Google Provides More Details On Nexus 7 Orders/Shipments

I think it’s safe to describe the Nexus 7 pre-order/shipping situation as a bona fide fiasco. With a premium product being offered at such rock bottom pricing, it’s no wonder the entire world is clamoring for one. Well, Google is now finally updating us on the entire situation, giving us the full details on when we can expect the 8GB, 16GB and those smart enough to bundle a few accessories with it on our doorsteps. Here’s the deets per their Google Play support page:

We’ve had incredible demand for our new Nexus 7 tablet and are shipping them as quickly as possible. When your device ships you will receive a notification from Google Play with a shipping tracking number. We will have all orders placed through July 13 processed and shipped soon. Orders placed after July 13 will ship according to the quoted timeframe when you purchased and we will update you with a tracking number when we’ve shipped. Thanks for your patience.

Below are more specific details by country for devices ordered through July 13. If the below information is not true for you, and you ordered on or before July 13, please reach out to our support team so we can investigate.

  • In the US: We’ve shipped all standalone Nexus 7 8GB orders (e.g.: those without a case, charger or Nexus Q). By the end of day on July 19 (PDT), we will have shipped all standalone Nexus 7 16GB orders placed through July 11 (PDT), and upgraded these orders to overnight shipping. We will process the remaining standalone Nexus 7 16GB orders by the end of next week with overnight shipping.
    If you ordered your tablet with a case, charger or Nexus Q, your Nexus 7 will ship this week with overnight shipping, in some cases ahead of the rest of your order. But don’t worry, the rest of your order will be on its way soon.
  • In Canada: We’ve shipped all Nexus 7 8GB orders. We are in the process of shipping Nexus 7 16GB orders and will ship them in 1-2 weeks.
  • In the UK: All Nexus 7 8GB orders will ship by July 20 (BST). All Nexus 7 16GB orders placed through June 30 (BST), will ship by July 20 (BST). The remaining Nexus 7 16GB orders will ship next week.
  • In Australia: All Nexus 7 8GB and Nexus 7 16GB orders will be fulfilled by the end of day on July 19 (AEST) and will arrive in 3-5 days.

[Google Play Support]

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  • Sam Pullen

    #GoogleFail – They want to compete with Apple but there distribution needs a MAJOR overhaul let alone there order system when you try and check the status of your order online, it is shocking to say the least.

    • William Warwick II

      Agreed. Lucky for me I resisted the urge to preorder the case also.

      • Jdog25


    • Greg Hesp

      This is Google selling them through their own store. You’ve missed the hundreds of thousands they’ve sold through 3rd parties

    • DavidB23

      Really? When Apple has a popular product they simply say it is not available. People have waited weeks for a new iphone or new ipad. When apple screws up being able to meet demand the press spins it as something amazing going on.

      So, Id call this miraculous compared to how long people wait for ipads with no excuse.

  • effApple

    I’d be interested to know just how many orders have been placed. Also I think they should follow in Amazon’s footsteps and ship items as they become available, and not ship everything together (N7, case, Q)

  • John Higgins

    So us Canucks get screwed over on the 16GB after EVERY other country. Good job Google you morons.

    • leaponover

      You are lucky you even got to order outside of the US. Look at the limited amount of countries that got to order it at all. You should be praying to the large Android in the sky right now.

      • Mike Reid

        Fellows, fellows…

        If you’re gonna fight, let’s take it to the hockey rink. ;)

    • z0phi3l

      How cute, he thinks the Canadian market matters more than the UK or Australia

  • androidica

    Its sad that many of us that ordered ours minutes when it was announced have not yet received it. Just this past weekend I walked into Sams Club and was able to pick up one for my wife as a surprise and when I left they still had about 9 more in stock. Hopefully when the Nexus 10 comes out Google will learn a lesson from this experience. You have been forgiven Google.

  • EasyEEE

    Sounds reminiscent of how the Prime went down…

  • ikaden

    I’m not saying this couldn’t be handled better but keep in mind they went from concept to production in FOUR months. I seriously doubt that gave them time to ramp up production enough to supply the demand.

