16GB Nexus 7 back in stock at Google Play


Holding off on picking up the Nexus 7 in favor of the larger of the two storage options? Good news. The 16GB model of Google’s first Jelly Bean tablet is back in stock through Google Play. The site once again lists the slate as shipping immediately and arriving in three to five days. While Google has done a better job of keeping the lower priced 8GB model in stock, the $249 version of the Nexus 7 had been on backorder for the past couple weeks. Those with orders already placed can expect their tablets to start shipping soon and new orders look to be processed at the time of purchase. Head on over to Google Play to place an order now before stock dries up once again.


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  1. get one

  2. Thinking of purchasing this…is it worth it early adopters???

    1. Get one immediately

      1. I’ve wanted one since the beginning. I’ve just heard that a lot of people have been returning them since they did not feel the need for it.

        1. i use mine mainly for reading,web browsing, social networks, and soon sketching when i get a stylus. I love it. I do live in NYC so i have plenty of train time to read. Evaluate what you would do with before purchasing it. I find it useful at home when away from the computer. Like when im cooking and need to reference a recipe (i use springpad).

        2. Mine has been very versatile when it comes to reading books, surfing the Web, watching movies, or just quickly looking something up. It runs smoothly and games run great on it as well. My only issue is the amount of internal storage but that is because I’m not always around wifi but its not a deal breaker for me

    2. Had mine for about 3 weeks. No regrets.

    3. no, operation is still choppy. It doesn’t even scroll Pulse newsreader smoothly. Disappointing at best.

    4. Love mine. Have barely touched my poor new S3 in a week.

    5. I have a transformer prime, and I needed to replace a crappy viewsonic tablet I got for my daughter. So, I got her the 8GB Nexus 7.

      Personally, I really like it. It has somewhat phone-like UI, but also is very tablet like at the same time. Performance is fantastic. Battery life is very good as well.

      The best part is the size and usability. I never realized how easy it is to just pick up a small tablet like that to check the web or e-mail. It’s great. I’ve noticed myself using my prime less and the nexus 7 more, just because it’s so convenient – I don;t think she cares for that too much.

      Only negative I have noticed it gets a little warm once you play games for a while. My prime does too, it’s just more noticable because it’s so small.

    6. It is my GO TO device around the house. We have 2 iPads and many phones. This is the one I pick up. it feels excellent in hand and 4.1.1 is just fantastic. If you are using a 2.x Android device then forget everything you know about Android. The JB experience is unmatched in the Android tablet space.

    7. The Nexus 7 seems great if you’re willing to accept the video limitations. It is a high-powered device that you never will be able to connect to a big screen or projector except via DLNA. I want that capability in the 7″ tablet I’ll usually carry, so I’m waitng for the acer Iconia Tab A110 or similar. These tablets will be comng soon.

  3. GET ONE NOW!!!!! Got the 8gb, and I will be ordering the 16gb here soon.

  4. Awaiting for the call / text from GameStop. =.o
    Maybe that’s who that missed call was!! LoL!!

  5. still waiting on a Nexus 10

    1. Right there with you… love my wifi Xoom (even more now that it is on JB)… I’m looking for all the Nexus goodies in a 10 inch format.

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