Nexus 7 pre-orders ready for pickup at GameStop, shipping now from Google Play and other retailers


Pre-ordered your Nexus 7 tablet from GameStop? If you haven’t received notice already, the retailer is informing customers that the Jelly Bean slate is in stock and ready for pickup in store. We’re also hearing word that corporate headquarters has authorized local branches to begin selling the Nexus 7 outright, but pre-orders should get first dibs.

For those that have pre-ordered the device elsewhere, including the Google Play Store, there is no need to feel left out. Users have been notified that their credit cards are now being charged and shipments are leaving the building. All orders are expected to ship within three days. Staples is also shipping the tablet now, with orders being given an estimated delivery date of 7/16. You won’t get the instant gratification of walking into a store and leaving with a Nexus 7 in hand, but it should only mean a few more days wait.

If you’re heading out to pick yours up today or just need to kill a bit of time waiting for the world’s first Jelly Bean tablet to arrive at your doorstep, why not head over to our Nexus 7 forums to jump in on the already lively discussion. The arrival of the tablet ends of the wait to get our hands on the device, but it’s only the beginning for one of the most important Android launches of all time.

[Thanks Peter and all who tipped us off!]

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  1. I’ve called several game stops. They will only sell preorders so I’m out of luck and I tried several Sam’s clubs, none there either

    1. Try Office Depot the ones by me have them in stock for sale but the closest one to me is 20 miles away and I dont drive

  2. still no word from google on my preorder placed on the june 28th.

    1. They just changed my charged, but still no email update… Also I’m getting errors on my transaction page, so hopefully means they are updating it.

  3. Complete HORSECRAP that someone would be able to just walk in and buy one. For it being my 1st major purchase on the play store i have to say im not impressed. No updates on when it was shipping. No news on anything pertaining to it and now ppl could theoretically walk away with one before those who preordered it have theirs. Fail.

    1. Yes, the primitive information available through Google Play/Wallet is ridiculous. What low-wattage dorks do they have running the Play operation?

    2. Yea, I’m never preordering from the play store again

    3. its funny how a search and information company can’t let us know whats going on haha

    4. There’s a petition on ChangeOrg to get Google to refund the shipping fee.

  4. and this is the reason why I will never preorder anything. I can go to staples down the street and pick one up right now for less than it would cost to get one from the play store

    1. what’s their cost around you?
      (per their website, “currently out of stock” and priced @ $249.00)
      edit: nvm–you’re prob referring to Shipping.

      1. yeah from google play store after shipping and taxes it was almost $300.

  5. I ordered as soon as the page officially went up live on the Play Store and I haven’t seen squat. Please Google, tell me why I bothered?

  6. I ordered mine off the play store end of june and I haven’t been charged or emailed about it shipping. This just tells me not to buy devices off of the play store any more…

    1. +1

  7. Dear whiners,

    Nobody cares that you’re getting your new toy a couple of days after someone else. Talk about your first world problems.

    Seriously, get a life.

    1. Well based on the amount of haterade flowing around the internet today, somebody must care. Do you appreciate the irony of posting a comment, on an android tech blog, telling whiners to get a life?

      1. Yes, there is no doubt that the whiners care deeply about themselves and this perceived injustice against them.

        But get real: They ordered this thing for shipment in “mid-July,” not a specific date. We’re still not at the half-way point of the month, and shipping has begun ( ). And they’re acting like spoiled children because someone else might get to play with the new toy before they do.

        I read this Android tech blog for news and opinions about Android. Not to watch the same little group of man-children throw the same tantrum on every Nexus 7-related post. And no, I don’t see the irony in me pointing out how distasteful their behaviour is. Would you care to explain it to me?

        1. The delicious irony is that telling other people to get a life is like you being tails and they being heads; might be on different sides but it’s all the same coin.

          1. Didn’t think you knew what irony meant. Thanks for confirming it.

          2. Your comment on other people’s behavior is the epitome of irony. And that weak retort reinforces it.

          3. and boom goes the dynamite…

          4. Dynamite == “It’s irony because I say it is”?

        2. I like bacon!!!!!!

    2. It’s a tech blog, and this is a story about the nexus shipping problems. Why would they talk about the ice caps melting here? Did you mean to post on

      1. Feel free to point out the part of the story that talked about problems. Inasmuch as any estimates were given (“mid-July”), this thing is right on time.

