Casio G’zOne Commando receives build C771M120

The Casio G’zOne Commando, Verizon’s rugged phone with a very bizarre name, seems to receiving another software upgrade. The changes include improved stability to decrease power cycles during PTT calls, the ability to automatically shut off the speakerphone following a PTT call, the removal of “Mobile IM,” an bug fixing update to the Desktop Cradle app, and more. This device will cost 14.9MB of your bandwidth so be sure to get on WiFi if you don’t want that to go against any data caps you may be under. Find instructions to apply the upgrade here.

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  • as439726

    My Blaze got an update today as well. Sent you guys a note about it. Glitches already. Dunno what they updated, hut already caused a random reboot and major wifi issues as well

  • BIGshane123456

    my girlfriend has this phone. I have been looking for ways to root this. but to my knowledge no one has been successful.

  • as439726

    Have you checked xda ? They are pretty stellar at rooting

    • BIGshane123456

      i few months back i had looked… but this phone has been out for a while. so i figured that since it had been out this long and nothing had been done then it prolly will never get accomplished.

  • Vanakatherock

    A software update for a Casio phone? I don’t believe what I’m seeing.