    That said, mine arrived today. :)

  • Jwhap

    Weird…..The email I just got said by July 11th. I ordered mine on day one of preorders…….DOH!

  • leaponover

    My email I JUST got read this:
    We wanted to send you an update on your Nexus 7 pre-order. We’ve had incredible demand for the new tablet and are shipping them as quickly as possible. If you placed your order by July 11, it will ship this week and we’ve upgraded to overnight shipping so it arrives sooner. Orders placed after July 11, will ship next week with overnight shipping.
    If you’d like more detailed information on device shipments, please reference our online Help Center for your patience. Your Nexus 7 will be on its way soon.
    Thanks for your patience. Your Nexus 7 will be on its way soon.
    The Google Play Team
    © 2012 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043
    You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you on your Nexus 7 product pre-order.

    • Jaime J. Denizard

      That’s the same email I got. Notice how it says July 11th instead of July 13th.

      • Kevin Haller

        I bought mine on the 12th..

  • Red Gryphon

    you beat me to it. got exact same email on 2 different accounts

  • leaponover

    Phandroid: This is nothing close to a fiasco. A fiasco is when you order something and don’t get it at all. A fiasco was when HP put the touchpad on sale on it’s site. THAT was a fiasco. This is nothing even close to a fiasco. It’s amazing how people are treating this like bottles of water after an f6 tornado came through. It’s NOT that big of a deal that things are taking awhile to ship. Happens EVERYWHERE all the time!

    • Michael Thompson

      Yeah, but where’s the sensational press in THAT?
      The only people calling this a fiasco really need to meet someone special and develop a social life, because this ain’t nothing but a toy.

  • Patrick Kirby

    Yeah… this is pretty much a joke at this point. Google refuses cancellations since last week under the premise that your order (despite not having an order number or other unique identification) is pending shipping. Everyone who calls customer service gets the same empty answers because corporate doesn’t tell CSRs anything and there’s nothing they can do for you. Google now goes further and removes the customer service contact information from its Help page. Fun stuff.

    A free upgrade to overnight shipping! How cute, after we paid shipping to get our tablets at minimum a week later than retail, two weeks for even more in the States. Are you Canadian? Well that sucks, so sorry, no you can’t have a refund of shipping costs. Over the pond? Well at least you’re not Canadian. Hell, they’re sending these things to the other side of the world before sending 16 gig models to Canada.

  • Jeffrey Evans

    Received mine today (ordered first day available), and got the JB update for my GNex as well! Been playing with the 7, totally impressed so far. IMO, the wait wasn’t that bad, it was definitely worth it.

  • johnnyboy5520

    Just ordered my 16 gb. Don’t mind waiting but hopefully it will ship before 3-4 weeks.

    • Patrick Kirby

      With the many retailers that either have these in stock right now or can get them much quicker, why order through Google Play during a very widely known release snafu?

      • sergio batz

        Ha i went to 3 different sam’s club to find even find 1 and no other retailer i spoke to even heard of it.

    • johnnyboy5520

      @Patrick Kirby
      Good question. I checked other retailers: (Sam,s, Gamestop, Fry’s and B&H) and they all said the same thing – 3 to 4 weeks. So I said f$ck it and purchased from Google. You might be right and I have thought of that, but……….It’ll come when it comes I guess.

  • Jaime J. Denizard

    Does anyone know if buying the Nexus 7 anywhere else besides from Google will net you the Play Store $25 credit?

    • sergio batz

      I bought mine from Sam’s club all you need to get your 25$ credit is to link a credit card to the play store.

      • Jaime J. Denizard

        Ok perfect. Thanks!

  • kie so

    Ordered mine on 7/14 got it on 7/17. It shipped from Kentucky to NYC.

  • Mal Shephard

    The reason that this a fiasco is not because the product is late but rather because Google acts like they don’r care. Here in Canada they don’t respond to e-mail follow-up requests and the phone number that they publish as a resource for questions simply isn’t answered, 3 rings and then goes to permanent ignore. To add insult to injury they don’t even offer a 1-800 number so the customer is on the hook for the call cost.Every company can screw up a product now and again but when handled correctly they can win more customers than they lose.This certainly isn’t the case here.