        1. Of course it’s right on time. They never promised a release date. I agree, but who cares? People are excited and understandably a bit miffed b/c there doesn’t seem to be any advantage to pre-ordering from the company. Why not talk about it? What does it hurt? You’re not talking about first world problems either. You’re complaining about complainers.

          1. The comments suggest that people are much more than a bit miffed, and I don’t think it’s understandable at all. For a child at Christmastime, sure. But these are adults throwing tantrums because someone else gets to play with the new toy before them.

            Sure, their comments are boring and repetitive, but I didn’t post because I can’t handle reading them. If I couldn’t, I wouldn’t the comments on anything Nexus 7-related. I posted to let these people know what their behaviour looks like to an observer. It’s totally unbecoming.

    3. I don’t care if I get it a few days later. It’s the principle. Most people sucked up the shipping costs because they felt the product was gonna be on their doorstep on or before launch. If any of us knew we’d just be able to pick it up at a local retailer on launch day or earlier without having to deal with shipping we would have done it. Google never announced any retail outlets during IO so most of were under the notion that it was only on the Play store. It’s not that we want a toy earlier than anyone else. It’s that we feel slighted.

    4. Your comment contributes to the learning of no one.

    5. So unless I’m lying in a bombfield covered in acid and shrieking in agony, my worries are unimportant?

      1. Yes, because there is absolutely no middle ground between having to wait a couple of days for your new toy and dying an agonizing death.

  8. As all the others have said, this is complete crap. Ordered mine the day of the announcement from the Play Store and have seen NOTHING. I can walk into a store right now and buy one and save myself $20 on shipping. Thanks for nothing Google.

    1. Yeah but you will have one year warranty and people who pre-ordered elsewhere Wil not

      1. i call bs on this.
        never in my life have i seen anyone buy a brand new electronic device that didnt come with a 1 year warranty. i believe its illegal. Just need your reciept. Purchasing from Gamestop and retailers other then Google Play isnt like buyi

    2. +10000

  9. Guys…guys…more importantly is this:

    My screenshot was used and my name was posted on the interwebz. I’m now a mini celebrity. 7 seconds of fame due to the Nexus 7. Hell yea!

    1. Can I have your babies!?!?!? <3

  10. This is why I NEVER pre order unless there is some incentive. (ie: bonus content/hardware for a game, or some kind of special deal you can ONLY get by pre-ordering.) Anything else I just wait till release day and go buy it because I know I’ll get it day 1 not 3-4 days later.

    1. We were led to believe the Play store credit and Transformers WAS the exclusive incentive for ordering from the Play store.

    2. Correct ordering from play store includes a $25 playstore credit and tranformers dark side of the moon pre-loaded. – I’ll take the 3 days extra wait

      1. Sorry to rain on your parade but I got the $25 credit and transformers even though I got mine today from GameStop. The movie was preloaded but not downloaded and I received an email about the credit.

    3. yeah you do get something with it! Google play store “support”

  11. Wish I had a job so I could get one. Sucks being laid off.

  12. You know….. there is a downside to getting your Nexus 7 early: NO GOOD PROTECTIVE FLIPCOVERS ARE AVAILABLE YET. :)

    EDIT: Just got my shipping notification from Google, but my CreditCard on-file had an old expiration date, so I had to update it, and now I wait for ’em to charge again… :(

  13. You guys complain way too much… you still can not go into a store a buy the nexus 7. If you call a gamestop they will probably tell you they only have pre orders in stock so chill out..!

    1. A box of tissues for our clueless weepers.
      Nobody said you were getting it sooner when you pre ordered.


  14. Um…? If you want, you can walk up to Google and pick it up. Just lyk Gamestop. Just go and pick it up from the Warehouse. It’s just that simple. Or wait for it to ship and quit complaining. Although I understand your pain. LoL!! You’re mad. You want the device now. These 3 days will kill you. LoL!! Be strong errbody!!

