the link below.

[via XDA]

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  1. God I wish the writers would proofread the storiesthey submit. It is very annoying when every article is missing key words that change the story around. Learn how to write, please.

    1. Man I wish commenters would proofread the stories (space)
      they submit. It’s very annoying when
      every comment is riddled with errors making it hard to read. Learn how to write, please.

  2. is there an easy way to root the gs3 yet? wish it was as easy as my og

    1. Yes, it’s very easy. Go to the GS3 forums on XDA there are two methods.

      It’s actually easier than using adb and setting up the android SDK in my opinion. It’s as simple as downloading a file and flashing it to the phone via odin.

    2. just use the GS3FSRoot method on XDA. Much smaller download, quick, and easy as pie.

    3. ok thanks for the help

  3. is there an easy way to root the vz s3?

  4. It makes me a little uneasy to use a hack to get a secure financial app working.

  5. wallet is cool and all, but to be honest, I am disillusioned by it. FIrst, It needs to be able to draw from any card I put on it IMO. Second, it needs to be useable in more places. I have 1 gas station near me that I can use it, and nowhere else.

    1. Why can’t you use any card you want? I use an American Express to fund my google wallet. You use the google master card as a portal but fund it with whatever card you want. Lucky for me, there are lots of places to use google wallet (walgreens, whole foods, peets coffee which is mainly in the west coast). I’ve used it in a cab in NYC, Macys…

  6. Now only if we could get Google Wallet working on the Incredible 4G LTE…

  7. Just an fyi. I have a verizon galaxy nexus and I use google wallet a lot on it. My work around did not require a hack. I just side loaded the apk. But what you need to be concern about is support or lack of.

    I had a transaction where a $4 google coupon seemed like it took but in reality it did not since I never got the $4 credit. When I contacted google, they told me they would love to help me but they are not allowed.If I have an issue again next time I will tell them umm yeah my phone is for sprint.

    My question is why isn’t there some kind of anti-trust investigation on verizon for stuff like this.

  8. Its too bad that carriers are allowed to F with phones.

  9. How can you install the update that was issued on 8/1/12 for verizon s3. after i updated wallet would not open and said not compatibal with device. i unistalled update and wallet was working again

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