    1. Ummmm I’m 1.5 miles from Google in Mountain View and I don’t think this is an option. I got charged $14 shipping with no pickup option.

      1. LoL!! I’m aware. Imagine all those ppL walking up to the Google Plex looking for their tablet.

        1. My apartment is LITERALLY across from a brand new complex they just opened. I work in dowtown MV hence the 1.5. From my apartment it’s like 150 yards.

          1. LoL!! Yards!? That’s lyk a football field. LoL!! X.D

          2. Haha my distance estimation sucks…let’s go with feet then :P 1 1/2 football fields seems a bit far :P

          3. ROTFLoL!! If you trip you’ll get fined for trespassing. =.P

  15. You guys should really quit complaining I just spent one hour on the phone with a Google representative he did explain to me that they are shipping them out starting within the next three days however people who are ordering from GameStop and other retailers will not have the advantage of Google support for a one-year warranty… ASUS Is the one who is shipping this device to the retailers , including Google

    1. If it’s the same level of support that’s been offered by the Play Store thus far I don’t know if I’d qualify this as bragging rights. People that ordered elsewhere will still have a warranty from somewhere else.

  16. google just charged my card…..waiting for mail details

  17. Well Google just took my money for a second time hopefully they are shipping it as we speak *Crosses fingers*

  18. Cry, cry, waa, waa. I want my toy. Waa waa, he got his toy before me. Cry, waa waa, It’s not fair………. Seriously people, Man Up. And stop acting like a bunch of babies.

    1. know that feel bro

  19. Same here, ordered 28th, still no news. This is total nonsense. Unfortunately, one
    more thing google should learn from apple. I have preordered from apple
    before, and it reached me the day the product is released in stores. Google
    learned the concept of a cheaper tablet from amazon, but didn’t get the
    no shipping fee part. Now they have pre-orders, and didnt get how to prioritize shipments.

    1. I actually had a worse experience from Apple than I have from Google. I pre-ordered my iPod Touch 4G the day of the keynote and paid for next day shipping. The DAY of the release, I got my shipment email, stating that it was coming regular shipping, from CHINA, and would arrive in 10-15 business days! AND they still charged me for next day shipping. After spending 2 hours on the phone with 6 apple support people…and 2 stores. They finally told me my only recourse was to go to an Apple store, buy a second one at full price, and then call when my pre-order arrived to have it returned and my money refunded. It took 2 months to get my money back and I owned 2 iPod’s for about a week. Compared to Apple, the Nexus 7 pre-order has been insanely smooth. I pre-ordered on the 29th and got my shipment confirmation last night. Should be here Tuesday or Wed and my $250 tablet isn’t costing $850 for 2 months of hell.

  20. Wow, a lot of whining going on here.
    Anywhose… I checked my credit card and I see a charge for the Nexus 7 from Google Play is pending as of today. It’ll be here right after the weekend. :-)

  21. and this is why apple will always prevail lol google is a joke and should stick to software

  22. It is is such BS that people at GameStop can pick up their Nexus 7 before people who are loyal to Google can get their devices and have to pay shipping. Google needs to compensate people who paid for shipping and bought through their Play Store! They pushed and enphasized their Play Store, yet there turned out to be no advantage to buying direct, their own devices even, from their Play Store.

    1. I blame both Google and Gamestop for this fiasco. Google apparently never gave the retailers a launch date so most presumed that if they get em, it’s launched and started handing out preorders and in some cases selling. I’m sure if Google actually gave a launch date to begin with the retailers would have locked em up tight till such time. Google caught their own mistake and told retailers to cool their jets. Most listened except Gamestop who must have just decided WTF lets just do it. This is what they get for having a super secret launch date and not being in control of distribution to retailers (my understanding is ASUS shipped direct to retailers).

      1. Now after Gamestop’s fumble, their next shipment isn’t supposed to get in until the middle of August (at least for my local store)! I think I’m going to shop elsewhere, then.

    2. There’s a petition on the Change…org site to get Google to refund the shipping fee.

  23. Phew, I just got an email!

    Your Google Play Order from Jul 1, 2012 Has Shipped

    With 2 day air, that means what, I’ll get it Tuesday?

  24. Ugh man… Still no charge on my card, no change in Google Wallet, no confirmation email. Nothing. And I ordered on June 28th. This is getting frustrating seeing others who have ordered after me either getting their devices or getting their confirmations.

  25. Wow. Finally got a tracking number. The advantages of buying it on day one. The tracking number still isn’t recognized by ups. But just happy to have an update

  26. Pre-Ordered mine on june 29th and got an email confirmation LastNight (July 13th) that it was being shipped monday. even charged my card lastnight. Sucks that Gamestop got to seel before I even get mine. boring… Can’t wait for the mail!

  27. I live in Europe. Whem im on holiday next week and pick up a N7 will it work when im back in Europe?

  28. Alrighty, been doing some poking around and putting some speculation together. But here’s what I think might have happened based on some facts – doesn’t prove anything, this is just speculation.

    I think ASUS is the one who dropped the ball here or least screwed things up (surprise surprise right – a lot of us were expecting ASUS to botch distribution).

    Fact 1. Right now Google is only processing and shipping the 8g models. This was confirmed by a Google+ user who called support last night and was told that they are shipping the 8g units first.

    Fact 2. Retailers were only taking orders for and only seem to be currently carrying the 16g model.

    Fact 3. Retailers were originally listing the shipping/launch date on their websites as 7/12 and even Gamestop was saying 7/12 or 7/13.

    Fact 4. Google, at the last minute, issued a letter to retailers on 7/12 asking them to hold off on sales until further notice.

    Fact 5. It was noted somewhere that retailers had their supply shipped right from ASUS. We can presume that the Google Play store was counted as a retailer. Google would be fulfilling their Play store orders, not ASUS.

    Fact 6. The 16g model is the only one with any sort of real profit margin.

    Fact 7. Someone was told by support on 7/12 that Google had an emergency meeting on this and would start shipping on 7/13.

    From the sound of things it looks like everything was set for a 7/12 launch. My speculation is that ASUS sent most of their 16g units to B/M retailers where they figure they could make most of their money back. This in turn shorted 16g units to Google’s own pre-order supply. Google not having enough 16g units to fulfill their preorders tried to do the right thing and hold off the launch. So they sent a letter to their retailers and told them to hold off until further notice. Someone at Gamestop corporate decided to pull the trigger anyways (heck, may have been told to do so by ASUS either intentionally or through miscommunication). The end result was a lot of angry geeks who pre-ordered from Google Play. Under pressure from the mobs that ordered through the Play store Google decides to start shipping even though they don’t have enough to meet demands. So what do they ship? What they have on hand, the 8g units.

    Heck the on hand shortage could have been compounded by all the 16g cancellations people were doing to get the free shipping from the retailers instead resulting in Google not being able to get an accurate order number to ASUS. This would also explain why Google stopped accepting cancellations. You guys that switched your orders up might have screwed the rest of us. Not mad at you guys, glad you got your Nexus 7 – just saying.

    Again this is mere speculation but seems to make a lot more sense than UPS not being able to handle the orders. And if any of this is true that leaves the question as to when WILL the 16g pre-order units start to ship from Google? I pre-ordered the 16g model on June 27th. I still have not received a confirmation or had my CC charged yet. Tomorrow is Monday and business will start to move again. However I will note that Google has confirmed that UK orders start shipping on Monday.

    My CC has just enough room for the Nexus 7. I’m half cocked to just go pick one up locally on the same CC since they haven’t charged me yet and the holding amount is long gone. Then when they try and bill me to ship the card will be declined. I think they only hold the order for 7 days so you can switch it or they cancel the order.

  29. Pre ordering means you ordered before it was available. Period.
    Nobody said a word about when things would ship or who would get things when.

    Any noise like that is purely made up by whoever is making it.

    You’ll know next time.

  30. WTF is this? I pre-ordered during the keynote and I still have no information on mine? This is bullshit.

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